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Please speak to Richard if you would like Bank details for direct transfer, or give a cheque or cash to a committee member.

Table money remains at £4 for members, but £6 for guests

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Agenda AGM 15th July 2019

AGM – Crowborough Bridge Club – Agenda

Monday 15 July 2019 – 6.30pm

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Approval of Minutes AGM 2018
  3. Treasurer’s report and adoption of the statement of account
  4. Chairperson’s report
  5. Issues that have arisen since the Chairperson’s report
  6. Confirmation of election of Committee members we have 4 vacancies, and 4 nominations – Linda Reed, Chris Sandford, Sue Clark, Sue Smith - there are no contested offices
  7. Issues for members votes

The Committee recommends an increase to Guest fees from £1 to £2, but that member fees remain the same, and table money remains at £4.

  1. AOB No issues have been brought to the attention of the Committee

For members unable to attend the AGM there are proxy voting forms available. Please complete and give to a member of the Committee by Friday 12th Jul

Minutes CBC

Crowborough Bridge Club – Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 25th June 2018

Present:    Linda Reed (chair), Richard Penticost (treasurer), Adele Holder (secretary), Carol Forster (committee), Steve Dennison (committee) and 17 other members.

Apologies for absence:  Moira Taylor, Chris Bayley, Marion Newman, Daisy Collick

Minutes of 2017 AGM:  approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report:  Copies of the accounts were circulated.   Richard Penticost expressed his thanks to David Ball for auditing the accounts and creating such an excellent presentation;  and also to all those who collect table money on a regular basis, notably Steve Dennison, Diane Rowcliffe and Marion Newman.   Contrary to earlier expectations a small profit of £346 had been made during the last year.    Table money had dropped a little; although Thursdays were up, both Mondays and Fridays were down.    Expenditure, apart from the room rent, had been much the same as the previous year.  Room rent is currently £18/hour and will go up in January to £19/hour.   In the summer months the smaller room, MR2, can be used for Fridays which gives a saving.      The Committee had proposed to increase table money to £3.50/session and this was unanimously supported.    Nick Levine felt that possibly Fridays should pay more in order to cover the costs of the room.  Chris Sandford suggested that the increase for all sessions should be put up to £4/session and this was put to the vote and overwhelmingly approved, with the consequence that Nick withdrew his £5 suggestion.

Chairman’s Report:   this had been circulated some weeks ago.  Linda pointed out that membership has reduced from 101 to 89 this year, and that this decline could continue given the age of the majority of our members.     If the development of the Mead House car park proceeds, thus removing most of the convenient parking for the Community Centre, it is likely that many of the older/more infirm members would find it difficult to attend.    The Committee had been considering alternative venues during the past year, such as various church halls, but none had proved suitable.     There remained sports clubs to be considered and it was felt that these should be investigated in the coming year.

Marion Cowie suggested that many of the clubs using the Community Centre were on Facebook, but the Bridge Club was not;  it was agreed that it would be a good idea to put it on.

Election of Commitee:   two members, Chris Bayley and Carol Forster had served their 3 years on the committee.    Chris was happy to stand for re-election, Carol wished to retire.     Fran Fisher had been nominated to serve.    Both Chris and Fran were elected unanimously.

AOB:  two members had requested a slightly earlier start time for evening sessions.    It was agreed that a questionnaire should be sent to all members asking for their views for both Mondays and Fridays, and also asking if any members who do not currently attend evening sessions would do so if they started earlier.