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We are back - October 14th sees the return of the club to the Methodist Hall in Chew Stoke

  1. The Club, which was founded in 1987, shall be called: Chew Valley Bridge Club
  2. The aim of the Club is to encourage the playing of duplicate contract bridge, both in the Chew Valley and in surrounding areas, and to provide playing facilities for members and visitors. The Club prides itself on being friendly and welcoming and all members and visitors are expected conform to this ethos. You should make bridge enjoyable for yourself, your partner, and your opponents. Fair play is expected at all times.
  3. The Club is not affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) and is listed on the Somerset Contract Bridge Association (SCBA) website as an unaffiliated club.
  4. Bridge at the Club is played in accordance with 'The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017', or any updated editions, as promulgated by The World Bridge Federation.
  5. The current venue is the Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Lane, Chew Stoke, BS40 8XD. Bridge sessions are held each Thursday with play starting promptly at 7.15 pm, subject to a summer break and availability of the venue.
  6. New members are welcome and, after attending the Club a few times as a visitor, application can be made for membership. There is currently no membership subscription, only a table fee. Acceptance is normally automatic but the Officers have discretion regarding acceptance and are not obliged to give a reason for declining it.
  7. A member shall cease to be a member immediately if they resign, or will cease to be a member after six months of non attendance. The Officers reserve the right to ask a member to leave the Club and are not obliged to give a reason.
  8. The Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting and must be members of the Club. The Officers are the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  9. The Committee consists of the Officers together with any members elected to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.
  10. The Club has a bank account and the Officers plus one other member are authorised signatories. All cheques must be signed by two signatories.
  11. General Meetings are held when necessary, or when requested in writing by at least 20% of the membership. The reason for the meeting must be stated.
  12. The Club accepts no responsibility for the property or belongings of any member or visitor whilst on the premises used by the Club.
  13. Chew Valley Bridge Club is a members' club. All members shall be equally responsible for any liabilities incurred by the Club during their time of membership. The Club maintains a Bridge Club Insurance Policy which covers against claims by members, visitors, or others, as well as giving cover for loss of equipment etc.
  14. Alterations, additions or amendments to this constitution may be made only by a resolution passed at a General Meeting.

  (This constitution was approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 14th November 2019.)