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Joint Event With Craven Arms BC
Director: MC
Director: MC
Schedule of Topics

This is a provisional schedule of the topics we will explore, but we always prioritise your questions/suggestions.

So, if there's anything you want to flag up just let Dom know (a bit of notice will help me to prepare).

31.11.22    Improvers:  2-suited overcalls

                  Beginners:  Stayman

07.12.22    Improvers:  Declarer Play

                  Beginners:  (no session)

14.12.11    Improvers:  Slam Bidding & Play

                  Beginners:  (no session)

04.01.23    Improvers:  A closer look at the Xmas Party hands (bidding & play)...

                  Beginners:  Basics of Card Play (as Declarer)

11.01.23    NO SESSION (teams match against Craven Arms BC)

18.01.23    Improvers:  Cue-bidding to explore for game and slam

                  Beginners:  Basics of Card Play (as Defenders)

25.01.23    Improvers:  Leads, Signals, Discards (Defender Play)

                  Beginners:  More 'hands-on' card play

01.02.23    NO SESSION (Dom is away leading an HF Bridge holiday)

08.02.23    Improvers:  Weak 2s - opening 2D/H/S and responding (incl. Ogust)

                  Beginners:  Transfers 1/2

15.02.23    Improvers: Weak 2s; Weak jump-shifts; Weak jump-overcalls

                  Beginners:  Transfers 2/2

22.02.23    Improvers: Better weak 2 openings - Lucas 2s

                  Beginners:  Strong Openings - 2NT

01.03.23    Improvers: Better weak 2 openings - Multi 2D

                  Beginners:  Strong Openings - 2C

08.03.23    Improvers:  Defence against weak 2 openings

                  Beginners:  Final 'sweep-up' session (Convention Cards; Crib Sheet; Q&A)

15.03.23    Improvers:  Card Play issues (using the hands from the latest Club meeting)

                  Beginners:  Please direct any enquiries about the next Beginners' group to Dom Wilson.

et. seq.      Improvers:  [as above]

                  Beginners:  [as above]