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Valley Bridge League

Valley Bridge League Lineup Round 2

    Well done Kathy and Dennis, who finished at the top of our league with a near perfect win/loss record. The final match features the top 4 pairs for a 26 board random board shoot out.


    Team Inglis  Team Thistle 
    Kathy  John
    Dennis  Doug 
    Chris  Mike 
    Debbie  John 


    Congratulations to the Inglis Team, who were unstoppable in the finals, leaving the competition with + 75 IMPs. Kathy, Dennis you guys were awesome the entire series, well done. Chris and Debbie never put a foot wrong the entire match. Great stuff!

    I will be parking the team games for the foreseeable future since work and other commitments are getting in the way . Thanks all for participating.  I have enjoyed the competition.


    Recent Graduates
    Recent Graduates
    Coaching for Novices

    Our Thursday afternoon Supervised Play Game has morphed into a Monday evening Practice Game on BBO. 

    Monday evenings at 7:00 pm our Novices are meeting online with coaches to play at a Teaching Table.  This is a new offering that we hope will be successful.  If you know of anyone who has taken lessons and is looking to practise their skills, please have them contact Denise Donovan: 

    Our coaches are wonderful and have stumbled along, like the rest of us, in working out a format that would meet the needs of the novices and our new virtual world.  If you would like to volunteer to coach, let us know.  What is needed?  A good understanding of the basics of bridge, patience and a willingness to pay it forward.  

    Welcome to Credit Valley Bridge

    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club 

    Game Schedule:

    ♣ Tuesdays at 12:45

     Wednesdays at 11:15 

     Thursdays at 6:45 


    OurVirtual Club charges $5 US for each person to play.  We pay $1 per table to ACBL and 20% of the money off the top goes to BBO.  The rest of the money comes to the club and will be donated 100% to the HEADWATERS HOSPITAL, ORANGEVILLE and WILLIAM OSLER -- BRAMPTON CIVIC.  Our directors are donating their time to support our health care profestionals at these two hospitals.  


    Try to register early and then shut down your BBO, reboot your computer and prior to game time by about 15 minutes, re-enter the site. This may prevent you from being dropped by the system.



    1.  NEW!  To find our games, go to Virtual Clubs:  North America.  There you will see a list of club games to which you are granted permission.  If you do not find the game you are looking for, then you are not on the list of approved players.  You can look under All Clubs if you are playing elsewhere as a guest.  

    2.  BE AWARE that BBO has algorithms in place to detect unusual results.  Should persons be identified by this software, they will be monitored online and measures will be taken to ensure that such unethical practices cannot continue.  Any unethical behaviour will risk being expelled from the ACBL.  And that means all ACBL games, online or otherwise.

    3.  There are two types of games on BBO.  Games that you pay for and for which you earn masterpoints (competitive games) and games that are CASUAL and are free games.  All BBO games previously operated on ONE server.  Now there are TWO servers.  Effectively, if you are playing in CASUAL or visiting there, it is like being in a different building.  You will NOT receive notices about what is going on in the competitive games (the other building) nor will your Friends know that you are in one building when they are in the other.  So be sure you are in the CORRECT building before game time.

    4.  Do not buy BBO Bucks on an APP… there is a 30% premium charged.  Buy them directly from the BBO website and pay by credit card or PayPal.  

    To Undo or Not to Undo:

    During play or bidding a few of you have made a call or played a card you did not intend. If you have not yet misclicked you likely will before too long.  If this unfortunate misclick happens to you at the table, say nothing, and do nothing.  Just go about your business as if nothing had happened. The action CANNOT be undone. Under no circumstances should you type a message to the table drawing attention to  it.

    At the present time ACBL does not recommend the use of UNDOs during normal play.  All CREDIT VALLEY games adhere to this recommendation.  UNDO's are NOT allowed.

    However there is something you can do to protect yourself from misclicking. You can change your settings.  Click on the Account  Tab,  usually on the right side of your screen.  Select Settings at the top of that page.  Scroll down to the PLAYING section.  You can select Confirm Bids and Confirm Cards by sliding the toggle to the right.  When you enable these commands you must click TWICE on the card or bid you intend.

    Managing Chat: 

    Please be sure to enter a note to the table about your primary system. (e.g. Std. Am., Std, carding, 15 - 17 NT, 1430) to help your opponents get an idea of your playing patterns. 


    It is important to Alert your own bids.  This document may help you better understand alertable bids.

    Master Point Awards 

    ACBL is awarding 150% on the points won for playing on BBO.  It may be an incentive for those of you who are not currently ACBL members to join.  Here is the link you need to become a member.                

    We hope you will join us and encourage your playing friends to do so as well.


    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY (and then reread it!)


    • Establish a BBO account and purchase BB$
    • Send your new "handle" to  John so we can ensure you are "friended" on the BBO site. 
    • Find a partner to play with you
    • Explore the BBO site and, perhaps play a few games of solitaire etc. to practise
    • Watched the VIDEOS we sent to get you familiar with BBO. Here’s the link to the video in case you missed it: 
    • Remember to contact one of our volunteers should you need assistance--before Saturday! (Listed below)


    Closer to game time, reboot your computer before logging into BBO

    • Click on Virtual Clubs under FEATURED AREAS
    • Then Click on ACBL North America 
    • Scroll down the list of clubs until you find our game
    • Click on the title of our club VACB274498 CREDIT VALLEY VC
    • A box will appear asking you to name your partner and pay for yourself and/or both players             

    *** All players must be logged in 10 min before game time.

               During the game, if you lose your connection to the game, just log out of BBO and then log back in again immediately. The directors will reseat you at your table.  If you need help text Denise at 416-575-6754.

    There are bound to be glitches.  We are all learning how to do this, so please be patient.  



      Walk for Memories
    Walk for Memories


    A very heartfelt thank you, in appreciation of your support of Julie's Crew, in today's, 30th year, Walk for Memories and Alzheimers.  With the support of some very generous people, such as those at Credit Valley Bridge, the walk, as a whole is expected to have raised over $500 000, including the $10 000+ by Julie's Crew. 

    Many, many thanks, 

    Julie's Crew 

    Brian & David Holahan 

    Bridging the Gap



    The Challenge is On!  It's not too late to show your creative side during your self-isolation. 

    Director: Marilyn Rochford
    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club
    Director: Denise Donovan
    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club
    Director: John McWhinnie
    Director: D. Donovan
    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club
    Director: Denise Donovan
    Thu 17th Sep 2020
    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club
    BBO 6:45
    Director: Denise Donovan
    Mon 21st Sep 2020
    Marilyn's Bridge Club
    Grace United Church Brampton 6:30
    Director: Marilyn Rochford
    Tue 22nd Sep 2020
    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club
    BBO 12:45
    Director: John McWhinnie
    Wed 23rd Sep 2020
    Credit Valley Virtual Bridge Club
    BBO 11:15
    Director: John McWhinnie
    Wed 23rd Sep 2020
    VIP Lesson & Game
    St. James' Church Caledon East 11:30
    Director: Denise Donovan