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Condover Duplicate Bridge Club

Constitution and General Rules

1.     The name of the club shall be Condover Duplicate Bridge Club

2.     The object of the Club shall be to provide Duplicate Bridge for the members, and for visitors to the area. The club shall not be used for gambling, playing any game of chance, or an unlawful game.

3.     There shall be a managing Committee of not more than seven members. It shall include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The committee shall be elected annually for one year at the Annual General Meeting. A quorum of four. The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies in their number during the year, and members so appointed shall hold office until the next A.G.M

4.     The business of the Club shall be conducted by the Committee, which shall at its discretion, deal with any matter arising in connection with the Club and not provided for in these Rules. The Committee shall meet at least four times a year.

5.     Members shall pay a joining fee and an annual subscription, both of which shall be decided each year at the A.G.M and prior notice of any changes shall be included on the Agenda. The subscription for studentís members under 21 shall be one half of the ordinary annual subscription. The Club year shall end on the 30th of April. Subscriptions shall be due on election to membership of the Club or within one month of the A.G.M.

6.     The charge for playing Duplicate Bridge at each session for members and for visitors shall be decided each year at the AG.M. If subscriptions have not been paid within three months of the due date, it will be deemed that the membership has lapsed and re-application will be necessary.

7.     Any one visitor may be introduced not more than five times in any one Club year. All visitors and introducing members shall sign the visitorís book. A visitors who is not a guest of a Club member may not participate in ordinary Club evenings on more than three occasions in any one Club year.

8.     Every application for membership shall be in writing and shall be proposed by at least two Club members and shall be advertised on the Club notice board for not less than four weeks. Approval of applications for membership after such advertisement shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

9.     Should the conduct of any Club member, in the opinion of the Committee, or of any six Club members (who shall certify the same in writing to the Committee), be injurious to the interest of the Club, the Committee shall be empowered to recommend in writing a course of disciplinary action it deems appropriate, including warning, suspension or resignation. If he or she does not comply within fourteen days of the recommendation, the Committee shall then call a special meeting of the members, and if such a meeting agrees to the recommendation of the Committee, he or she may be subjected to such a course of disciplinary action and may cease to be a member and forfeit all rights to membership of the Club.

10.   Members wishing to resign shall give notice to the Secretary before the A.G.M.

11.   No member shall pledge the credit of the Club or any member thereof, or involve the Club in any legal or other liabilities whatsoever without the consent of the Committee, and a member shall be personally responsible for any liability incurred should he or she do so without any authority; but nothing in these Rules shall prevent the duly elected Secretary and Committee form doing such acts in connection with the Club as shall be within their province, either individually or collectively, provided that such acts comply with the Rules of the Club and are in accordance with the authority previously laid or agreed by the Committee.

12.  At the formal dissolution of the Club all surplus assets shall be disposed of as determined by the members in General Meeting.

13.  The A.G.M. shall be held no later than the 30th June in each year. No proposal to amend the Constitution and General Rules shall be considered at such a meeting unless notice thereof is given to the Secretary in writing at least six weeks previously and is advertised on the Club notice board at least two weeks previously. Any other business may be included on the Agenda provided notice has been given in writing to the Secretary at least four weeks prior to the A.G.M. Nominations for the Committee for the following year should be submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to the Meeting.

14.    The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time and shall be bound to do so on receipt of a request signed by at least ten members, who shall in making such a request, stat their reasons. At an E.G.M. no business other than that specified in the Notice convening the Meeting, or arising therefrom, shall be transacted. Such a meeting will require at least a fourteen day notification.

15.     On election every member shall be deemed to have agreed to, and be bound by, this Constitution and General Rules, which may only be changed at a General Meeting. Notice of any proposed alteration to the Constitution and General Rules shall be given to members in accordance with Rules 13 and 14.