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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Kidney Research Sims

We are very pleased to annouce that between the raffle and the Sims event we raised £292 for Kidney Research UK. We wish to say a massive thank you to both Jane for the raffle and Elizabeth for running the event.

Last updated : 4th Aug 2019 17:06 BST
Sutherland Quaich 2018 Result
Sutherland Quaich 2018 Result

The competition was played in a fine spirit with each round of matches completing promptly. There were many fine performances and a few notable reverses which resulted in a blanket finish and 'Squeeky Sum Time' but ultimately congratulations go to the team of Kenny Hunter, Tom Duffy, Marilyn McDonagh and Eldrydd Robinson

Author's Note: I thought the evening went tremendously well and many thanks to the organisers, scorer, volunteer team captains and all players who participated. 

Last updated : 27th Jun 2019 17:25 BST
Kelso Teams 2019
Kelso Teams 2019

A big congratulations to Elizabeth Peckham, Alistair Rae, Irene Sime and Catriona Gardiner for winning the teams event at the Kelso Congress. 

Last updated : 18th Jun 2019 12:53 BST
East District Bronze Challenge Teams Results

Many congratulations to Alison Littleboy, Graham Dempsey, Clare Douglas and Maurice Franceschi who won the East District Bronze Challenge Teams on Saturday the 25th.


Last updated : 6th Jun 2019 15:14 BST
Oban Congress Results - Teams

A very big congratulations to Linda Delworth, Jim Wilkinson, Elizabeth Peckham and Catriona Gardiner who won the Oban Congress Teams.

Oban Congress Results - Teams
Last updated : 6th Jun 2019 15:13 BST
Oban Congress Results - Pairs

A very big congratulations to Dilys Gellatly and Bron MacWhinney who won the Oban Congress Pairs.

Oban Congress Results - Pairs
Last updated : 6th Jun 2019 15:13 BST
Bridge Classes at the Carlton -Session 2018-19

Note that although classes are well underway this page has been retained as the link to additional detail may be of interest to some

2018 Lessons started the week beginning 24th September. Some of the links below may be of some interest to current students including improvers and future prospective attendees of any level looking to formalize their game

Click here for more information.

Last updated : 22nd May 2019 18:50 BST
Carlton vs Melville 2019 - Result

The Melville retained the Jim Davidson trophy with a convincing win in this year's encounter 


Among the prizes for best NS, EW for each club were 

John Hamilton and Fiona Lawson [Melville North-South]

Elizabeth Peckham and Geoff Bailey [Carlton East-West] - and in spite of the torrid start at the hands of John and Fiona

Carlton best N-S pair were Veronica Guy and Carolyn Peploe. 

A special mention for the Melville's best E-W  Robert Waugh and Marina Evans with an enormous plus score


There were plenty of big hands on the night and some tricky decisions. All good fun particularly if the majority of the big swings fell your way.


Well done to the Melville team


Last updated : 20th May 2019 09:08 BST
Wendy Gray Result 2019

This seems to have been quite a close affair. In the first instance thanks to all who made the contest so interesting.

The full results can be accessed via the results calendar page.

After deliberation the official result is a tie

Congratulations to Kenny Hunter, Norman Cooper, Dilys Gellatly, Nicol Taylor and David Kaye, Irene Sime, Rosemary Steers and Jane Stephenson who all share first place.


Last updated : 7th May 2019 11:28 BST
Jane Mawdsley
Jane Mawdsley

As indicated in the February Newsletter Jane Mawdsley from Westmains Catering is now fully responsible for the catering organization within the club.

Author's Note: I have always regarded the Carlton's catering as very much part of what makes the club what it is. I wish Jane well in her continuing endeavours for the club.

Last updated : 7th May 2019 11:27 BST
Andrew Bailey - Club Manager
Andrew Bailey - Club Manager

As promised in the February Newsletter from April 1st the Carlton has a new Club Manager.

Andrew is a former Librarian from Kingston University, London and has a strong background in both IT services and Customer Service. If you have any problems or questions you can send him an email at 

Last updated : 7th May 2019 11:27 BST
Mini Bridge in Schools

The SBU are encouraging the teaching of mini bridge in primary schools. Many of the skills developed in playing bridge are included in the National Curriculum and other regions have found that schools are delighted to have our input. At present there are very few schools in Edinburgh participating and we would like to encourage more to take part. We need volunteers to go into schools, deliver the course, and support the pupils. At the end of the first course we hope to arrange a mini event for all participating schools. Eventually our schools will participate in the Scottish schools event.

You only need a little bridge experience and lots of enthusiasm. 

Please send an email to June Morrison ( or phone 0131 339 5189 if you are interested in becoming involved. If you have a preferred school then add these details. 

Last updated : 7th May 2019 11:25 BST