The Tuesday Online tournament will pause for the summer: Last one June 4th, next one September 3rd.

Save-the-Date: Summer Social, Saturday July 20th Tickets 25 now available from the cafe

Play & Learn: Thursday afternoons 13:30 relaxed guided play with board commentary.

F2FAvailable for sign up via Calendar until end July.

Classes:24/25 TBA

Website:If you notice anything out-of-date or inaccurate on this website, please contact

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N&R Result
Top Four Players in Each Category

   The result was determined by averaging the best two scores for each participant.

Robert Rae 63.86
Nick Hewitt 60.62
Fiona Smith 59.7
Anna Raman 58.11
Malcolm McCardle 66.92
Ian Macauley 58.78
June Morrison 56.2
Catriona Gardiner 52.84