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We are always looking for news of interest to the Clubs website readers. We routinely update the website with notable successes 


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News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

New Chairman's Address

The new Board had its first meeting on Thursday 15th of August and elected Duncan Cursiter as the new Chair of the Board.

Some early thoughts from the new Board

Six of last year’s Board have just ‘retired’. Along with the four members who are continuing they have worked hard, particularly over the last six rather difficult months. On top of that, the AGM did not prove to be plain sailing either. The whole club should be grateful to them for their efforts at getting us to the current position.

Edinburgh needs two fully functioning major bridge clubs which need not be completely similar. The Carlton Bridge Club has always had a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the new Board is keen to try and increase the number of members, especially for the evening tournaments. This is probably the most challenging task and cannot be achieved overnight.

In addition the Board must attempt to

    • Encourage more students to attend classes.
    • Provide a pathway for improvers to practise what they have learnt in a non threatening atmosphere with advice and help.
    • Continue to develop Bronze tournaments, with a view to encouraging progression into full club tournaments.

All of this requires the help of club members. If you have views on how to help us achieve any or all of these aims, please let a Board member know your thoughts. With the assistance, cooperation and regular attendance of club members the Board is confident that the Carlton Bridge Club can continue to thrive.

Duncan Cursiter


Accumulator Final Results

The summer accumulator has finished. The final results are below.

For the full document please click here and for the abridged results please click here.

The top three results are as follows:


1st Place: Bill Brown

(Best 8 Results: 53.45, 51.00, 62.50, 52.38, 54.63, 67.50, 49.74, 60.42)


(Limit-Cap:     53.45, 49.00, 62.50, 50.38, 54.63, 67.50, 47.74, 60.42)

=445.62 / 8 = 55.70%

(Rank-H/Cap: 63.45, 59.00, 67.50, 60.38, 64.63, 77.50, 57.74, 70.42)

= 520.62/8    = (65.70%)

2nd Place: Norman Stewart

(Best 8 Results: 52.5, 57.5, 53.7, 50.6, 52.0, 60.19, 55.0, 48.96 = 430.45)


(Limit-Cap:     52.5, 57.5, 53.7, 50.6, 52.0, 60.19, 55.0, 46.96)

=428.45 / 8 = 53.56%

(Rank-H/Cap:  62.5, 67.5, 63.7, 60.6, 62.0, 70.19, 65.0, 56.96)

= 508.45/8    = (64.18%)

3rd Place: Peter &Heather Braid

(Best 8 Results: 65.63, 66.07, 59.38, 62.5, 62.5, 59.04, 75.0, 69.79= 519.91)

= 64.99%

(Limit-Cap:     65.63, 66.07, 57.38, 60.5, 60.5, 57.04, 75.0, 69.79)

=511.91 /8= 63.99%

(Rank-H/Cap:  65.63, 66.07, 57.38, 60.5, 60.5, 57.04, 75.0, 69.79)

=511.91 /8= (63.99%)


  1. Each Game result above 4 games with the same partner incurs a -2% Handicap. This after sorting into descending result order.
  2. For each Game result, there is an additional Ranking handicap adjustment ranging from +5% to -5%
  • Club/2019 AGM Elizabeth Peckham
  • 2019 AGM Liz Mcgowan + David Liggat
  • 2019 AGM Dilys Gellatly + Duncan Cursiter
  • 2019 AGM Pat Findlater + Eldrydd Robinson
  • 2019 AGM Geraldine Girvan
  • 2019 AGM Hazel Brown
  • 2019 AGM Heather + Peter Braid
  • 2019 AGM Margaret + Iain Ross
  • Dilys Gellatly, Irene Sime, David Kaye, Rosemary Steers, Jane Stephenson
  • 2019 AGM John Pottinger
  • 2019 AGM David Liggat + Liz Mcgowan
  • 2019 AGM Geoff Bailey and Elizabeth Peckham
  • 2019 AGM Hazel Brown and Claire Douglas

