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DCBC 70% Club !!!


8/6/19 - Randy Bissett & Mac Beckett  70.13% 

4/29/19 - Chuck Wallace & David Goetz    73.77%

4/22/19 - Deanna Abend & John Newburger  72.62%

4/12/19 - Peter & Marie Barbeosch, Jr.  71.73%

1/14/19 - Bill & Sue Treble 72.74%

2/19/19 - Chip Graves & Suzan Olsan  73.11%

2/20/19 - Alice Perlmutter & Marge Meyer  75.00%



Welcome to Desert Cities Bridge Foundation
Free Plays!


If you would like to make a reservation for any game please :

Call or Text Messages to:
(442) 227-5671 or

Click here to email 

Please include your Name, Phone Number, Partner's Name, Date/Day you 
wish to play, which section - Open or 499er or 299er and 
Your preference for NS or EW


Jane's Farewell Party ! ! !
Jane's Farewell Party ! ! !

Miss Jane doesn't look real happy! - must have been the 6NT down 5 doubled and vulnerable!  YIKES!

We told several Miss Jane stories and had a wonderful day of bridge!  Sandwiches were out of this world!  Every piece of cake was eaten!  A good time was had by all . . . Jane has taught bridge to so many people in our Valley.  She has touched the lives of everyone she's met, a true "jewel" is leaving our Valley. 

Best of luck in your new home Miss Jane!

We will all miss you very much !  Don't go !!!  Don't go!  STAY!!!

Mucho Hugs & Kisses ...


0-299'er and 0-499'er games are coming back soon!  Keep checking our website for details.



Summer Game Schedule is Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1:00
Commencing on Thursday, October 10th
With a celebration "start of season" pizza luncheon,
ALL games (Monday through Saturday) will be back on the calendar.

Our Mission Statement

Desert Cities Bridge Foundation is a CA non-profit corporation.  Our goal is to provide bridge games in the Coachella Valley
as well as lessons for all levels of players that bring
people together for a friendly relaxed game of bridge. 

We are looking to raise money to benefit our players, buy the newest equipment available and hire
the best possible teachers, directors and staff available to us in our Valley. 
Our goal is to provide FREE bridge lessons for anybody in our Valley wanting to learn to play duplicate bridge. 

We will also endeavor to offer healthier snacks for our players.

Please click here "Please DONATE" or the button on the left side of this page and help us make our dreams and goals a reality. 
All donations are tax deductible, receipts also available upon request.

DCBC Open Paris
Director: Scott J. Magged
DCBC Open Paris
Director: Scott J. Magged
DCBC Open Paris
Director: Scott J. Magged
DCBC Open Paris
Director: Scott J. Magged
DCBC Open Paris
Director: Scott J. Magged
Need A Partner?

Need A Partner?
Please Contact Scott!

Text Messages Only Please!