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Learn to Play Bridge
Take a Refresher Course 

If you know anyone who has expressed an interest in learning to play, now is the time to give them a nudge.   

♠ Beginner 1:  Introduction to Bridge Basics

 Beginner 2:  Suitable for those just having completed an introduction to the basics. 

 Intermediate 1:   Introducing more advanced bidding strategies. 

♣ Introduction to Two-Over-One   

♠ Dive into Defense   

 Private small group tutoring. 

Please note:  All lessons will take place online.  A basic knowledge of Zoom is required. 

An introductory session on managing the player platforms will be offered.  

Contact:  Denise Donovan, for more information. 

Help Spread the Word!! 


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Welcome to Credit Valley Bridge

♠ ♠  New 499er Game ♠ ♠  

Steven Norris welcomes all players holding 0 - 499 masterpoints to join his game.  Partners guaranteed! 
👉  Thursdays at 1:00 pm 
👉  Location:  St. James Anglican Church, 6025 Old Church Rd., Caledon East 
Thistle Bridge Club under the direction of John McWhinnie has closed.  We are sad to see it go and thank John for his years of service to the game of bridge in this area.   Both John and Linda will be missed in our bridge community but we are sure to see John on the tournament trail! 
Our Full Virtual Game Schedule in Review 
Please make special note of changes to the schedule: 
Effective April 4th
Monday:   0 - 20 Teaching Game with Denise at 9:15 
Tuesday:  Marilyn's Game  12:45
Wednesday:  499er Game with Steve at 12:45
Thursday:  0 - 50 Game with Denise at 6:30 
Thursday:  Open Game with Denise at 6:45. 
Covid Protocols for F2F: 
😷  Please bring a mask and wear it in the public hallways.  We will adhere to the Anglican Church of Toronto's request to do so until April 24th, but you may use your discretion at the playing tables.  Please be respectful of the wishes of your fellow players.  
✋  The boards and bidding boxes will have a 7 day rest between uses.  If you have your own bidding box, feel free to bring it along.  Just make sure it has your name on it.  
☕  Tea/Coffee will be available in the kitchen, but for the first while no snacks will be served, and we would ask that you not partake at the playing tables.  You may want to bring a snack, but we are asking that food and drink be at a 'special' table set up for that purpose.  
🙌  Hand sanitizers & wipes will be available.  
🏠  Please do not attend if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms.  It has taken us two years to even feel comfortable about reopening our face-to-face clubs and we do not want to take a step backward.  



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ACBL Guest Membership

Guest Memberships to ACBL are still available.  If you or anyone you know would like to take advantage of the free 120 day offering, the link is below.  Note:  this offer is available only to those joining ACBL for the very first time.

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Mon 27th Jun 2022
Credit Valley Brampton 0 - 20 Teaching Game
BBO 9:15
Director: Denise Donovan
Tue 28th Jun 2022
Marilyn's Bridge Club
BBO 12:45
Director: Marilyn Rochford
Wed 29th Jun 2022
Albion Hills On-Line 499er
BBO 12:45
Director: Steven Norris
Thu 30th Jun 2022
Credit Valley Brampton Open Pairs
Director: Denise Donovan
Thu 30th Jun 2022
Credit Valley Brampton Bridge 0 - 50 Teaching Game
Director: Denise Donovan
Mon 4th Jul 2022
Credit Valley Brampton 0 - 20 Teaching Game
BBO 9:15
Director: Denise Donovan
Tue 5th Jul 2022
Marilyn's Bridge Club
BBO 12:45
Director: Marilyn Rochford
499er Game
Director: Marilyn Rochford
Albion Hills 499ers
Director: Marilyn Rochford
#89771 Pairs Marilyn's Open
#10653 Credit Valley Brampton 0 - 20 Teaching
#98679 Pairs Credit Valley Brampton 0 - 50 Game
Albion Hills 499er
Director: Marilyn Rochford