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John Tasker's funeral is to be held at Canley Crematorium on Thursday 5th August at 3pm, with a wake to follow at the CNW Sports Club.

Anyone wishing to attend is asked to contact Steve Royston (stevexroyston@gmail com, or telephone 07831 639 885) with name and telephone number for contact tracing purposes.

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Online Bridge

CNWBC currently run three sessions per week on the RealBridge platform.

General requirements

What devices does RealBridge run on?

RealBridge runs on any laptop, desktop computer or tablet that supports video calling from a web browser.

What browser should I use?

On Windows or linux PCApple macOS or Android tablet you can use any modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. (Note: older versions of Edge and Internet Explorer do not work.)

On an Apple iPad you must use the Safari browser, because Apple does not allow other browsers to support video calling on iOS.

How fast an internet connection do I need?

RealBridge requires around 0.5 Mbps of download and upload bandwidth for video. If you have a weak connection you can turn off your camera and/or the incoming video to reduce bandwidth requirements.



Do I need a webcam?

RealBridge does not require a webcam to run; you can play without being connected on video or audio calls. However, without video, the experience is compromised. RealBridge works perfectly with inexpensive webcams, which are widely available online.

How do I check my camera is working?

Visit the RealBridge Camera and microphone test page to troubleshoot video and audio issues.