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Precis Minutes 12th August 2019





AGM minutes 2017

Crowborough Bridge Club - Annual General Meeting – 10th July 2017

Present:   Committee (Linda Reed, Richard Penticost, Adele Holder, Moira Taylor, Carol Forster) and 18 other members.

Apologies for absence:  Joy Byford, Daisy Collick, Sue Haslam, Marion Newman, Barbara Emberson, Sydney Moss, Adam Hardy, Joan Webber, Chris Bailey

Approval of the Minutes of the 2016 AGM:  approved without further comment.

Chairperson’s Report

Linda had circulated this to all members in advance in order to shorten proceedings.  She suggested that, as it was anticipated that Item 7 would take up some considerable time, it would not be necessary to go over it again.    All were in agreement and no queries or comments were raised.

Treasurer’s Report

A cash statement of Account for the year to 31st May 2017 was circulated.

In summary, a profit of over £1800 had been made in the past year; subscriptions remained about the same as the previous year, as did membership, but table money was up; unexpectedly expenditure had gone down by about £600. 

The rent for the hall will go up to £18.00/hour in 2018 and to £19.00/hour in 2019.

The committee recommended maintaining subscriptions and table money at the same level as the current year, and hope they can also be maintained at this level for the following year.

Richard thanked David Ball for auditing the accounts, Moira for collecting and dealing with subscriptions, and all those who collected table money.

It was proposed that the Accounts be approved and this was passed without dissent.

Election of Committee

Richard Penticost and Adele Holder had served their 3 years, but were prepared to stand for re-election.    There was one vacancy on the Committee and Steve Dennison had been nominated.    All three were re-elected/elected unopposed.

Issues for Members Votes

The Committee would like the ability to implement the following two proposals, and proxy vote forms had been issued for those unable to be present to voice their opinions:-

a)  Use of a timer:  the recommendation that the Director could at his/her discretion use a timer was approved unanimously

b)  Cutting for Position:  the recommendation that the Director could at his/her discretion cut for position was approved by the majority, with 9 members opposed to the idea.

Friday Evenings

The Committee are concerned regarding the drop in attendance on Fridays, and the consequent “loss” of income.     The club currently needs a minimum of 8 tables to break even.   On Fridays, apart from the monthly Team Evenings, this number is never achieved.    The problem is compounded by Monday numbers also dropping.

There was discussion as to the reasons –

  • beginning of the weekend, so people less keen to come out
  • the misconception that Fridays were not as friendly
  • older members do not like to come out at night;this applies equally to Mondays

It was pointed out that Friday numbers appear to be dropping at all bridge clubs; the problem is not specific to Crowborough.


  • An alternative venue;this was thought problematic because of storage of tables/equipment
  • Friday players to pay more table money could be considered
  • All members should be actively encouraged to try Fridays

Many members felt that all possible should be done to retain Fridays –

  • it is a good day for those who still work
  • the standard of play is higher, as indicated by average percentage points achieved

Historically Fridays (when they were the busiest night) supported the other playing sessions.    In general it was felt that at the moment there was not a cash problem and Fridays should be maintained as they are, with everyone doing all possible to try to increase the numbers.

Annual Event

The questionnaire sent out earlier in the year revealed that there was support for an annual event; the Committee will look into possible options for an event towards the end of March 2018.   They will revert to the membership in the Autumn with their proposals.


It had been decided that these would be presented at the appropriate sessions.   

Winners:        Annual Master Points, Mondays:  Adele Holder

                         Annual Master Points, Thursdays:  Ian Carruthers

                         Annual Master Points, Fridays:  Chris Bailey

                         Dixon Cup:  Jean Smallwood

Trevor Cup:  Sylvia Hall, Richard Penticost, Ian and Margaret    Carruthers

AOB:   None