Central Yarnton Bridge Club
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New Tournament

Tournaments are now Face to Face in the hall on Tuesdays starting at 10am and Thursdays on RealBridge Online starting at 9:45am.

Come and join us!

We are also running 12-board supported game in the hall every Tuesday starting at 10:00am

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Regular Partnerships



Regular Partnerships

Central Pairs 3rd and 9th of (607) in National Competition

Agreed bidding strategy

proves a winner every time

  1. To achieve pleasing outcomes from your game CYBC recommends playing with a regular partner or partners.
  2. You tend to get a better game if you have done a bit of work with your partner on bidding prior to playing.

  1.  CYBC members have access to three resources to increase their knowledge and improve play:-

  1. Nigel Wilkes, Senior Tutor and David Bygott, Chairman, have produced a players’        Convention Card, ‘Standard Yarnton’. The card is available at Club meetings and a copy is on the Club’s website.  The information is designed to enable Club members and partners to talk about bidding and agree on their strategy for play.

  1. A set of information notes have been prepared for each section of the ‘Standard Yarnton’ Convention Card. These include suggestions for various aspects of Bridge play. For example if you are going to play ‘Red Suit Transfers’, you would need to talk to your partner about what the bid means:-

  1. with and without 3 card support
  2. with weak???
  3. Invitational
  4. Game going hands

  1. Nigel manages the teaching table at the Club on Tuesday mornings and is happy to discuss ‘Standard Yarnton’ and its use and will advise regular partnerships by talking through sections of the Convention Card.

(Nigel Wilkes coaching is consistently highly rated in members’ reviews).