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2019 Tuesday Evening
2019 Tuesday Beginner Class

This friendly and supportive class is aimed at people who have no, or very little,  knowledge of Bridge and/or experience of playing cards.

We start by playing mini Bridge to help you to understand the mechanics of duplicate Bridge. This gives you a gentle introduction to the game.

The lessons cover card play techniques, and bidding.

Each lesson consists of a presentation using our audio visual equipment, but most time is given to practicing play. At the end of each lesson you will get a handout with notes on the lesson and a quiz (some call it homework) to check your understanding.

We take a break for tea/coffee and to socialize.

Each class costs £5

I have been teaching Bridge for 15 years and I have witnessed many friendships developing. Many of us go on Bridge weekend to different locations in Scotland and there has been a tradition of Tenerife in winter. So, as well as keeping your brain alert you might find that Bridge introduces you to new friendships.

If you would like to come to this class or if you have any questions please send an email to