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One Special Event in Feb
1st Feb 2020 14:48 GMT
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One Special Event in Feb

Tuesday 18th: Winter Handicap Pairs (for prizes) 

All Monday evenings & all remaining Tuesdays in Feb: ordinary duplicate pairs

Best wishes for your bridge, everyone.  Visitors are welcome every evening we are playing (would need to join to play in a club championship event).

Welcome to Ditton Bridge Club
Visitors & Guests: please ......

As Ditton is a club affiliated to the EBU, visitors are asked to bring with them their EBU Number (or failing that their postcode & first line of address).  It should be entered with their name on their table's names slip.

Club Championships 2018-2019

Congratulations to (1) Brian Gladman and George Phillips who won the Pairs Championship on Monday 5th November 2018 and (2) Jen Morgan and Keith Williams who won the Pairs Plate on Tuesday 30th October 2018 (3) Malcolm Oddy, Bob Guille, Micky Poole and Sam Atfield who won the Teams Championship on 4th March 2019.  

Bridge lessons and play sessions for all levels: contact: Meena Samani on 020 8339 0645 or 07740 053 683, or at

Bridge courses restart in September: Bidding Refresher and Next Steps on Thursday mornings; Intermediate and Advance Levels on various days - please call Meena to discuss.

Our Extensive Refurbishment

The extensive refurbishment of the Club’s physical infrastructure is being achieved with the kindness and generous financial support of the following local grant‑making bodies.

           This tremendous support will enable us to provide members and visitors with a much improved, more comfortable and up-to-date playing environment

Mon 17th February 2020
Monday - Duplicate Pairs
Tue 18th February 2020
Tuesday - Winter Handicap Pairs
Host: Claire Cross
Mon 24th February 2020
Monday - Duplicate Pairs
Tue 25th February 2020
Tuesday - Duplicate Pairs
Host: Colin Brick
Tuesday - Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Redvers Cunningham
Host: Janis Fletcher
Monday - Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Redvers Cunningham
Tuesday - Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Redvers Cunningham
Host: Debbie Jenkins