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Supervised Play

Derek is running supervised play sessions in the club in parallel with the usual duplicate. If you are interested, come and try it out. The charge per session is £5 plus table money.

Books are available on loan to club members. Visit Library.

Let's Play Bridge
with Marx Brothers
Visit  a Bridge Village
in India.

"We all make mistakes when playing!"

Welcome to Derek Patterson's Bridge Club!
Postcard from www: More Online Bridge

We are getting used to playing online and so, it seems, is everyone else - BBO has never been so popular!
Last week on Tuesday, we had 60 people playing in the club movement. Having overcome the initial hurdles, it is a pretty straightforward experience as illustrated by Mike and David’s result on their debut outing. Congratulations to them!
If you would like to join us, please contact Derek for an introduction. Here are some of the notable performances from that session:

Tuesday March 31

David and Mike
Tony and Steve
Ashley and Pauline
Brian and Brian
Graham and Bob
Keith and Gill
David and Adrian
Jon and Bill
James and Brian
Eleanor and Richard
Brenda and Maureen
Norman and Charles
David and David
Helen and Chris

Please take care and stay safe! Derek :)
7th April 2020
A Postcard from the World Wide Web

Becoming acquainted with the intricacies of playing bridge on the internet has taken up much of our time recently. Despite the circumstances, the club has continued to run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with BBO replacing the more familiar village hall. A big, “thank you” to all of you for your patience as people learn to navigate around the site. With each session, we have been able to play with increasing confidence and last Thursday, March 26, 44 of us participated. Here are some of the notable performances:

Thursday March 26

Brenda and Maureen
Roger and Jan
Eleanor and Jim
Graham and Bob
Norman and Charles
Jenny and David
Neil and Shanti
Margaret and Val
Mirna and John

If you would like to join us, there is little to fear - just the first hurdle. Please contact Derek for guidance and to be included !
2nd April 2020

Chislehurst Bridge Club is run by Derek Patterson.

  • We hold duplicate bridge sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evening (please arrive by 7.20, play starting at 7.25 and  finishing at 10.30.).
  • Venue: Village Hall, Church Lane, Chislehurst, BR7 5PE. Click here for a map.
  • We use electronic scoring devices - BridgePals (see
  • We offer fully random hands dealt using Dealer4 dealing machine. Printed hand records are available at the end of session. Full results are available on this website shortly after the end of the session.
  • Visitors are welcome, there is usually a host available.

Whether you are newcomer to the game or a more advanced player, you will enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere.

Personal Analysis Graphs

See player performance graphs on the Personal Analysis page. Click on the Results on the Main menu then on Personal Analysis. 

Results Analysis

You can see detailed results analysis on any Bridgewebs website that displays hand records. You can find out how well you did against double dummy or see cross-imps in teams events. On the Main menu click on Results - Results Bridgewebs and the on the session you played in. Now click on this symbol above the ranking list.
For help click here. On this website in particular, you can also access results analysis via the 'Analysis' button above the ranking list.

Play It Again

Have you ever tried the hand replay facility on this website? Just above every traveller and below the hand diagram there is a 'Play it Again' button. This starts Bridge Solver Online (BSOL) which lets you do this. Full details on using BSOL to "play" a hand in double dummy mode is available in this user guide, which has been written by Rees Mitchell for the website users at Vanderbilt Bridge Club, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Cross IMP Pairs

We run Cross-IMP pairs on the last Thursday of every month. What is it all about and why do we do it? - See the article on Cross IMP Pairs under FAQ.

Announce or Alert?

We have all got used to 'announcing' the range of partners opening bid of 1NT. You might be less sure about 2NT: Opening bid of 2NT is announced  "20 to 22" or appropriate range. Stayman (4 card) and transfers are announced the same way as after 1NT. 5-card stayman is alerted.  All this is summarised in the EBU Announcing and Alerting table.

Bridge on BBO on Thursday 9th April

Derek will be available on BBO on Thursday 9th April from 7pm for 7.15pm start, where he will allocate you a seat and run duplicate matchpointed pairs. His BBO name is delberto3. 

Derek will have been in contact with you by the phone, but if you need to contact him after you log onto BBO, find him first by clicking on the “People” tab/button. Then you should have some options across the top (Friends, Hosts, etc), click on “Search”.

In the box at the bottom of  the screen, put in Derek's username - delberto3

It should appear at the top of the list. Click on the name and you can send Derek a message from there.

Contact Derek if you want to play but don't know where to start!


Club Sessions on BBO

Derek will be on Bridge Base Online on Tuesdays and Thursdays where he will setup the club sessions.

Preferably come with a partner, both of you should login at 7pm for start at 7.15pm. If you are on your own, let Derek know and he might be able to find you a partner.

Send Derek a message after you login so that he knows you are there. He will arrange a movement so that you play against several opponents.

You can also let Derek know in advance if you are coming.

It is worth reading New to Bridge Base Online? if you have not played on BBO before.

Look here for useful tips on how to play on BBO.

Play it Again on BBO

If you want to look at the hands you played in previous sessions on BBO, go to and click on HAND RECORDS on top of the front page.

You can enter BBO username and the time interval to look at. Boards you played in this time interval are displayed.

Click on the traveller to see the traveller.

Click on Movie to get BBO Hand Viewer.

Click on Lin to get our old Play it Again screen - you need to have Bridge Solver installed for this ( If you don't have Bridge Solver installed, this will download the lin file which you can then open in Bridge Solver on website.

Need a Partner?

The website and the Membership Area continue to operate during the current crisis.

If you need a partner, look on the Calendar or Message Board to see any outstanding requests. Alternatively place a partner request via website: login to Member Area, choose "Find a Partner", then tick the "Partner Required" button. The booking will appear on the Calendar page and Message Board. You are advised not to tick the boxes to show your email and/or phone number on the website booking. Instead leave a message in the 'Partner/Note/System' box to log into Membership Area for contact details.

You can of course contact members directly, the contact details are in the membership area.

Alternatively contact Derek and he might be able to help you.

February EBU Rank Promotions

Congratulations on the EBU rank promotion to:


David Dodd Premier Master
Stephen Walsh Advanced Master
John McDonnell Local Master
The House of BridgePals

Beauty of the Round Pond

Marco's model yacht in Kensington Gardens Round Pond. It sails on Sundays. Designed by Marco - many passersby comment on its beauty. Last Sunday it caught the eye of the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park Bird blogger - see his blog for Sunday the 21st October 2018 and scroll down until you get to the video. He was filming a national model yacht event across the pond when - in his words - he noticed something unusual on the other side of the pond. He looked through his binoculars and "noticed this fabulous boat". He said this was his star video of the day. Marco is member of The London Model Yacht Club.

Thu 9th April 2020