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Keith Jones - Qualified Director
Keith Jones - Qualified Director
Bev Purvis - EBTA teacher and EBU Director
Bev Purvis - EBTA teacher and EBU Director
Welcome to Chiltern Bridge Club

Welcome to The Chiltern Bridge Club

This is a virtual club with a focus on the Chiltern and South Bucks area. We run sessions for local clubs and our own sessions.

Introductory Information


01494 773139  07860 648294 

Online bridge for your club

Affiliated to the EBU, the Chiltern Bridge Club is a virtual club offering on-line sessions to bridge clubs in the Chiltern and South Bucks area. It is run by Keith Jones who directs locally and has been trained by the EBU to direct online. While online bridge can never replace the social interaction of a club, it does allow you to play your favourite game and keep in touch with club members. It enables you to play online with the people you know.


Chiltern Bridge Club has teamed up with Bev Purvis to offer bridge tuition for absolute beginners and intermediate players online using Realbridge. Many of you will know Bev from her time at the EBU as Club Liaison Officer and then as a Board Member or from her time teaching and directing at Tessa Templeton's club amongst others. Bev aims to make learning and playing bridge fun for all.

Bev offers Beginners' Lessons Beginner Lessons Summer 22.pdf and Improver Courses Card Play Course.pdf and also runs a 15 board 'Assisted Play' session suitable for intermediate bridge players who wish to gain confidence in bidding and play in a friendly and supportive environment. Assisted Play is held on Realbridge every Monday at 7pm. 

For further details about Assisted Play or bridge tuition please contact Bev on 07786 071800 or by email at    

How to Participate in a game on BBO
  1. Register for BBO, if you have not already done so. See for further information or watch one of the many helpful video tutorials such as Please choose a user name by which you can be recognised.
  2. Send your BBO username and EBU number to your club coordinator. If you are not an EBU member you can register on the EBU website or simply provide information to your coordinator and it will be done for you. EBU want a home address so they can send you things such as the magazine and pens etc. 
  3. Put money into your BBO account by “buying” BBO$. I strongly recommend that you do this from rather than from the BBO App as it works out a lot cheaper. You can purchase $ in 10$ amounts using a credit/debit card. Just click on the trolley or $ sign on the site.
    On the web site, $1 is the same value as the US dollar and the exchange rate in force at that time dictates how much that translates into in UKP (£).
  4. Log in to BBO shortly before the session starts. To find the game go to Featured areas; click on Virtual Clubs and go to EBU England and you will find a tournament entiled Chiltern, or your club name if it is a shared event. There is also a partnership desk if you dont have a partner. If you have a partner, one of you needs to invite the other, who has to be online at the time (the site will tell you if they are not) so you will need to know your partner’s Username to do this).
Introduction to using BBO

Generally on BBO you let your opponents know the basic system you are playing via the chat eg Hello opps (opponents) this is Bill and Jane here - we play ACOL 12-14NT 3 weak 2s. You can also fill out a convention card. Also rather than your partner alerting your bid, on BBO it is usual to self-alert by clicking on the ALERT button in the bidding box before completing your bid eg for a bid of 2NT over 1 of a major you would alert and type eg Jacoby - 4 card fit and game values. Only the opponents see your explanation, not your partner. A bid with an alert shows up with a square box around it and you click on this to see the explanation. A useful video on alerting can be viewed here: Of course we are a friendly club and no-one will mind if instead of using this method, you type an explanation into table chat.  However, this is somewhat frowned up on in non-club games so it is good to know how it is generally done.

If you do not manage to finish a round in the allotted time (7 or 8 mins per board),  BBO assigns a score based on the cards left so there is no need to worry unduly if the clock is ticking down. If you believe the score assigned is wrong, or need assistance, please contact me using the Director call menu function in the blue box with three horizontal lines.To save time, remember to claim a result on a board when you can. 

The results are shown on BBO immediately after the session finishes and you can go into your history tab to see the boards and compare your results with others. They will  be posted to your club's website or on this website if it is a shared event.

EBU Affiliation
EBU Affiliation

We are affiliated to the EBU

Tuesday Evening Session

An Onine session on BBO takes place on Tuesday evenings at 7pm, entitled Chiltern Bridge Club. All current and past players and guests are welcome and automatically registered. Visitors are welcome. They will need to register with me.

A standard bidding system has been adopted. Acol, Weak NT 12-14 hcp and Three Weak Twos. Only message at the start of a round if your system differs, eg Benji or Strong NT.

We play 10 x 2 board rounds, 20 boards. Masterpoints are awarded and NGS updated. 


Sobell Bridge Club Sessions

I run a session on behalf of Sobell Bridge Club on BBO to which visitors are welcome. It takes place on a Monday at 7.15pm. 

If you play in any of the other sessions where I direct you are automatically enrolled.

31st May 2022
BBO 7:00
Director: Keith
7th June 2022
Chiltern Bridge Club Pairs
BBO 19:00
Director: Keith
14th June 2022
Chiltern Bridge Club Pairs
BBO 19:00
Director: Keith
Director: Keith
Assisted Duplicate
Director: Keith