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In Memoriam

Peter Rudolph passed away on Friday Novembere 29 from septecimia at age 77.   Peter was born in New York City, and lived in the desert about 15 years.  He is survived by his wife Rochelle, son Jason and two grandchildren.  He will be missed by his many friends and partners.

Jim Matthewslong-time sanctioned duplicate bridge competitor and familiar face in Unit 533 has passed away. Jim's competitive spirit was coupled with a mutual respect for every opponent and a wry sense of humor. Jim favorite line was, "don't make six partner," as he tabled the dummy. His deviled eggs were legendary. Jim is survived by his wife, Charlene.

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Welcome to Duncan Bridge Center


Monroe Workshop

Join the Monroes and Celebrate the New Home for DUNCAN BRIDGE CENTER, 34-202 Cook Street, Palm Desert, Ca 92211
February 10, Workshop from 9:00AM to noon, Lunch immediately following!

 "THE GORILLA AT THE TABLE FRIEND OR FOE?"   Workshop and Lunch  $55.00 


Bridge is a game of probabilities. Guidelines are often based on mathematical probabilities and are useful to enhance the odds of success - but there are no guarantees. 

The guidelines we routinely rely on during a hand of bridge may appear to help with decisions in choosing a bid, taking tricks as declarer, and defending a contract, but actually may be an illusion of what we see. Look for that invisible gorilla to help with judgment in deciding whether the guideline is useful or should be avoided. 

The Gorilla just may be our friend! When we see the gorilla at the table, think twice ... it may not be best to follow the maxims! 

The Monroe’s have received high marks for this workshop.  You will not want to miss it! 

Registration required.   No admittance at the door.

For more information and registration, please contact Susan at susantracey@me.com

A check may be made payable to DBC and mailed c/o Susan Tracey, 81191 Avenida neblina, Indio, CA  92203  OR Pay with Credit Card Above "Buy Now"


Pre-Paid Games Available

Many of you asked to pre-pay games for  your convenience.
Please e/mail hartin.bev@gmail.com with your request.  Pick up your passes from Sean.

Robert Todd at DBC March 2nd & 3rd

We are very pleased to host Robert Todd again at DBC.  Robert is one of the most exciting bridge teachers working today.  Instead of teaching endless conventions, he concentrates on how to think, evaluate, and strategize at the bridge table.  His concepts will open up new worlds for highly skilled players and novices alike.  Robert is a professional bridge player and teacher from Tallahassee, FL and the founder of Adventures in Bridge, Inc.  Those of you who attended his workshops last year, know that this is a DO NOT MISS EVENT!


9:00 AM to NOON
Monday, March 2 "Finding Fits"
Depending on the auction, Responder has a variety of bidding tools to discover a fit.  We will look at these tools, which can vary dramatically based on both Opener's and the opponents' bidding!
Tuesday, March 3 "Trump Suit Management"
Our trump suit can be used to accomplish many goals.  To manage our trump suit properly we must be careful to understand card combinations, transportation, safety plays, ruffing losers and keeping control of the hand.

$70 one day / $120 both days

Make check payable to DBC and mail to Susan Tracey, 81191 Avenida Neblina, Indio, CA  92203 - INDICATE WHICH DAYS ATTENDING

Days Attending
Days Attending
DBC Wed Morning 299
Director: Bob Price
Wednesday Aft Open
Director: Sean Lui
Tuesday Morning 0-299
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Tuesday Aft Open
Director: Sean Lui
Monday morning 0-299
Director: Sean Lui
Jan 22, 2020
Wednesday Morning 0-299
Director: Bob Price
Jan 22, 2020
Wednesday Aft 0 - 750
Director: Bob Price
Jan 23, 2020
Mick's Beginning Bridge Class
Teacher: Mick Riccio
Jan 23, 2020
Thursday Aft Open
Director: Sean Lui
Jan 23, 2020
Thursday Aft 0-750
Director: Bob Price
New Reservation System

Use the reservation system at http://cloud.bridgefinesse.com/C263830Profile.html to reserve a spot for one of our games.