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Welcome to the training page.

We have:

  • Analysis of Dorking bridge hands - including bidding and play go to "Hand Commentories"
  • Bidding conventions see the menu on the left.

We will integrate this with a suggested Spare Partner Card.

we invite those who have done any analysis on hands played to share them with others.



For Bidding Conventions - choose from the training menu.


See the menu to the left or look at the "Hand Commentories".

Signals and Discards

Leads (To come)

Hand Evaluation

This is key, a 15 HCP hand can be weaker than a 14 HCP hand.

If in NTs Ts and 5 card suits can strengthen your hand.

If in a suit contract shortages (voids and singletons) are more valuable. Splinter bids can show both agreement to trumps, game values and a shortage in the suit bid.

Re-evaulate your hand with the bids. e.g. A bid or double on your right strengthens your hand if you have unsupported Ks, but weakens it if it is on your left.

A key tool on evaluating your hand is Losing Trick Count.

Dorking Spare Partner Card

The club "standard" system is the summarised below.


4 card majors

Weak NT with stayman and red suit transfers.

Strong 2C

Weak 2s

1430 Key Card Blackwood

Unusual NT and Michaels

Unassuming cue bids