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AGM Monday 28th 18.30

Welcome to Chepstow Archway Bridge Club
Claret Cup 2019
Claret Cup 2019


The Claret Cup was played on Monday 21st October 2019 at the Palmer Centre. There were 16 pairs competeing making 8 full tables playing a Hesitation Mitchell movement with Brian directing.

The cup was won by the chair person Sheila and club secretary Ray.

The runners up were 2 pairs with equal scores, namely Greg and Richard and Brian and Marion.

The Claret Cup was donated by the EWBU and is fiercly competed for each year.

AGM Agenda

Monday 28th October 2019 18.30hrs

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of AGM Monday 29th October 2018
  3. Chairs’ report
  4. Treasurers’ report
  5. Adoption of Accounts 2018-2019
  6. Appointment of Auditor
  7. Matters arising: Review of Masterpoints

                             Afternoon Bridge

                             Annual Open Meeting

                             Annual Subscription

  1. Election of Officers and Committee Members
  2. Motions Received
  3. Any Other Business
The new BridgeWebs website

Following the trial of the BridgeWebs website the Club Committee have now decided to move over to BridgeWebs as the Club's website host on a permanent basis. This is primarily because it is easier to update and maintain by people with limited IT expertise and has Bridge Solver On-Line integrated into the host service. BridgeWebs also seems to be very widely used within the broader bridge community and we are hoping the familiarity with BridgeWebs will help us attract new members. If any member has difficulty getting into the members area on the new website please email From the end of August the old Club website hosted by Deep Vault will no longer function. The Club is very grateful for the hosting of the website and the support received from Deep Vault over many years.


About the Archway Bridge Club

Chepstow Archway Bridge Club is a friendly bridge club with about 90 members and welcomes visitors. We meet at the Palmer Centre in Chepstow three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6.50 pm for a 7.00pm. We mostly play duplicate pairs bridge but occasionally play Chicago or teams. During the year we have a number of social events. The Club is affiliated to the Welsh Bridge Union (WBU) and participates in some WBU events.

Club Improvements Meeting

A well attended meeting was held at the Palmer Centre on Tuesday 30th  July to consider how the members considered the Club could be improved.The meeting was albly chaired by Graham with Ray working hard taking notes. A number of positive ideas were raised and a novel voting mechaism allowed each membes to indicate their own personal priorities. Notes of the meeting are available under the menu item Club Documentation and Archives.The Committee are currently reviewing those proposals to determine the optimum way foreward.

Archway Roll of Honour 2019
Archway Roll of Honour 2019

Open pairs with x-imps scoring : John Mayo and Grace Martyn 

Handicap Prize:  Bridget Evans and Marjorie Evans  

Mens pairs: Peter Smith and Ray Mardon

Ladies pairs: Pat Davey and Caroline Gawler 

Mixed pairs : Ray Mardon andSheila Montgomery


George Smith Restricted pairs Trophy : John Whiteside and Sheila Bateman with  Brian and Jennifer Heathorn

Thu 24th October 2019
Mon 28th October 2019
Annual General Meeting
Palmer Centre 6.30pm
Claret Cup
Palmer Centre