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Welcome to Corsham Bridge Club
Chairman's Christmas Message

Fellow bridge players                                                                    10 December 2020

It started as a good year for the club.  With 6 or more tables a week the committee was looking for larger premises in case we got any bigger.

The Prize giving meal went well and I was looking forward to the next years as I won’t be Chair.

The new year started well with good attendance at the club up to the point when Corvid 19 hit and we had to pull the plug.

Then BBO came along for bridge fanatics.  It is well received by several club members who play as often as they can.  There are MalmCorsham club nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm, which were setup and run initially by Malmesbury members, now there are also Corsham members who can setup and direct the sessions.  If you haven’t already done so contact Lesley Bennett to get your details on the list.  To play you log on and register your pair at 6 pm so the organisers know how many tables are required, then you can logout until 6:45. We usually play 18 boards.  These 2 sessions are recognised by the EBU so those who do well will get EBU points as well as BBO points.

Just like the live clubs the club games cost, the cost per evening is 3BBO dollars, which can be purchased on the BBO website.  You can also play friendly games with a few friends in the “Casual” section at no cost.  If you aren’t playing on BBO and would like to do so just contact any committee member and they will help you get started.

We switched to a new website on BridgeWebs in January thanks to Phil Russell who researched the possibilities and then set up the new website, transferring data from the old one.  The new website allows for more interaction with other members and holds the weekly results from our BBO games.

There will be no prizegiving meal this year as we have not been able to play the trophy matches and I doubt many will want to congregate even if the restaurants are open.

We look forward to playing face to face again at some point, so keep the faith, go the distance and remember that nothing lasts for ever.  Even this will pass.

Season’s greetings to you all, keep well.



British Winter Sim Pairs

British Winter Sim Pairs

A total of 16 clubs took part on Thursday 14th January, with 334 pairs.

From our club's we have 6 pairs in the top 100

Congratulations to the following pairs who stand at the present time nationally (may change);

35th Daphne Marchington with Jill Clay, 42nd Richard Freeman with Ian Roach

50th Carol Paton with Craige Vollmer, 61st Cliff Crossman with Gordon Hill

66th Lesley Bennett with Adrian Foster, 71st Syd Gwyer with Richard Gwyer

Others also-ran

Hope you all enjoyed the event

Corsham and Malmesbury Bridge Clubs have worked together to create an online virtual club on BBO.  You can now see the details of upcoming tournaments here on our website.  The virtual club meets every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 7 pm.  You have to register your pairing on BBO after 5 pm on the evening of the event. If you are playing with us for the first time on BBO then you need to register your BBO name with the club. Please email Lesley to have it added (prior to the event preferably). We will send you a copy of all the user names of our club of which you can use the BBO names for private games whenever you want to play.


Web Site
Web Site
Welcome to Corsham Bridge Club 
We are a small friendly club with a history of over 40 years in Corsham.
The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU)

We currently meet every Wednesday evening (Christmas excepted) in the Lounge Bar of the Royal British Legion clubhouse for a friendly game of competitive Duplicate Bridge. 

The RBL clubhouse is centrally located in Corsham town
There is ample free car parking in the public car park opposite the clubhouse.

Visitors of any level of experience are very welcome.  Please aim to arrive at the clubhouse at 7pm for a 7.15 pm start of play.  If you do not have a partner, please contact a committee member (click here for details) and we will try to arrange one for you.

Teas, coffees, alcoholic and soft drinks are available from the clubhouse bar.
Welcome New members
We have recently welcomed several new members to Corsham Bridge Club. 
If you are one of them – we wish you a very warm welcome.

If this is your first club membership, then you will automatically have become a member of the English Bridge Union (EBU) and also will be affiliated to Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association (WCBA).   If you have not already been sent, or handed, a Welcome Letter from the WCBA, please see the copy attached below.
If you were already a member of the EBU but currently have your primary club membership outside Wiltshire, then you should consider making Corsham your primary club – this will automatically affiliate you to the WCBA.
We are privileged to count Richard Gwyer, the current, recently elected, Chairman of the WCBA amongst our members at Corsham Bridge Club.  As Richard says in his attached letter, the WCBA website is the place to look for information on all WCBA events and for links to other Wiltshire clubs.
Those of you who were already members of another EBU-affiliated club in Wiltshire, and who have now joined Corsham Bridge Club are equally welcome.  You will already be part of the WCBA and hopefully are well versed in the activities of the WCBA.

Your message can appear here

How to contact members?

Please use email address to send a message to all members especially when looking for a partner for a particular Wednesday.

Use 'REPLY' when responding to any such email. DO NOT use 'REPLY ALL'. 

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Scorer: Lesley Bennett
Scorer: Lesley Bennett
Scorer: Lesley Bennett