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We are always looking for news of interest to the Clubs website readers. We routinely update the website with notable successes 


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Welcome to Carlton Bridge Club

At the Carlton, we pride ourselves on welcoming all levels of players. Visitors can join any of our Tournaments and we will try to find a partner if needed. Our custom-built bridge Centre provides excellent playing and teaching facilities. Tournaments are scored using interactive technology and results are displayed promptly. We are pleased to offer our catering team, Westmains Catering who will be providing a range of soups, sandwiches and amazing baked goods as well as the normal range of teas, coffees, soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic drinks.

We are located just to the North of Edinburgh city centre.

Details of the regular tournaments are available here.  We offer classes on five days each week - details here.  

Carlton Congress 2019

Carlton Congress 2019 - Sunday 27th October


The Booking form for this year’s Carlton Congress is available now. Please click HERE for the paper application form. We also have a web application form for the Carlton Congress this year. Please click HERE for it.

Please note that this year we are not accepting payment on the day. You will need to prebook and prepay for your slot by either using the webform or filling out a paper copy of the form.

This year’s congress is on Sunday the 27th of October. Registration begins at 12pm. The Pairs begins at 1pm

This year we have the Pairs competition (£12 entry) and the Teams competition (£24 per team) as well as a 2 course supper (£12 per person). Alternatively you can enter both competitions plus supper for your team for £88 saving £8!

This year’s Congress Director is Duncan Cursiter and the Congress Convenor is Margo Cursiter. If you have any questions about the Congress you can email them at:

Whats on at the Carlton (Oct/Nov)

Club Cup

The Club Cup runs over four Mondays starting on the 28th of October (also the 25th of November, 27th of January and the 24th of February). The best three results with the same partner determines the winners. There is a handicap prize for less experienced players.

Halloween Party

On Friday the 1st of November we will being having the annual Carlton halloween party. Enjoy a free glass of wine and canapés before your usual night of Bridge. There is also a costume competition with a prize for the best dressed. We are asking that anyone who wishes to attend signs up on the sheet on the notice board in the club.

The Min Thomas Cup

On Tuesday 5th November and Tuesday 12th November at 6.45pm we have the Min Thomas Cup. This mixed pairs tournament is open to all Carlton members. The costs is  £3.50 per person to play. This year, the first evening of the Min Thomas is kindly being sponsored by Derrick Peden with a  complimentary glass of Prosecco and canapés which will be served from 6.15pm.  There is also an extra prize for the best Bronze 1 pair so there will be no Bronze tournament on these evenings.

UPDATE:  We have added a sign up sheet to the noticeboard at the club. This is to allow Derrick to make sure we have enough Prosecco and canapés. If you plan to come could you please sign up.


Children in Need SIMS

A charity Sims held on Thursday 14th November at 1pm to support Children in Need. The event costs £6 for members and £7.50 for non members. 


2019 Masterclasses

2019 Masterclasses 

A series of Masterclasses will be held for experienced players who wish to review and refine their systems.

These will be free, although there will be a collection for a local charity. As numbers are restricted please sign up for these classes either at the Club (there is a sign up sheet on the notice board) or by emailing Andrew, Club Manager at:

Date 2019



Thursday 24th Oct

Liz McGowan 

Slam bidding, Cue Bids, Splinters, 2NT as strong raise, RKCB

Monday 28th Oct

Derrick Peden


Thursday 7th Nov

Geoff Bailey

Discarding under pressure; Identifying which cards to keep

Monday 11th Nov

Liz McGowan 

Supporting your partner in competition

Thursday 21st Nov

Derrick Peden

Weak NT – extended bidding

Monday 25th Nov

Geoff Bailey

Long suits and overtricks

Monday 2nd Dec

Liz McGowan 

Takeout doubles and responses

Thursday 12th Dec

Derrick Peden

5 card spade suit system

Classes will run from 11.30am to 12.45am in Room 2.

Harrower Cup

Harrower Cup

What is the Harrower Cup? 

The Harrower Cup is a team’s competition for lower ranking club members, 

Teams are made up of 4 Carlton members (District Master or below) with up to 6 members per team allowed. 

Teams play in 24 board matches between each team. The team with highest VP total wins.  

When is it played?

The Harrower Cup is played every other Tuesday starting in October. The exact dates are 1/10/2019, 15/10/2019, 29/10/2019, 19/11/2019 and 10/12/2019.

All matches must be played by last Tuesday of competition. There will be no Bronze event on nights the harrower runs.

How do I sign up?

