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20th Nov 2023 20:19 GMT
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Committee Members 2023 - 2024

President: Martin Carley

Vice President: Rosarie o Connell

Secretary:  Margaret Kavanagh

Ass Secretary: Margaret Mulhern

Treasurer: Nuala Talty

Ass Treasurer: Colette Kelly

Competitions: Kevin Mc Kevitt

Scoring:  Michael Bradley, Martin Carley, Kate Fitzsimons, Bernie Coleman, Margaret Doyle.

Social Committee: Mary Noonan, Anne Ryan.

Ex Officio: Kate Fitzsimons.

Past Presidents

2022-23 Kate Fitzsimons

2021-22 Angela O'Neill

2019-2021 Margaret Kavanagh

2018-19 Frances Mullooly

2017-18 Tony Gillick

2016-17 Clare Etherson

2015-16 Celaine Rath

2014-15 Veronica Manley

2012-14 Kevin Dunne





Mid Leinster Region




Welcome to Confey Castle Bridge Club
Calendar 2023-24




Start date

11th September

6th September

Autumn Pairs

2nd & 9th Oct

4th & 11th Oct


27th November

29th November

Christmas Dinner



Charity Night

13th December 

Term 2 Start Date

8th January

3rd January

Luke Fitzgeral Comp.

14th February

Sim Pairs Competition

4th March

6th March

Easter Competition

25th March

20th March

Presidents Cup

1stMay & 

8th May

Presidents Dinner



29th May

End of Season

24th June

26th June.

Competitions Results 2023 - 2024

Winners of Autumn Pairs

Wednesday - Clare Etherson & Margaret Doyle

Monday morning - Jo Bannon & Kevin Dunne

Winners of Christmas Competition

Wednesday - Anne Ryan & Bernie Coleman

Monday - Anne Hogan & Celaine Rath

Winners of Luke Fitzgerald Cup

Mary Noonan & Kevin McKevitt

Winners of Easter Competition 

Monday: N/S Ann Hogan / Celaine Rath

               E/W Margaret Doyle / Alice Mockler

Wednesday: N/S Ann Hogan / Nora McKevitt

                     E/W Rosarie O’Connell / Liz Quinn

Cunningham League 2024
A Players with Cunningham League reps
Group A and B both coming second
Group B players
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Luke Fitzgerald Cup 2024
Feb 2 24
Feb 624
Feb wr
LF cup 24
LF cup 24 5
LF cup 24 8
Feb 3 24
Feb 724
LF cup 23 4
LF cup 24 10
LF cup 24 6
LF cup 24 9
Feb 524
Feb R 24
LF cup 24
LF cup 24 3
LF cup 24 7
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Congratulations to all the winners! 👏

Confey Castle celebrates BIG WINS!!!
Confey Castle celebrates BIG WINS!!!

Mid Leinster Nationals: Intermediate A.

1st Place:  Brought home the CUP!!! Team:Angela O' Neill/Ann Hogan/Kevin Mc Kevitt/Helen Dredge.

Cunningham League:

 B SectionWinners: Team: Bridie Leonard/ Martin Carley/Eilish Dooley/Madeleine Hennessy/Mary Kelly/Margaret Mulhern.

Bridie has captained the winning team 4 years in a row…great achievement.

A Section: A proud 2nd place from Confey Castle. Team: Helen Dredge/Michael Bradley/Ann Hogan /Mary Noonan/Eileen O Dowd.


Christmas Dinner in Springfield Hotel
  • Christmas 2023
  • Christmas 2023
  • Christmas 2023 10
  • Christmas 2023 11
  • Christmas 2023 12
  • Christmas 2023
  • Christmas 2023 3
  • Christmas 2023 4
  • Christmas 2023 5
  • Christmas 2023 6
  • Christmas 2023 7
  • Christmas 2023 8
  • Christmas 2023 9
President's Prizegiving and Dinner May 2023
  • Clare Monday Player of the Year 2023 with Kate
  • Mary Noonan Player of the Year 202223
  • May 2023 a
  • May 2023 after Presidents Dinner
  • May 2023 b
  • May 2023 c
  • May 2023 d
  • May 2023 e
  • May 2023 f
  • May 2023 h
  • May 2023 Presidents Dinner
Up-coming Competitions

 Remember to check out up-coming competitions and other information on the Mid-Leinster website. 

