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Friday 26th April

Fundraising session for St. Luke's Hospice 

All table money and donations for coffee and cake goes to the Hospice. 

Visitors are especially welcome.

Open 9:00am for 9:30 start

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Basic Bidding Competitive Bidding   Card Play
Contract Levels table   Opening NT   Suit (over suit) overcall    Opening Leads (NT Contract)
High Card Points (HCP) Response to 1NT Double (over opening suit)   Opening leads (Suit contract)
'Rule of 20' Opening a 1-level suit 1NT (over suit) overcall   Declarer's plan
Suit Quality (SQ) Response to 1-level suit Suit (over 1NT) overcall     
Pass-out & Opening Criteria       Double (over 1NT)    
Losing Trick Count (LTC)      
Total Trump Fit (TTF)