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AGM Minutes 2021


1.  Apologies for Absence

Marion Newman, Richard Penticost, Daisy Collick, Sue Haslam.   There were 20 members present at the meeting.

2.  Approval of Minutes AGM 2020

The minutes were approved by Carol Foster and seconded by Diane Rowcliffe.  No matters arising.

3.  Treasurer’s Report

LR welcomed members and explained the absence of our Treasurer, RP currently in France.  The Treasurer’s report was handed out to members and this was proposed by Carol Foster, seconded by Margaret Carruthers.   This report has been uploaded to the website and Linda pointed out that it indicates a balance of £11,741.  This sum includes £800 which had been paid in advance to the Community Centre.  Linda said that the donation indicated was made on behalf of NL to his food bank charity.  She asked if there were any queries and CF asked regarding the Community Centre fees and a dispute.   LR explained that last November we negotiated the fees for the next 3 year period as usual,  however, the CC now dispute this, together with the loyalty bonus we have been granted in the past.  The loyalty bonus is no longer given.  We have agreed to the compromise which is slightly more and will discuss the situation with the new Management when they are in post.  LM asked if it was possible to apply for a grant and it was explained that this is not possible as we do not have the outlay of building and maintenance.  The report was accepted by a vote with no abstentions or objections. 

4.  Proposition for membership subscription to be £20 for the coming year

This proposition was accepted by the meeting with a show of hands, there were no abstentions or   objections.  LR added that subscriptions would be requested by the end of August via e mail as should the club need to fold, the Constitution would have to be amended through an EGM.

5. Proposition that Table money and guest fees to remain unaltered

LR said that a surplus of funds will enable the club to remain active and therefore this proposal has been    put forward.  A show of hands passed this proposition with a show of hands and no abstentions or objections.             

6.  Election of Committee members

 LR With no nominations for Committee members, the four remaining members will work with a rolling Chair.   

7. Discussion future of the club

LR   explained that as the club is in a comfortable position the club could continue for some considerable time with play on Thursday afternoon and Monday evening although it would be nice to see the numbers improving.  CP was thanked for her successful efforts in encouraging players on Monday evenings.  SC is planning to run a series of lessons for beginners.  It was put to the floor for any suggestions of ways in which membership could be improved.  LMc suggested that the host system used in previous years might be re-instated others explained how they had tried via telephone calls and MR said she was happy to continue with partner availability via e mail.   

SD said that there is still some resistance and regarding restrictions and that this should improve by the end of August when we would have a clearer idea.  LM mentioned the potential of funding as at the TW club and LR explained that we would not be eligible. M asked if we could in future play without the large would tops on the tables and LR said this could happen.

8.  AOB

LR was presented with a garden voucher and FF thanked her for all her hard work for the club which had been so difficult through the pandemic.