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Welcome to Derek Patterson's Bridge Club!


Duplicate Sessions on BBO

Derek is running pairs' duplicate sessions on BBO on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with everybody playing the same hands and the results appearing on the website  with full traveller and board display, Play it again, Results Analysis,  BBO bidding and play data. Master points are awarded, but not NGS at present. 
Everyone is welcome, but registration is necessary. Tell Derek in advance that you are coming, give him your name, BBO username and email address. On the day, you need to enter yourselves as a pair for the event in the 2 hours before it starts. 
The cost of entry is $3 (around £2.50), and you have to pre-purchase your $BB on the BBO website. Additional table money of £1 is also payable directly to Derek. See How to Pay.

Chislehurst Bridge Club is run by Derek Patterson.

  • We hold duplicate bridge sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evening (please arrive by 7.20, play starting at 7.25 and  finishing at 10.30.).
  • Venue: Village Hall, Church Lane, Chislehurst, BR7 5PE. Click here for a map.
  • We use electronic scoring devices - BridgePals (see
  • We offer fully random hands dealt using Dealer4 dealing machine. Printed hand records are available at the end of session. Full results are available on this website shortly after the end of the session.
  • Visitors are welcome, there is usually a host available.

Whether you are newcomer to the game or a more advanced player, you will enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere.

 Please note that face to face sessions in the Village Hall have been suspended for now and we will only run online sessions for the foreseeable future. Watch this space for updates.  

BBO Play Data on Bridgewebs

We are pleased to announce that Chislehurst Bridge Club is the first club to make use of the new Bridgewebs feature. You can now see your BBO bidding and play data in our results. Click on the PLAY on each line on the traveller.

Bridge Solver on BBO

Install Bridge Solver Chrome Extension to see double dummy results while you play on BBO. The installation instructions are at the end of the video above or see here. The hand diagram should be displayed in the history tab on BBO, bottom right of the screen. You have to make sure pictures of cards are off in the History under Account/Settings. Click on the little spade icon to see Bridge Solver and double dummy.

Playing on BBO

If you have not played on BBO before it is worth reading New to Bridge Base Online?.
Also Look here for useful tips on how to play on BBO.

Personal Analysis Graphs

See player performance graphs on the Personal Analysis page. Click on the Results on the Main menu then on Personal Analysis. 

Results Analysis

You can see detailed results analysis on any Bridgewebs website that displays hand records. You can find out how well you did against double dummy or see cross-imps in teams events. On the Main menu click on Results - Results Bridgewebs and the on the session you played in. Now click on this symbol above the ranking list.
For help click here. On this website in particular, you can also access results analysis via the 'Analysis' button above the ranking list.

Play It Again

Have you ever tried the hand replay facility on this website? Just above every traveller and below the hand diagram there is a 'Play it Again' button. This starts Bridge Solver Online (BSOL) which lets you do this. Full details on using BSOL to "play" a hand in double dummy mode is available in this user guide, which has been written by Rees Mitchell for the website users at Vanderbilt Bridge Club, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Roger O'Shea

It is with great sadness that I am sharing the news that, having battled bravely against cancer, Roger has passed away.   In these “online” times, he would have been known to many of you as RKO123.  

Sincere condolences to his beloved wife and family.



Next BBO online session is on

Tue 21st Sep 2021
Chislehurst Reds, 6.45pm
Chislehurst Greens, 7.10pm

Wed 22nd Sep 2021
Chislehurst Online, 1.30pm

Wednesday Online Bridge

Those of you who have been playing on a Wednesday afternoon (1.30 pm start time) will be aware that these sessions are continuing. Of course, everybody is welcome 😊

Online Bridge Lessons

Derek is running online bridge lessons. Please contact him if you are interested.

EBU Rank Promotions May - July 2021

Congratulations on the EBU rank promotion to:


Barry Quinnell 4 Premier Tournament Master
Jean O'Doherty 3 Master
Jan Titcombe County Master
Peter Cox Club Master
Jan Holmes Local Master
Pauline Rogers Local Master
Tony's Blog

14 July 2021

Day 42: Plymouth to Seaton
"It is a scorching morning, so I cool down with a pint of Dartmoor Legend outside The Devonport Inn at pretty Kingsand. A sailor tells me the village was the setting for Mr. Turner, starring Timothy Spall, a film that I missed. He is heading to The Isles of Scilly and convinces me to include them in my trek."
See Plymouth to Seaton

Follow Tony's blog.

Need a Partner?

The website and the Membership Area continue to operate during the current crisis.

If you need a partner, look on the Calendar or Message Board to see any outstanding requests. Alternatively place a partner request via website: login to Member Area, choose "Find a Partner", then tick the "Partner Required" button. The booking will appear on the Calendar page and Message Board. You are advised not to tick the boxes to show your email and/or phone number on the website booking. Instead leave a message in the 'Partner/Note/System' box to log into Membership Area for contact details.

You can of course contact members directly, the contact details are in the membership area.

Alternatively contact Derek and he might be able to help you.

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