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Welcome to Chiltern Bridge League
Elimination Pairs Final

The final of the Elimination Pairs Competition was held on Wednesday April 24th

There were 23 entries from 7 different clubs.

The winners were Iain Mackenzie and Trish Lee (Loddon Vale)

Runners up were Rafi Razzak and David Gardner (Goring and Streatley)

Congratulations to them

Spring Cup 2024

The Spring Cup for teams of 4 has begun.

There are 9 entries. The format is three leagues of 3.

The three winners and best second placed team will qualify for the semi-finals

The results so far are shown from the right hand menu

Teams of 4 competition

The teams of 4 competition is now complete and the winners are team Collins

Anthony Collins, Simon Roberts, Stuart Townsend and Marcus Trathern

Congratulations to them..

Full results available from the right hand menu.

Further Events for 2024

.There are two further events planned for 2024

Elimination Pairs Competition - heats to be held at clubs with a final on Wed April 24th

.Summer Teams Competition for teams of 4 to be held on Wed July 3rd

Teams Competitions 2023-2024

There are seven entrants to the Teams of 4 Competition.

Results available from the right hand menu

The teams of 8 competition will not be run this year

Results of Competitions 2022-2023

The Teams of 8 Competition was won by Newbury A

The Teams of 4 Competition was won by the team of John Coleman

The Elimination Pairs Competition was won by Anthony Collins and Marcus Trathen from Loddon Vale

The Spring Cup was won by the team.of Anthony Collins .

The Summer Teams of 4 Competition was won by the team of Richard Ray


Results of Competitions for 2021-2022

All competitions were played virtually via BBO apart from Summer Teams which used realbridge. 

Summer Teams:  8 teams entered winners were Keith Terrell, Paul Hirszowicz, Stuart Strachan. Peter Briggs

Spring Cup: 6 teams entered winners were Ann McMahon, Sula Turpin, Gill Weeks, Steve Martin

Elimination Pairs: 36 teams from 8 clubs qualified: winners were Jill Mason and Colin Washbrook

Teams of 4: 8 teams entered: winners were John Coleman, Marilyn Murtagh, David Killick, Joan Murphy

Teams of 8: 5 teams entered winners were Newbury A, Captain Keith Terrell


Results of Competitions for 2020-2021

All competitions were played virtually via BBO unless otherwise stated

Teams of 4 League - 6 teams entered - winners the team of Peter Cherrett

Teams of 8 League - 6 teams entered - winners Newbury B

Elimination Pairs - 22 pairs qualified for the final - winners were Phil Thornton and Joan Murphy

Teams of 4 Spring Cup - 11 teams entered - winners the team of Anthony Collins

Summer Teams - held via Realbridge. 9 teams participated - winners the team of Iain Mackenzie


Elimination Pairs Competition

The Final of the Elimination Pairs was held on Wednesday April 28th at 19.00 via BBO.

There were 44 entrants with the winners. 

1.  Phil Thornton and Joan Murphy, Burnham

2.  Andrew Ferguson and Mary Ferguson, Newbury

3.  Tony Parkinson and Pat Dowdeswell, Reading.

The full results and hands are available from the right hand menu

Prizes in the form of Wine Vouchers have been distributed to these winners..


Teams Matches 2021

Winners of the Teams of 4 and the Teams of 8 competitions have now been decided

The Teams of 8 competition has been won by Newbury B

The teams of 4 competition has been won by Peter Cherrett's team

Congratulations fo them

Summer Teams Competition 2019

The Summer Teams Competition was held at Reading Bridge Club on Wednesday July 10th with 9 participants.

The winners were John Coleman, Angela Flintoft, Alec Black and Colin Godbold with +34

Second place were Joan and Mike Bennett, Ian Hodkinson and Peter Bowles with +28

Congratulation to them.

Results including hands are now available from the right hand menu. 

Season 2019-2020

The new season 2019-2020 is now under way. There are 8 entries for the teams of 8, Burnham, Caversham Park, Goring and Streatley, Loddon Vale, Newbury A, Newbury B, Reading A, Reading B. There are 6 entries for the teams of 4,  teams led by John Chamberlain, Peter Cherrett, Michael Drew, Andrew Ferguson, Madeline Lawson and Gerry Parker. The latest league tables are available from the right hand menu.

Results 2018-2019

Winners of the 2108-2109 Competions are:

Teams of 8: Burnham

Teams of 4:   Peter Cherrett's team

Spring Cup:   Peter Cherrett's team

Elimination Pairs:  Jack Calder and Michael Drew, Goring and Streatley

Summer Teams:  .John Coleman, Angela Flintoft, Alec Black and Colin Godbold, Burnham

Congratulations to all

Results 2017-2018

Cups have now been awarded for competition winners in the 2017-2018 session

Teams of  8: Newbury B

Teams of  4:  Team Captain Peter Cherrett

Spring Cup for Teams of 4:  Team Captain Madeline Lawson

Elimination Pairs    Jack Calder and Michael Drew

Summer Teams   Joan and Mike Bennett, Jack Calder, Michael Drew


Summer Teams Competition 2018

Results of the Summer Teams of 4 Competition are posted under Results, right hand menu

The winners were Joan and Mike Bennett, Jack Calder and Michael Drew with +59

Second were Mike and Sara Ribbins, Janet Barnes and Jonny Richards with +46

Congratulations to them.

Elimination Pairs 2018


The Elimination Pairs final was held on Wednesday April 18th at the Reading Cricket and Hockey Club. There were 26 pairs participating from 8 local bridge clubs. Details are available from the right hand results menu,                     

The winners were Jack Calder and Michael Drew from Goring and Streatley Bridge Club.

Second were Rouenna Winstanley and Anthony Collins from Bradshaws Bridge Club

Third were Simon Roberts and Irlan Sirkis from Loddon Vale Bridge Club. 

