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DCBC 70% Club !!!


2/8/20 - Dr. Shelley Mann & Dennis Sapire 71.31% 

01/23/20 - Marty Frank & Stephen Weiss  71.44%

01/07/20 - Isadore & Rosalie Sharp   70.10

12/26/19 - Wayne Carney - Carolyn Borus  73.08%

12/20/19  - Sue Moore Treble & Scott Magged  70.31%

12/4/19 - Brock Armstrong & Al Sykes 70.22%

11/14/19 - Toni Hafey & Sherri Browne  70.24%

10/31/19 - Steve Goldstein & Enid Herbstman 71.73%

10/24/19 - Tee Chernuchin & Gary Solomon  71.43%

10/17/19 - Steve Goldstein & Enid Herbstman 71.73%




Welcome to Desert Cities Bridge Foundation
Courtesy Notice

Desert  Cities  Bridge  Club

Important Information about BBO Club Games


For making our first game a huge success!
We are still working through some of the kinks, but today was great 


A few important notes:
Playing with someone who is not a member of DCBC:
We are happy to welcome your partners. 
We realize you may play with a variety of folks from other clubs.  HOWEVER, they will be blocked every time they try to register. 
We can add them each time they want to play.  Be aware you should log in early to register so we can do this in a timely way. 
There is no way to add them permanently. 
If you know you need to get someone unblocked, you can call/text that morning and we’ll set it up so you won’t have a problem.

GAME REGISTRATION:  Everybody needs to check to make sure their ACBL number is on their BBO profile. 
Many people have played on BBO and won BBO points, without having their ACBL# attached to their BBO screenname!
PLEASE CHECK your profile now!  Here is how to check: (1) Log in to BBO   (2) go to “Featured Areas”,
Click on ACBL World  (3) At the bottom of the page.  Click on “update your ACBL #” Fill in your ACBL # and
Hit “update” when you have finished.

Important to note:  It may take 24 hours (so do it now!!!!) for BBO to recognize your ACBL #,
which may block you from registering for our game.  Please text us if this occurs.

Are you invisible? If you log in to BBO with the box marked to stay invisible, you will not be visible to us! 
You will be blocked from the game.  So check your login status, please.

Partnership desk:  There is an online partnership desk for each game.  Click on the tournament in the list of pending tournaments. 
On the registration page you’ll see “Partnership Desk” in the upper right hand corner. 
Select “I will pay for myself” then enter your BBO name. 
Other players can then invite you to play.  We will monitor the list and try to match you up with someone as well.

More games !

This week we are still running discounted games -
$3 TOMORROW (Wednesday) and FRIDAY, both at 10:45.

After this week, we will go to running games
Monday thru Friday,
all at the same game time of 10:45am (PST)
Just $5 a player


Starting this week, we will be hosting
DCBC bridge games on BBO.

This week the games will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:45 am PST.  
We plan to add games over the next couple of weeks if everyone is interested.
We are so excited to see all of you.  Please join us, and PLEASE share this with all of your friends!  
Our first three games (this week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) will have a registration fee of only $3.00 while we all learn and train together!

Here is everything you need to know to get started:

1.) Become a member on BridgeBase Online (BBO).  Go to  Choose “become a free member.”   
You will be asked to fill out a profile and create a username and a password.  Be sure to include your ACBL number!

2.) You will then need to purchase (BBO $) to pay your entry fees for our games.  
In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the BB$ button. 
You will be able to use a credit card or PayPal to deposit your funds.  If you have any questions or concerns,
please email us with your name and contact information and one of us will get back to you immediately to talk you through this process.

3.)  After you have joined BBO, this is how you find our game:  
- Click on the COMPETITIVE tab (not ACBL World!) and then the tab for ACBL Virtual Clubs.  
- Use the “search” box (upper right) and enter DCBC.  It will take you directly to our game.  
Or you can scroll through all of the listings until you find ours.  
t will be listed as: VACB 275818 DCBC Desert Cities.

 It’s important to note that the game will not be listed here until TWO HOURS PRIOR to the actual start time.

4.)  You and your partner must both be online and signed into BBO to register for a game.  Enter your partner’s username and hit “invite”.  
Your partner will get a pop-up asking to accept or decline the invite.  Once accepted you are now registered.   

