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19th May 2022 12:15 BST
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Past Presidents

2019-2021 Margaret Kavanagh

2018-19 Frances Mullooly

2017-18 Tony Gillick

2016-17 Clare Etherson

2015-16 Celaine Rath

2014-15 Veronica Manley

2012-14 Kevin Dunne





Mid Leinster Region




Welcome to Confey Castle Bridge Club
Winners of Competitions 2021-22

Congratulations to:

Players of the Year - Mary Noonan and Kevin McKevitt.
President's Competition - Mary Linnane and Mary Owens.
Easter Competition - 1st: N/S Helen Dredge and Patricia Kenny;  E/W Mary Noonan and Kevin McKevitt
Cunningham League Shield - Ann Hogan, Helen Dredge, Kevin McKevitt and Angela O'Neill
Luke Fitzgerald Cup - Clare Etherson & Angela O'Neill
Christmas Competition - N/S Mary Owens & Mary Linnane;  E/W Carmel Keane & Kitty McGarry
Autumn Pairs Competition: Sheila Brien & Phil Fitzpatrick
Message from our President 3rd MAY 2022

First of all, thank you very much to all of you who took part in this year’s President's Competition. It was a very good competition and I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me watching from the wings! The combined results over the two nights will be announced at our dinner on the 17th May in the Springfield Hotel and subsequently you will find them on our website.

The committee have decided to postpone our Monday morning opening until September and I know some of you will be disappointed with this decision but we are going ahead with starting back in Confey GAA on Wednesday, the 4th and all Monday members are more than welcome to play then.

A few points about starting back to live Bridge:

  • Come in good time and you can go straight to the bridge room, we were told that the dancing hasn’t started yet.
  • The wearing of masks is advised.
  • We will have to open some windows so make sure you have warm clothes.
  • We will provide tea, coffee etc.
  • Hand sanitisers will be placed on each table and you are encouraged to use it after each round. Bring your own if preferred.
  • Don’t forget your bidding box.
  • All cloths, card holders etc. have been thoroughly washed and we are providing new decks of cards.
  • Lastly, there will be no online bridge while we are playing face to face.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our committee members, our online tournament directors and those who helped out in other ways, delivering prize money etc. They were a constant help and support  to me throughout our online experience. As there are are, inevitably, some retirements from the committee at the end of this bridge year, we are appealing for members to seriously consider joining the committee, we need volunteers for both Monday and Wednesday.

Kind regards to you all and looking forward to seeing you on 4th May.


Presentation of Prizes May 2022
Players of the Year 2022 Mary and Kevin
Winners President Comp 2022
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Message from our President

Welcome back to a new Bridge year, online again I’m afraid but hopefully not for too much longer, we await guidance from CBAI headquarters on same and we will keep you updated.

A few reminders before we get started:

Log in early, at least 10 minutes before start time.

Ensure you keep enough dollars in your account.

Use Whatsapp group to look for a partner, please do not choose to play with a robot, as you will not be awarded any points if you happen to win.

Please make every effort not to pass out a hand, especially if you are in the 3rd or 4th seat. Use the rule of twenty and/or open on 11 points if you must.


We have decided to leave fees at €10 for each member (in order to cover CBAI fee), regardless of whether you play or not, this may be adjusted when we return to table bridge.

To be eligible to win overall prize in the Presidents Cup, a partnership must play both nights and have at least 50% attendance.

Thank you for continuing to use WhatsApp for Bridge matters only.

2021-22 Events Calendar

We will have Bridge Base online bridge at the usual 7.30 starting time on Wednesday nights.

This is open to the 'Monday morning' session too. 

1st September Start date
6th & 13th October Autumn pairs
24th November Christmas Competition
8th December Charity night
15th Dec - 5th Jan Christmas closure
26th January Luke Fitzgerald Cup
30th March  Easter competition
20th & 27th April  President's Cup
18th May President's Dinner
25th May  AGM
29th June Finish date




Committee 2021-22

President :                  Angela O Neill 

Vice President :          Kate Fitzsimons

Secretary :                  Kevin Mc Kevitt

Assistant Secretary :  Mary Kelly

Treasurer:                   Marion Kiernan 

Assistant Treasurer :  Colette Kelly

Ex-officio :                   Margaret Kavanagh

Other Members:

Tony Gillick        Eileen O Dowd

Angela Cahill      Pat Dolan

Michael Bradley  Mary Noonan


Christmas Party 2019 & Christmas Prize Giving
  • Christmas party 2019 10
  • Christmas party 2019 11
  • Christmas party 2019 12
  • Christmas party 2019 13
  • Christmas party 2019 14
  • Christmas party 2019 15
  • Christmas party 2019 16
  • Christmas party 2019 17
  • Christmas party 2019 18
  • Christmas party 2019 19
  • Christmas party 2019 1
  • Christmas party 2019 20
  • Christmas party 2019 21
  • Christmas party 2019 2
  • Christmas party 2019 3
  • Christmas party 2019 4
  • Christmas party 2019 5
  • Christmas party 2019 7
  • Christmas party 2019 8
  • Christmas party 2019 9
Up-coming Competitions

 Remember to check out up-coming competitions and other information on the Mid-Leinster website. 

Click on the link in main menu to left of page-  'Mid-Leinster Region'. We need entries from our club♣  

AGM 2022

Reminder - AGM is on Wednesday 25th May at 6.45

President 2021-22
President 2021-22

Our President for 2021-22 is Angela O'Neill.



Dinner in Springfield Hotel
Dinner in Springfield Hotel

We are open for membership on Wednesday evenings for live bridge.






Confey Castle 18th May 2022
Scorer: Michael Bradley
Confey Castle May 4th
Scorer: Kate Fitzsimons
#22385 Confey Castle Pres_Cup Session2
Director: Bert McKay
Confey Castle Pres_Cup Session2 Listing
Director: Bert McKay
Confey Castle Presidents Cup Overall
#15335 Pairs Confey Castle Presidents Cup Session1
Director: Bert McKay
Confey Castle Pres_Cup Session1 Listing
Director: Bert McKay