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The offer of a host for the Russell Cup has met with only a limited response. If you do need help getting partners and would like the Carlton to help please email me [Geoff Bailey] via or contact the club manager







We are always looking for news of interest to the Clubs website readers. We routinely update the website with notable successes 


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Learners' Classes and Tournaments
Welcome to Bridge Classes at the Carlton -Session 2019-20

Lessons start the week beginning 18th September 2019

Classes are run on a sessional basis.   Start times for afternoon classes are 1.30 and for evening classes, 7.00. Each lesson lasts approximately two hours with time for a break for refreshments.

There is limited day-time parking but free on-street parking after 5.30. By bus, the 8, 23 and 27 pass near the Club on Inverleith Row.

Tuesday – Evening - Year 2 Class. More Info  Aimed at students who have had the first 20 bridge lessons. Teacher: June Morrison

Wednesday - Afternoon – Year 1 Class. Aimed at students who have had no bridge lessons. Teacher: Elizabeth Peckham

Wednesday – Evening – Year 1 Class. Aimed at students who have had no bridge lessons. Teacher: Ross Kennedy

Thursday - Afternoon – Year 2 Class.  Aimed at students who have had the first 20 bridge lessons. Teacher: Margo Cursiter

Friday - Evening – Year 3 Class. Aimed at students who have had the first 40 bridge lessons and wish to carry on with further instruction. Teacher: Mike Young                   

For an explanation of each Course Title and other information click here

If you would like further information or would like to register for classes please email: or phone the club: 0131 552 3122



Tuesday Bronze

Tuesday Evening 6.45pm.  No partner needed. 

Gentle duplicate aimed at beginners and intermediates. Cost is £3.50 for Carlton members and £5 for non-members.


Wednesday Bronze

Wednesday Afternoon 1.15pm to 4.45pm.  No partner needed. 

Gentle duplicate aimed at beginners and intermediates. Cost is £3.50 for Carlton members and £5 for non-members. 


Thursday No Fear Pairs

Thursday Evening 6.45pm 

This is a friendly and relaxed tournament for players who are new to the game and may not have played much.  This is run by Derek Sanders, an experienced bridge teacher, who is there to help with the use of bidding boxes, scoring and movement. Play ends at about    10.00pm and a hand out and analysis of the hands played is available.  Cost is £6 per person. More information at Derek's web site.


Monthly Friday Novice Tournament
Tournament aimed at new players who have completed the first 20 lessons as a minimum. Normally last Friday of each month (but may be subject to change). Play at least 18 boards but fewer than 24. Computer dealt hands with prizes for top 3 or 4. Led by June Morrison, the emphasis is on fun where you can practice what you have learned in a supportive environment. Cost is £4 per person.

More information here.

Learning Bridge at the Carlton
There are classes aimed at beginners and improvers.  Whether you are a complete beginner, someone who has played some social bridge or are returning to bridge after a long time there is a class for you. The beginners class takes things slowly, but after the first 10 lessons you will have the rudiments of the game and can progress from there. You can come along at anytime to join the courses or tournaments.  
Each class consists of a lesson, a break for refreshments and practice hands.  Students receive lesson notes and a quiz.  Afternoon classes start at 1.15pm and finish about 4.30pm and evenings start at 6.45pm and finish no later than 9.30pm. Students pay for a term upfront and have access to notes and one to one feedback from the classes teacher.

You are welcome to sample classes and join a course that suits you.  


The teaching program starts in September each year.  From Easter to September there are beginners tournaments and some revision classes.  


There are also tournaments aimed at new players.  These provide a friendly and relaxed way to play bridge.  


See below for details of classes.


Tuesday evenings - 18.45 start - Year 2 Class. - Teacher: June Morrison. Class begins 1st October 2019.


Wednesday afternoons - 13.30 start - Year 1 Class. - Elizabeth Peckham. Class begins 18th September.


Wednesday evenings – 18.45 start - Year 1 Class. - Teacher: Ross Kennedy. Class begins 18th September.


Thursday afternoons – 13.30 start - Year 2 Class. - Teacher: Margo Cursiter. Class begins 19th September.


Friday evenings - 18.45 start - Year 3 Class. - Teacher: Mike Young. Class begins 6th September.


For further information call the club on 0131 552 3122 or email