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Bank Details

Account County Bridge Club; Sort code 40-28-06; Account number 41071378. 


Charity No. 1179979

Mobile 07572 170932
When Club Open 0116 2871253

Help with BBO and Zoom

We use BridgeBaseOnline (BBO) as our online teaching platform

Our sister website at the County Bridge Club has loads of information and videos on using BBO, from registration to entering competitions. Click the link to Everything BBOLink to Everything BBO for your complete guide. When in "Everthing BBO" you will find this in the menu on the left to navigate through the videos:

BBO does not have suitable audio facilities, so for taking lessons online we use zoom meetings (for audio) whilst playing on BBO at a teaching table.

Students - Crib sheet on how to get to your BBO teaching table

Click hereLink to crib sheet for instructions

BBO Sound effects

Zoom audio works great in conjunction with BBO, but one problem is that it picks up all the noise from BBO when cards are played. However the BBO noise can be turned off.

Click here for information on how to turn off BBO sound.

Teachers and Assistant Teachers - a guide to setting up a BBO teaching table

Click here for information on how to set up a BBO teaching table.

Click here for information on how to save and use lin hand files in BBO.