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We Stand Together!

We are looking forward to the day the Coronavirus Crises has passed, and we all can be together once again in our beautiful new home!

Sign on by clicking above and choose Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation.

or you can send your tax deductible check to CVBF c/o Guy Brackett, 1595 S. San Joaquin Drive, Palm Springs 92264.

Welcome to Duncan Bridge Center

  For Newer Students

Class starts October 26, 10:00am to noon (Arizona time) for 8 weeks by Barbara Rosenthal.
This is an excellent class for the advancing beginners who are ready to add to their arsenal of bridge-bidding.
You can sign up and purchase the book on the Adobe Bridge Club Website Adobe Website.  All 8 classes are only $90.  If you don't already have this best-seller by Barbara Seagram, you can pre-purchase the book from Amazon in advance of the class.  Class will be taught on Zoom and Shark Bridge so the lesson hands can be played live!

For questions and further information, contact:  bridgewithbarbarbara@gmail.com

  Mentoring Game

Wednesday October 21 at 9:35 AM  
Reservation are a must!.
Mentors are limited in number so first sign-ups will get priority. Email Jeanne at Jeannesholl@gmail.com  to reserve or for questions.

Here is how it will work:

  1. Cost will be $5.00 with the mentee paying for the mentor. Total cost to mentee $10.00. 
  2. Mentees wishing to play must reserve with Jeanne by Wednesday October 14th.
  3. Mentees who will bring their own mentors must reserve with Jeanne by Friday October 16.
  4. You must provide the following information for yourself and if you pre-arranged with a mentor provide the same information for them for your mentor.
    1. An email address
    2. BBO Handle
    3. Phone Number
  5. Mentees and Mentors will receive a confirmation of the reservation sharing each BBO Handle.
  6. Mentees should “follow” their mentor handle on BBO after receiving the reservation confirmation.
  7. We are asking that mentee and mentors be able to continue for at least 15 minutes after the game to work with each other on bids and hands.
  8. The mentor, in agreement with the mentee, will make the choice of how they wish to communicate after the game by phone, chat, email or Zoom, etc.

Day of Game:

  1. Mentees and Mentors will log in at 8:30 AM.
  2. Because you have “Followed” your mentor handle you can check to see if they have logged in to BBO.
  3. When you see the mentor is logged in to BBO click on the game to Invite the mentor to play. Be sure to select you will pay for your partner.
  4. After registering, log back onto BBO at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the game. If you have issues logging in, you may call Jeanne at 520-248-8787, and she will try to assist you.
  5. Doug will conduct a Zoom session after the game for all who played. He will discuss particular boards and answer general questions. All are welcome to attend.

Note for Mentees:

  • Mentees wishing to play will not have more than 500 points or be Life Masters.
  • You must have played on BBO several times in a competitive game (be honest! This game isn’t for you if you have not already played on BBO… if not let us help you get started so you are ready for the next Mentor game!)
  • You must have a convention card completed on BBO.

You can sign on to BridgeBase Online (BBO) Games by clicking this link  https:\\BridgeBase.com/v3

  Welcome Adobe Bridge Club Players!

September 30, 2020

Dear Friends and Players,

I am very pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Duncan has partnered with Adobe Bridge Club in Tuscon, Az. Please give a warm welcome to our Arizona players as you see them come to the table. Our afternoon games today saw a growth to 50 tables! Thanks to the Adobe Team and all who made this possible.

This partnership will give us:

  • Online Classes for beginners and advanced players. New Defense Series with Ram begins on Oct 6: Ram's Defense Series
  • Three new 499er games at 10:05 am on Wed, Thu & Fri
  • "Play and Learn" games with director commentary on Zoom. There will be 3 of these games a week. Tue 499er at 8:50 am, Fri 99er at 1:10 pm, and Sat 499er at 1:10 pm. For more info click PLAY AND LEARN
  • A Mentoring Game on the 3rd Wed of the month - Mentees are players with less than 500 Masterpoints. The mentor's entry fee will be paid for by the Mentee. Volunteer Mentors should e/mail me at hartin.bev@gmail.com for the 9:45 am game on October 21.
  • Bigger games will award more Masterpoints!
  • Coming soon: "25 Conventions You Should Know" Oct 26
  • To sign up for classes or to familarize your self with the Adobe Team, please click to visit their website: Adobe Bridge Club

299er Games at 1:05 will continue daily click on our See Full Schedule of ALL our new and continuing games!


Beverly Hartin, President Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation

  Game Results

Click here for hand records, and to see how other tables bid and played the same hands. Click "next" to see what card was played from each hand. 

Click here for ACBL Live Results

Director's Posting Link

  Game Schedule


99er -- -- -- --



-- --







399er 9:30 9:30 9:30 9:30 9:30 9:30 9:30
499er     10:05 10:05 10:05    
0-750 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10


Just $3!















Night  0-750

Just $3!

 6:25  6:25  6:25 6:25  6:25 


Just $3 


Play & Learn




Daily at 7:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM
and an "All Day Long" Individual Tournament

4 members can win $25 just by clicking the link and entering their e/mail address.  The articles are both educational and fun to ready.  Newer players would really benefit from the instructional pieces in this resource.

Open Newsletter

For help with the BBO website and/or to add your BBO Name to the Directory, contact hartin.bev@gmail.com or seanlui3@gmail.com
To sign onto BBO Click Here.

Adobe-Duncan 0-399 Pairs Online
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Adobe-Duncan 0-499 Pairs
Director: Barbara Rosenthal
#79078 Adobe-Duncan 0-399 Pairs 9:30 AM
#79121 Adobe-Duncan 499er 10:05 a.m. Pacific
Duncan 0-399 Pairs Online
Director: Cookie Ostrow