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Coved 19 Precautions
Covid 19 precautions (Copy)
Covid 19 precautions (Copy)


Duplicate Bridge rules when playing in Sedbury Village Hall

  • You must have read and agreed to the criteria outlined in the Chepstow U3A Rusk Assessment. You will not be allowed to play if you do not. ( You can review this in the NEWS page)
  • We strongly recommend that you do not attend a meeting unless you have had two Covid 19 jabs. This is for your safety and that of fellow players.
  • For the time being the kitchen will be closed so you will need to bring your own drinks if required. This will be reviewed at the end of September.
  • As a general rule, please try to avoid bringing personal possessions into the building. If you need to, then please keep them with you at all times.
  • Contact points in the toilets will be cleaned prior to you attending. Antibacterial wipes will be provided.
  • As we use our own tables, they will only be used by us so we can make sure that they are sanitised before you play, we will not be using table cloths. We are told that chairs will also be sanitised by someone from Sedbury Village Hall prior to each group attending. (No arm chairs will be used). Alteritivly, If you wish you can use one of the plastic chairs and wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe. You can then of course bring your own seat pad if you want to.
  • We will have the meeting room windows and the fire doors open to allow ventilation. When the weather gets colder we will provide some large heater blowers which will help to circulate the air. There is also an extractor fan in the rooms ceiling.
  • You MUST NOT attend if you have any symptoms of Covid or a respiratory virus. We do appreciate that some of you suffer from Hay Fever, so we will rely on your knowledge to assess your risk to others. If in any doubt, please do not attend. 
  • You should bring with you your own personal hand sanitiser but there will also be hand sanitiser provided for each table. Please use it regularly but allow your hands to dry before touching the cards. 
  • You will be given a personal bidding box at the start of the meeting. This should stay in your possession throughout the meeting. You may of course bring your own box if you have one. We will use seperare bidding boxes fot the Monday and Thursday groups so there will be at least seven days between usage.
  • A Bridgemate computer terminal will be placed on each table. Only the North player should touch it and they should sanitise it before use.
  • Only North should be touching the boards and they should be the one that passes them onto the next table. Seperate packs of cards will be used by the Monday and Thursday groups and the boards will be sanitised before being used again.
  • When moving around the room at any time, facemasks must be worn but they are not mandatory when playing at the table. That said anyone can choose to wear a facemask or face shield throughout the event and, if one player at the table chooses to wear a mask, the other three players should put on a mask automatically, WITHOUT ANY COMMENT. No one should feel pressurised not to wear a mask.  

·       Please try to bring the correct Table Money with you and place it in the container provided. In the event you need change, please take it from the container and sanitise your hands immediately afterwards. The Table Money is currently £2 and we hope to maintain it at that level but it will depend on numbers attending.

The main purpose of these rules is to allow you to play safely and get on with enjoying your life at minimum risk.