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Welcome to Chorley Monday Bridge Club
Online Bridge

 We can play with BWS, Brierfield, Warrington and Stretford Clubs on Monday evenings.  We each pay £3 for the evening duplicate which runs from 7.30-about 9.30p.m.  There are other sessions which our Chorley members can also access.  If you havent tried online bridge yet and want to give it a go please get in touch and I will explain more.  I fear it will be some time before we can sit at a table and share cards etc in the normal way.

It is a pleasing standard and we are made very welcome. 

How to play Online at the Club

On behalf of everyone at BWS Virtual Bridge Club, we are happy to welcome the Chorley Monday members to our fold every Monday (and to any of our other sessions as well!).

Our sessions are as follows:

Sunday morning at 11:00 am              16 boards at 9 mins per board
Monday afternoon at 1:30 pm             16 boards at 9 mins per board
Monday evening at 7:30 pm                21 boards at 8 mins per board
Friday evening at 7:30 pm                   21 boards at 8 mins per board

All the Chorley MBC names have been added to our database, but if you wish to play with an unregistered partner, you must let me know the player's BBO user name and if possible, their EBU number and email at least an hour before the session starts, so I can update the Master Database.

To register to play in any session, you need to be online with your partner anytime in the two hours before the session starts.  When you log into Bridgebase Online, click on 'Competitive' on the left-hand side, and then 'All Tournaments'. If you then click on 'Pending' and you will see a list of the tournaments soon to start.  In the 'Search' box you can type in BWS, Tournament or Tilley and you'll see the event, click on this.

It will then ask you if you wish to register and you should type on your partner's BBO log in name, and it sends an invite to that partner, which they should accept. Only one of you needs to do this.

You're then registered to play, and you can then go have a coffee or do whatever you like. If you then return back to the lobby five or ten minutes before the session, and at the start time, it will automatically take you into the playing room.  If you stay in BBO, please don't go into the Casual area of the club as when the session starts you won't receive the notification that takes you in.

When you arrive at the table, please greet your opponents and let them know your system.  Remember to self alert any bids and if you misclick during the bidding, you can ask for an undo as long as your partner has not made their next bid.  The Undo button is on the top left of the screen under the blue square with three white lines inside.  The Call Director button is under there as well.  Sometimes, as in a face-to-face club, you may finish a little early and we encourage you to have a chat with your opponents.

If you don't finish in time, it will move you automatically when the clock reaches zero.  if this is the case, and there are less then four cards to play, it will calculate whether you can make the contract and award an automatically adjusted score.  If you have more than that to play, then you'll normally receive an average.  We encourage you to claim any board when it is clear you can make all outstanding tricks, but you do need to state your line of play if it is not clear.   As opponents, if you are satisfied with the claim, you should agree with it.

The Club is designed to be friendly and enjoyable for all.  I tend to direct most of the sessions and am happy to be called to offer guidance on online play if needed.  I'll try to upload the results as quickly as possible after the session.  You can contact me by email on or 07984529673.  I do still work Tuesday to Friday daytime, but I'm free any other time.

Dave Tilley




The Monday Bridge Club, Chorley was formed in April 2010 by a group of friends whose previous access to Monday evening bridge had disappeared.

The Club is run entirely by and on behalf of its members, is not affiliated to any other organisation, and is dedicated to providing relaxed, unaggressive duplicate bridge of a reasonable club standard in friendly surroundings.

We meet at 7.15pm on Mondays (including most Monday Bank Holidays) at Chorley Village Hall, Knutsford Road, Alderley Edge.

Our members are drawn from an area including South Manchester, Macclesfield, Congleton and Knutsford.

The membership is restricted by the capacity of the Hall. We are very happy to welcome visitors to join us at most of our sessions (but you will need a partner!).


If you require a partner for a particular evening please contact Jane Birkett on 01625861354





#6127 Pairs BWS Mon Evening TD Dave Tilley
Scorer: Dave Tilley
#5838 Pairs BWS Mon Session TD Dave Tilley
Scorer: Dave Tilley