Congratulations to them.


Teams of 4 competition

Peter Cherrett and his team, Peter Briggs, Chris Cherrett, Mark Scott and Stuart Strachan,won the Teams of 4 with outstanding performances beating all opposition and obtaining an average of 16.43. Many congratulations to them.

An exciting finish to the teams of 8 competition

Newbury B needed to beat Goring and Streatley by at least 17-3 in their last match to overtake their friends and neighbours in Newbury A and win the teams of 8 competition. They achieved exactly that result and won by 101 VPs to 100. Congratulations of both Newbury teams.

50th Anniversary Celebrations




To celebrate the 50th year of the Chiltern Bridge League, a golden anniversary pairs competition was held on Wednesday October 18th at the Village Hall, Goring hosted by the Goring and Streatley Bridge Club. Many senior members of the Bridge League were welcomed. The competition was directed by Ann McMahon and 22 pairs participated. The results are shown in the right hand column. There were two winning pairs whose achievements were acknowledged with souvenir cups. 

Angie Camden and Mick Dowling for N/S

Jax Hovell and Pam Hanson for E/W

Congratulations to them.

The Chiltern Bridge League was formed 50 years ago when clubs around Reading got together to run a series of competitions for their members. It is a tribute to the clubs that the League has continued to be successful for all these years. Currently there are five competitions, the Elimination Pairs, Leagues for Teams of 4 and 8 from Clubs, together with a Spring Cup for teams of 4, and a one evening Summer Teams competition for teams of 4.   Competitions for the teams of 4 and 8 from clubs are now being played. The other events will taken place in the New Year. 




Summer Teams Competition 2017


There were 12 entries to the Summer Competition for Teams of 4.

Prizes were awarded to the winners,Keith Goswell, Cyril Berkely, Dianne Browne and Dale Thomas and

the runners up Peter Cherrett, Keith Terrell, Stuart Strachan and Peter Briggs.

Congratulations to them - see details under results - right hand menu.

Spring Cup 2017

The Spring Cup has now been completed and in the final the BARNES team eventually beat the VICKERS team by 4 IMPs. The match was tied after 24 boards so went into extra time with 4 extra boards. There were 8 entrants and this year the matches were very closely fought. Apart from the final, one of the semi-finals was also very close with a margin of 1 IMP.  Full details are shown via the left hand menu. 

Elimination Pairs 2017

It was a very close at the top for the Elimination Pairs. Reg and Mary Watson won with a scorer of 66.25 % followed by Eleanor Rice and Stuart Strachan with a score of 66.02 %. Congratulations to both pairs for outstanding results.  All details are available from the Results Menu on the Right Hand Side.


Season 2016-2017


to Newbury A who have won the Teams of 8 Competition.

to Peter Cherrett's team who have won the Teams of 4 Competition.



Mike Bennett - Our Honorary President

Mike Bennett was elected as the Honorary President of the Chiltern Bridge League at the AGM held on September 18th 2016.

Mike was our Chairman from 2003 - 2014 and during that time was responsible for the expansion and management of the Chiltern Bridge League.

He ran the league with great efficiency and good humour and will continue to play an important part in the organisation


Competition Winners 2016

Teams of 4:  The winners were Peter Cherrett's team.

Teams of 8. The winners are Reading A with Newbury B second,  Goring and Streatley third.

The final results are available from the menu on the right hand side of this page

Elimination Pairs The winners were Stuart Townsend and Jim Roy

Spring Cup    The winners were Peter Cherrett's team

Summer Teams  The winners were Peter Cherrett's team

Previous Winners 2000-2016

Lists of all previous winners of the Chiltern Bridge League Competitions from 2000-2016 have now been added to the website

These lists for the Teams of 8, the Teams of 4, The Elimination Pairs, The Spring Cup and Summer Teams

are to be found under the results/previous winners entry on the left hand menu.


Permitted Agreements - Orange Book 2012

From 2013 onwards the EBU has ceased maintain level 3 replacing the orange book with the blue book.. The Chiltern League will continue to use the Level 3 as defined by the final version of the orange book which can be found under rules.

The League runs a very successful program for introducing bridge into local schools using local volunteers. We have two training sessions to teach our teachers how to teach first Minibridge and then bridge as we all know it. The programme received a massive boost in its early years when it was awarded over 9000 to buy dealing machines, cards and boards. 

Youth and Educational Trust has awarded the Chiltern Bridge League 2500 for purchasing boards and cards for the schools project. This has enabled us to help neighbouring counties start similar initiatives.

The Chiltern Bridge League was formed in 1967 to allow clubs to play matches while keeping travel to a minimum. The league operates under license from the English Bridge Union and awards MPs on the District scale.

The league organizes leagues for Teams of Eight and Teams of Four in the period September to March. The Spring Cup for fours starts with a round-robin stage and the qualifiers proceed to the knockout stage. The League has a single pairs event, the Elimination Pairs, with heats in clubs and the qualifiers meeting for the final. The season's bridge concludes with an evening of Fours in July at which the year's trophies are presented. EBU level 3 applies to all events though club heats may use the club's standard if it is lower.

All Team of Eight captains form the committee along with the executive (President, Chairman, Treasurer). Clubs without a team of eight may choose to have a representative on the committee. The executive may co-opt members to the committee for special projects.

Elimination Pairs FInal
Director: Jonathan Lillycrop
Scorer: Jonathan Lillycrop
summer teams 2023
Director: Stephen Kennedy
Scorer: Stephen Kennedy
Elimination Pairs 2023
Director: Stephen Kennedy
Scorer: Stephen Kennedy
Summer Teams
Director: Stephen Kennedy
Scorer: Stephen Kennedy