Cup Winners 2018/19                                                                                                  




A. Macleod & J. Pottinger,  J. Sneddon & A. Brown

Club Cup  E. McGowan & D. Liggat
Harry Stein Club Cup Handicap Hazel Brown & Clare Douglas
Dennis Wallace  M. Brady & G. Girvan
Sutherland Quaich E. Robinson K. Hunter M. McDonagh & T. Duffy
Min Thomas Ian & Margaret Ross
Porteous Handicap  K Hunter, D Gellatly, B McWhinney, N Taylor and D Cursiter
Porteous Cup D. Liggat, R. Bennett, H. Smith, E. McGowan, F. Marshall & P. Home
Mackenzie cup  Peter & Heather Braid
Bill Brown (Seniors)   G. Bailey & E. Peckham
Wendy Gray D. Kaye & I. Sime R. Steers & J. Stephenson and K. Hunter, N. Cooper, D. Gellatly, N. Taylor
Spring Pairs E. Peckham and A. Rae
Russell Cup B. Short
Carlton Congress Teams David & Shona Anderson, T. Bagnall & A. Harborow
Carlton Congress Pairs  Tom Allison & Janis Perry
Carlton Congress Handicap Pairs  G.Girvan & M. Brady







Election Results

Election Results

The results of the election where counted yesterday (13/8) and we are pleased to announce the following candidates have joined the board:


Maurice Brady. 

Duncan Cursiter 

Fiona Davies. 

Robert Gatliff.

Irene Sime. 

Jane Stephenson.


They join our returning board members:


Neil Macpherson

Marilyn McDonagh

John Pottinger

Eldrydd Robertson


We would like to thank all the candidates who stood. The new board has its first meeting on Thursday 15th August.

Kelso Teams 2019
Kelso Teams 2019

A big congratulations to Elizabeth Peckham, Alistair Rae, Irene Sime and Catriona Gardiner for winning the teams event at the Kelso Congress. 

East District Bronze Challenge Teams Results

Many congratulations to Alison Littleboy, Graham Dempsey, Clare Douglas and Maurice Franceschi who won the East District Bronze Challenge Teams on Saturday the 25th.


Oban Congress Results - Teams

A very big congratulations to Linda Delworth, Jim Wilkinson, Elizabeth Peckham and Catriona Gardiner who won the Oban Congress Teams.

Oban Congress Results - Teams
Oban Congress Results - Pairs

A very big congratulations to Dilys Gellatly and Bron MacWhinney who won the Oban Congress Pairs.

Oban Congress Results - Pairs
Carlton vs Melville 2019 - Result

The Melville retained the Jim Davidson trophy with a convincing win in this year's encounter 


Among the prizes for best NS, EW for each club were 

John Hamilton and Fiona Lawson [Melville North-South]

Elizabeth Peckham and Geoff Bailey [Carlton East-West] - and in spite of the torrid start at the hands of John and Fiona

Carlton best N-S pair were Veronica Guy and Carolyn Peploe. 

A special mention for the Melville's best E-W  Robert Waugh and Marina Evans with an enormous plus score


There were plenty of big hands on the night and some tricky decisions. All good fun particularly if the majority of the big swings fell your way.


Well done to the Melville team


Wendy Gray Result 2019

This seems to have been quite a close affair. In the first instance thanks to all who made the contest so interesting.

The full results can be accessed via the results calendar page.

After deliberation the official result is a tie

Congratulations to Kenny Hunter, Norman Cooper, Dilys Gellatly, Nicol Taylor and David Kaye, Irene Sime, Rosemary Steers and Jane Stephenson who all share first place.


Mini Bridge in Schools

The SBU are encouraging the teaching of mini bridge in primary schools. Many of the skills developed in playing bridge are included in the National Curriculum and other regions have found that schools are delighted to have our input. At present there are very few schools in Edinburgh participating and we would like to encourage more to take part. We need volunteers to go into schools, deliver the course, and support the pupils. At the end of the first course we hope to arrange a mini event for all participating schools. Eventually our schools will participate in the Scottish schools event.

You only need a little bridge experience and lots of enthusiasm. 

Please phone 0131 339 5189 if you are interested in becoming involved. If you have a preferred school then add these details.