Click on the link in main menu to left of page-  'Mid-Leinster Region'. We need entries from our club♣  

Past Presidents
Clare Etherson and Angela ONeill May competition winners in Monday morning club V
Margaret Kavanagh
Tony Gillick
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Past Prizewinners President's Prize
Alice Mockler 2013
Ann Ryan 2017
Michael Bradley and Margaret Kavanagh
President s Prize
Angela O Neill and Clare Etherson
Michael Bradley 2017
Nora McKevitt
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Bridge Rules and Etiquette

Protocols to be followed before, during, and after play.

Before Play

  1. On Club evenings (Wednesday) play begins at 7.30 p.m. sharp. Please be seated by 7.20 p.m.
  2. Monday Morning Club, please be seated by 9:50am.
  3. Mobile phones should be placed on 'silent' before play begins.
  4. Full names i.e. first name and surname are to be clearly written on the list of players every night.
  5. Inform your Opponents of your System & Conventions. i.e. 4 Card Major & Weak NT, etc.

During and After Play

  1. Players should, at all times, be courteous to their playing partner, their opponents and the Tournament Director/Acting T.D.
  2. Players should count cards before and after play & a quick shuffle before placing cards back into board.
  3. Bidding cards should be left on the table until the first card is played.
  4. The bidding process should be flat and unemphatic…NO talking/commenting/gesturing or pausing for an unduly long time.
  5. The player at North is in charge of the table and is responsible for ensuring,
    1. that wallets/boards are received from and passed to the correct tables,
    2. that players take the correct cards from the wallet or board at the start of play,
    3. that players return cards to the correct positions in the wallet or board at the end of play and DO NOT take them out again,
    4. that contracts are entered accurately on the tablet.
    5. count your tricks & agree score with opponents before gathering your cards.

  1. The players at E/W must ensure that the contract results are entered correctly by North on the tablet.

E/W must remember their Pair or Table Number depending on Competition.

  1. Slow play MUST be avoided. Games that are not completed within the time allotted will be 'averaged'.
  2. Dummy can only touch a card when requested by his/her partner.
  3. Dummy can warn partner of a possible renege during play by saying “Not holding partner”.
  4. During play, the lead player can only look back at the last card played.
  5. Always be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Post mortems are to be avoided whilst play is going on at other tables.
  6. We must always be supportive and encouraging to new players and make them feel comfortable at the table.
  7. Any contravention of rules or disputes arising during the course of play should be referred to the Tournament Director / Acting T.D. for adjudication.

You may ask a question of your left-hand opponent when your right-hand opponent has made a bid and before you make your bid.

When your partner opens INT you must state the point range 12 to 14 etc.

Boards/Wallets MUST remain on table for T.D. to have easy access always.

CLUB RULEA player is obliged to open with 12 points on the first round.

Memories Luke Fitzgerald Cup
  • 2018 Clare and Angela with Linda and Tony
  • Clare Etherson and Angela ONeill May competition winners in Monday morning club V
  • Luke Fitzgerald Cup Prizewinners 2020
  • Memories
  • Memories 10
  • Memories 11
  • Memories 13
  • Memories
  • Memories 3
  • Memories 4
  • Memories 5
  • Memories 6
  • Memories 7
  • Memories 8
  • Memories 9
  • Winners luke fitz 2023
President 2023-24
President 2023-24

Our President for 2023-24

Martin Carley

Charity donation 2022
Charity donation 2022

Our Charity morning and Evening sessions raised the  wonderful sum of 850 euro for our local St Vincent de Paul Society.

This cheque was presented by Kate Fitzsimons on your behalf to Yvonne Mc Givern on Thursday December 15th and was much appreciated.



Charity Night

The Motor Neuron Association has acknowledged a donation of €400 from the club and wish to thank us very much.

Dinner in Springfield Hotel
Dinner in Springfield Hotel
Wed May 16th A
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Mon May13 2024
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Mon April29th 2024
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Wed 24th April 24
Scorer: Angela O Neill
Monday 22nd April 24
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Wed April17th 2024
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Mon April 15th
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Wed April 10th 2024
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
Mon April 8th 2024
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons