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Valley Bridge League

Valley Bridge League Lineup Round 2

    Well done Kathy and Dennis, who finished at the top of our league with a near perfect win/loss record. The final match features the top 4 pairs for a 26 board random board shoot out.


    Team Inglis  Team Thistle 
    Kathy  John
    Dennis  Doug 
    Chris  Mike 
    Debbie  John 


    Congratulations to the Inglis Team, who were unstoppable in the finals, leaving the competition with + 75 IMPs. Kathy, Dennis you guys were awesome the entire series, well done. Chris and Debbie never put a foot wrong the entire match. Great stuff!

    I will be parking the team games for the foreseeable future since work and other commitments are getting in the way . Thanks all for participating.  I have enjoyed the competition.


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