You can leave the site and come back prior to the start of the game and you will remain registered.  
Be sure to come back before start time or you will be blocked from playing.  Once the game starts,
no one can be admitted to the game unless we need a substitute.

If for some reason you have registered and cannot play in the game you can cancel the registration
prior to the start of the game and you will not be charged.  
You can pay individually or the person inviting can choose to pay for both players.

5.)   To play in the game you and your partner will need to be signed in and on the BBO site before the start time.  
BBO will automatically bring the game up on your screen when play begins.  You will randomly be seated NS or EW.  


Regardless of which direction you are seated YOU WILL ALWAYS BE the player with the hand displayed at the bottom
of the screen and your partner’s hand will be at the top.   
Note: as the dummy, you will be able to see your partner’s cards throughout the play of the hand. 

6.) The registration fees this first week are only $3/person.  Starting next week they will be $5.00/person.  
The game will consist of 18 boards. And the time clock will allow for 7 minutes per board. 

Important:  when the clock hits zero, you are automatically moved to the next round, even if you haven’t finished playing a board. 
We have no control over this.  However, you will still get a result.  The director will review the board and adjust the scoring based
on how the hand has been played so far and what the likely outcome would be.

USEFUL INFO for playing virtual games on BBO:

 If you try to log in to a vacb275818 Desert Cities bridge game and you are “blocked” or prevented from registering,
text Scott at 818-731-3282.  Be sure to include your BBO username.

You will be required to SELF-ALERT your bids.   Click on alert in the bidding box and type your explanation in the box provided. 
THEN make your call. 
This ensures that the opponents receive the information they need about your agreements and your partner will not see it.

There is a Blue Button with three lines on it at the top left of the screen. Click on this button to call the DIRECTOR, look at your opponents’ convention card, etc.

 On the right side of the screen is a HISTORY tab.  Click on this to see information on hands already played.  It will show your contract and (after each three boards)
it will show how you did on the board.  At the top of this display click on the option to see what others bid on the board you have highlighted.

See you on BBO!  Stay healthy and may the cards be with you!


Desert Cities SECTIONAL @ Club Postponed...

Please Check Back For Rescheduled Date !!!


New FALL Schedule !
New FALL Schedule !


TUESDAYS – at 11:30 to 12:30 - more for the “newer” player, but ALL are welcome.

THURSDAYS – at 11:30 to 12:30 - for the more “advancing” player, but ALL are welcome.

Bridge games follow the lessons at 1:00pm!


Such a Deal !

Our Mission Statement

Desert Cities Bridge Foundation is a CA non-profit corporation. 
Our goal is to provide bridge games in the Coachella Valley
as well as lessons for all levels of players that bring
people together
for a friendly relaxed game of bridge. 

We are looking to raise money to benefit our players,
 and hire the best possible teachers, directors and
staff available to us in our Valley.

Our goal is to provide FREE bridge lessons for anybody
in our Valley wanting to learn to play duplicate bridge. 

We will also endeavor to offer healthier snacks for our players.

Please click here "Please DONATE" or the button
on the left side of this page and help us make our dreams and goals a reality. 
All donations are tax deductible, receipts also available upon request.

Thursday Afternoon Session
Director: Randy Bissett
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Director: Randy Bissett
Tuesday Afternoon Session
Director: Scott J. Magged
Monday Afternoon Session
Director: Jana McCormick
Director: Jamie Alperin
April 7, 2020
FREE Lesson with Jamie - Novice Players
Director: Jamie
April 7, 2020
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Open Pairs & 499ers
1:00 PM
Director: Jamie
April 8, 2020
Open Pairs & 499ers
1:00 PM
April 9, 2020
FREE Lesson with Jamie - Advancing Players
Director: Jamie

PLEASE make a reservation for all games.

Call or Text Messages to:
(442) 227-5671 or

Click here to email 

Please include your Name, Phone Number,
Partner's Name, Date/Day you 
wish to play, which section
(Open or 499er) and 
Your preference for NS or EW


Need A Partner?

Need A Partner?
Please Contact Scott!

Text Messages Only Please!