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There will now be a standby player for Thursday afternoon tournaments. If you need a partner, sign up via the calendar as 'Partner Required' or just turn up.


ECats Charity SIM for Kidney Research and the British Heart Foundation will be held online Tue July 5th 10am and F2F Thu July 7th at 1pm


New Congress: Newtonmore Swiss Weekend hosted by NESS Bridge Club Oct 28th-30th 2022. Details HERE





Club Cup

The Club's premier pairs event has been run since in 1935

Originally played over three evenings, the best two scores of each pair were added together and then listed in order of merit.  The top fourteen pairs played over two nights for the Club Cup. The next fourteen played in the consolation event for the Harry Stein Trophy and the rest of the remaining pairs were out of the event.  Entries began to dwindle so the old format became unworkable and the competition changed to run over four nights.  The best three scores were added together and listed in descending order to find the winners of the Club Cup.   Handicaps were then applied and the top scoring pair after applying the handicaps were winners of the Harry Stein trophy with the proviso that the winners of the Club Cup were ineligible to win the Harry Stein trophy.    
The Club Cup trophy was presented by Miss May Beardsly, who was a member before WW1.  
The Harry Stein Trophy for the Club Championship Handicap winners was presented in 1983 by his sister Mrs. D. Taylor  
2021-22 results
28/03/2022 11/04/2022 25/04/2022 09/05/2022 Average of 
best 3 weeks
M. Young/ D. Macdonald 66.43 75.00 61.67 51.56 67.70
M. McCardle/ G. Fisher 50.54 62.14 59.58 57.42
I. Barnes/ N. Stewart 58.84 60.00 49.64 49.48 56.16
A. White/ G. Williamsom 53.51 34.64 46.07 59.72 53.10
J. Unsworth/ M. Franceschi 57.53 49.17 47.08 51.26
M. Brady/ G. Girvan 48.75 51.79 52.31 50.95
F. Kay/ B. McGee 50.68 44.29 54.64 43.75 49.87
C. Gardiner/ L.Delworth 48.72 49.64 49.29 48.96 49.30
J. Pottinger/ M. Stewart 50.31 43.33 49.17 42.71 47.60
B. Cowe/ A. Ritchie 42.35 35.42 47.50 49.48 46.44
J. Ramsay / W. Hamilton 41.63 54.58 40.83 36.46 45.68
M. McDonagh/ J. Smeaton 41.28 38.57 45.00 41.62