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The March calendar is now posted.  Start time of Friday morning game is now 11:00 am.

Contact Info

Vanderbilt Bridge Club
85 White Bridge Rd
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 321-5356


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Welcome to Vanderbilt Bridge Club of Nashville
VBC BBO Results are Now Available on VBC Website

As of May 16, 2020, the results, including bidding and play, from the VBC Online Virtual Club Games are available on the VBC website. These results include the names of the players and also show the masterpoints earned. All of the same analytics that we have used when playing in the club are now available for the BBO hands. The features include:

  • All bids, including alerts/explanations
  • All card play
  • Bridge Solver Double Dummy Analysis (Play it Again) for your hands or any of your competitors hands
  • Pictures of players
  • 4-color coding of scoresheet percentages
  • Table position (Declarer, Dummy, Leader, Defender) statistics
  • Card distributions statistics (Balanced, Voids, Singletons, etc)
  • Competitions by Individual, Pairs, Month, Year, Percentage, and Masterpoints

To view a guide for accessing these results click this link:  VBC BBO Game Results on the VBC website

Online VBC Games Hosted by BBO

VBC Schedule of Online Games

VBC Results - Online BBO results including names and statistics (Guide)

Online Game Results - Link to BBO website results

Hey Bridge Players of Middle Tennessee!

You can now play bridge against friends of yours in Middle Tennessee without violating your community's shelter in place orders.  The games are played on Bridge Base Online (BBO) and will award ACBL black master points. All games are 18-boards, played at a rate of 7 minutes/board, lasting approximately 2 hours.

For more information, read the News page.

Important Message from the VBC Board of Directors About the Coronavirus

No Firm Date Yet for VBC Reopening

As previously announced, the VBC Board of Directors made the difficult decision to suspend operations at least until March 30th.  Unfortunately, this date is no longer viable.  We are getting guidance from several different sources, as follows:

  • Nashville Mayor, John Cooper, has issued an order requiring all non-essential businesses to close at least until April 6th.
  • Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has asked all Tennessee public schools to remain closed at least until April 24th.
  • The ACBL has given guidance to duplicate club owners and managers to remain closed until at least May 11th.

We are carefully monitoring the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and the various government entities, and we will make the decision to reopen when they again sanction group gatherings and when it seems wise for our membership.

If you plan to play Bridge Base Online (BBO), and would like to know the BBO User ID's for other VBC members, you may refer to the VBC BBO Report, listed in the Members Only section of this website.  If you would like to have your BBO User ID added to the list, please email it to the webmaster, Rees Mitchell

Vanderbilt Bridge Club
Vanderbilt Bridge Club

The Vanderbilt Bridge Center is a member owned duplicate bridge club named for Harold S. Vanderbilt, the man credited with inventing contract bridge in the mid-1920s. The center is located west of downtown Nashville and hosts 17 games weekly, including eight limited masterpoint games for new and intermediate players. All sessions are open to members and non members alike. Day and evening bridge classes are also available.

Bridgemate App IconThe Vanderbilt Bridge Club now supports the Bridgemate App which allows you to view live results on your smartphone. By using the app, during or directly after the game, you can review your personal game scores, consult your guide card for next round seatings, view current rankings, or see your competitors' scores and hand records for the boards you've just played.  For more information download the Bridgemate App - Player Manual or visit the Bridgemate App website (

As you may have noticed, your pair's pictures are now displayed when you view your results.  If you click on your opponents names, you will see their pictures too.  We also have an online pictorial directory of 426 of our members and pictures may be viewed at the Members Only screen.  If you don't have a picture on file (VBC Picture Needed - updated 2/28/18) and you would like it to be or if you don't like the picture that is posted, you have several options to add one.  If you already have a digital picture, you may send it to our webmaster, Rees Mitchell.  If you don't have a digital picture and know someone with a digital camera or smartphone, you can have a picture made and email or text it to Rees.  You could also ask one of the directors to take a picture of you.  The final option is you can send a hardcopy picture to Rees.  His address is in the phone directory, which may be viewed on the Members Only part of the website.  

Pictures help us get to know the names of other members of the club and make it a more enjoyable experience.  We hope you will choose to participate.  If you do not want to have a picture published, please let Rees know and he will add your name to the do not publish list.

Here is a sample from a recent game featuring Coley McGinnis and Linda Hanson.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
The Common Game
The Common Game

The Vanderbilt Bridge Club is now participating in The Common Game.  For more information, read the News article.

VBC Cookbooks For Sale
VBC Cookbooks For Sale

The VBC Cookbooks are available for sale at the VBC.  The cookbook includes over 400 delicious recipes from VBC members.  Anne Hitt did a wonderful job of coordinating the design and production of the cookbooks, and we think you’ll be very impressed with their quality.

The cookbooks are priced at $15 each or $25 for two, and all profits benefit the VBC.  These will make GREAT gifts!  You may pay by cash, check (payable to VBC), or credit card.  Jay and Anne Hitt are handling the sales.

User Guide For Vanderbilt BridgeWebs Site
User Guide For Vanderbilt BridgeWebs Site

We have created a 28-page User Guide for the new BridgeWebs site.  We believe the website is fairly easy to use.  This guide lists screen shots of the various pages found on the site and gives a brief description of the contents.  To view the guide, simply click on this text.  If you feel you need a printed copy, click on the link above the preview that says open in a new window and print the copy to your printer from there.

We hope you enjoy the new website!

Masterpoint Races (As of 5/09/20)

2019 Unit 179 Mini-McKinney Race

2019 Unit 179 Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Awards

To see total masterpoints for all VBC members click >> Member Masterpoints

The Hand of the Week this week, written by Pat Williams,features a hand from Friday evening, March 13, 2020. This is a hand where both sides face bidding choices that are not clear cut.

#4468 Pairs Nashville/Gtown/VBC Wed 0-1000 AM
#4469 Pairs Nashville/Gtown/VBC Wed 0-99AM
#3543 2:45 Pm VANDERBILT-Nash/Germ Mentor Ga
#1385 6:55 VANDERBILT-Nash/Germ 1499er