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11th Apr 2024 11:45 BST
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Director: JK
Director: JK
Director: JK
What topics do we look at...?

The program for Beginners is more structured as we build the foundations. 

However, the Improvers have more control over the topics explored.  We usually start with a couple of recent hands to see what issues of interest emerge.  Here are some of topics we looked at last year, though we always prioritise your questions/requests/suggestions. So, if there's anything you want to flag up just let Dom know (a bit of notice will help me to prepare).

2-suited overcalls


Declarer Play

Slam Bidding & Play

Basics of Card Play (as Declarer)

Cue-bidding to explore for game and slam

Basics of Card Play (as Defenders)

Leads, Signals, Discards (Defender Play)

More 'hands-on' card play (situations that crop up frequently)

Weak 2s - opening 2D/H/S and responding (incl. Ogust)


Weak jump-shifts; Weak jump-overcalls

Better weak 2 openings - Lucas 2s

Strong Openings - 2NT

Better weak 2 openings - Multi 2D

Strong Openings - 2C

Defence against weak 2 openings

Final 'sweep-up' session (Convention Cards; Crib Sheet; Q&A)