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Schools Programme

Bridge is taught starting with Minibridge before progressing to bidding and the full game. Sessions may be 30-40 minutes at lunchtimes or 40-60 minutes in after school clubs to suit the local volunteers.

The lead volunteer at each school will have been trained via our own 'Train the Trainer' sessions which have beed developed specifically for teaching school children. Secondary schools offer a challenge that over years the teaching needs become quite advanced. We aim to identify teachers that have some tournament experience.

The lottery grant has allowed us to buy two Duplimate dealing machines and a large supply of boards and cards. These are used to generate standard sets of teaching hands as recommended by the EBU. These dealing machines are also available for dealing club sessions at the clubs supplying the volunteers.

The programme has expanded into adjacent areas following our format. New volunteers can expect a ready welcome as head teachers have learnt of the value of the programme which has received favourable comments from local Ofsted inspectors.