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Hi everybody


I hope you are all keeping safe and well, during this extended period of lockdown. Many of you are playing bridge online and like me, have found it to be very enjoyable. However, for many without a partner, this can be a  problem. I would therefore like to remind you of a ‘local’ online bridge club where you can play duplicate without the need for a partner (or you and your partner can play), and you don’t  even need to be a member! You can of course join the club – there is currently a reduced membership fee. The Friendly Online Bridge Club provides free sessions, bridge lessons, mentoring, a pairs tournament and team tournament as well as duplicate sessions. Please visit www.friendlyonlinebridgeclub for more information or if you prefer please contact me.  Strictly bridge….Keep playing!


Thinking of you all

Sue Kos


Dealer 4 Instructions
Instructions for operating Dealer 4


Instructions for operating Dealer 4


 Dealer 4 should be run before Scorebridge, it makes life easier.


Click on Dealer 4 logo on desk top.


If statistics shown, click on Hide Statistics


Click on “File”, then “New”


Set “Last Board in Set” to 30, this will cover all the Club Standard movements.


The “Reject Odd Shapes” box should be ticked, although the TD may want to uncheck it, that is his/her option.


Click “Generate boards using Big Deal”.


The software will generate the new deal.


Click “Exit”


If statistics are shown click “Hide Statistics”


Enter a Session  Name  e.g .Duplicate {Green} “colour of boards”


Enter Event Site Chorley followed by initials of dealer.


Enter Event Date as date dealt in any format.


Using these formats will produce a sensible heading in the Deal File.


Click “Analyze”, unfortunately on the club laptop, this may take a few minutes, it is a little slow. The Analyze function works out the number of tricks each hand could make in each suit.


Click “File” then “Save”, on the Save screen make sure the file Type is “PBN”, then enter a file name in the format “Green 18 July 2 015”, i.e. colour of boards and date.


Whilst the analysis is being carried out, prepare the dealer by removing the storing board and get the boards you intend to deal. There should be 2 packs of cards already in the dealer hopper, red and blue, red cards are for odd numbered boards and blue for even numbered ones, so you should see a blue card in the dealer.


Take the first board from the box and empty the cards on to the desk.


By now the analysis should be complete so click on “Deal” on the task bar. The dealing screen will open. Make sure that the automatic dealing facility is ticked.


Put the empty board 1 into the dealer, if dealing does not commence immediately click deal. Put dealt board face down on the table.


The dealer will deal the cards, in the meantime take out board 2 and repeat the procedure placing the unloaded packs in the hopper as required and the dealt board on top of previous ones.


If the machine stops before all cards are dealt then you will probably see  error code 55 or 58 on the computer,. Code 55 means the cards in the hopper is not touching the front plate, wiggle the cards in the hopper and click on “Continue” . If you get code 58 wiggle the board and press “Continue “.


Dealer 4 will notify you when the whole deal is complete, tick no to return to Board1 and exit.


Ian Clemmitt

25 July 2014 (Revised 17 October 2015)