There is a sign-up sheet on the clubs notice board. Alternatively, you can email Andrew at and he will happily sign you up if you can’t make it into the club.

If you are having problems finding a team there is a second sign-up sheet in the club for members looking for a team

Learn as you Play

Learn as you Play

Just finished lessons and not sure how to continue? Want some specific revision with hands to play and practice? Want some help with bidding and/or play and a note of suggested bidding?

If so, Thursday afternoons at 1.30pm is the place to come!

Each lesson will have a theme, followed by a series of hands to play on this theme. You can have as much or little help as you wish, and you will always get suggested bidding sequences as well as a hand record of the cards in each deal.

Topics for the next four weeks are

Thursday 24 October - Plan your play in suit contracts

Thursday 31 October - Opener’s rebid

Thursday 7 November - Opening lead and leads during play

Thursday 14 November - Take out double

This class will run in conjunction with Margo’s second year group. Cost is £5 or £3.50 for members.

Come regularly or just for particular lessons.

Disabled Parking Wheelchair Users UPDATE

Disabled Parking – Wheelchair Users

The Board has decided to designate the space nearest the kitchen as a parking space for members who require a wheelchair to access the club.

To reserve the space please contact the Club Manager who will use a traffic-cone to reserve it. Andrew is very happy to give out his mobile number, please ask him in the club if you need it.  When not required the space will be available to all members.

The Club control the space and therefore are not liable to follow the rules and regulations of Edinburgh City Council Blue Badge holders.

Wednesday Evening Tournament

Wednesday Evening Tournament


The summer accumulator has drawn to a close. Starting on Wednesday 4 September, the tournament will be run with aggregate scoring

Why aggregate?

In aggregate bridge the most important feature is to make your contract. The overtrick(s) are not of paramount importance, unlike match pointed play. Aggregate scoring is the format used for League Team matches.

You score each board at your table in the normal way. At the end of the evening, all your scores are added together, both plus and minus scores, to give you a simple total. Only the total counts, rather than the score on each individual board.

This total is compared with everyone else playing in your direction and the highest score wins. There are two winners, one North-South and one East-West.

If there are two or more Bronze 1 or Bronze 2 pairs, there will be a prize for the highest placed Bronze 1/2 players.

There will always be a standby pair available, so there will never be a half table.

So, please come along, practise for your League team matches, or just take part in a traditionally enjoyable form of bridge.

This format will be the same until at least Christmas time.

Personal Analysis on the Web Site

You can get a graph of your scores at the club with different partners and over different periods in Personal Analysis.  It is a sub-menu in Results Calendar, click here.  Select your name to see your scores.

Car Park

Members are kindly reminded to adhere to the speed limit when driving into the premises and respect the parking restrictions when using the car park.


Is available in Warriston Gardens [meter parking until 17:30 then free] and in Ferry Road [free]

Afternoon Start Times

Afternoon tournaments will start at 13:15.

Please be seated by 13:00. The director may not be able to accommodate you if you arrive late.

Please remember that the Tuesday Bronze tournament starts at 6:45pm and you should be seated by 6:30pm.

Please phone the Club if there are traffic problems.

Fire Assembly Point

All Club users should be aware that if the fire alarm sounds they should leave the building and go to the the Assembly Point signed at the bottom right hand corner (as you leave) of the car park.  

Contact Us

Telephone: 0131 552 3122

Duncan Cursiter

Carolyn Dempsie

Maurice Brady

Info on Lessons etc

Web queries

Andrew Bailey

Master Points Inquiries

Catering Inquires

Any other queries

2019 Classes

Please find the link for the online 2019 classes application form HERE. Alternatively you can pick up a paper application in the club on the noticeboard.

Membership Application Form

Click here to download form.

Wednesday Bronze 1-2 / CLUB
Wednesday Evening
Tuesday Bronze 22.10
Monday Afternoon Pairs
SBU Sims Pairs 2019
Friday Evening MPP
Wed 23rd Oct 2019
Wednesday Bronze 1/2
Rm 1 13.15
Thu 24th Oct 2019
Thursday Afternoon
Rm 1 13.15
Thu 24th Oct 2019
Thursday Evening
Rm 1 19.00
Fri 25th Oct 2019
Friday Evening
Rm 1 19.00
Sun 27th Oct 2019
Carlton Congress
All Rooms 12.00
Mon 28th Oct 2019
Monday Afternoon
Rm 1 13.15
Mon 28th Oct 2019
Club Cup 1
Rm 1 19.00
Tue 29th Oct 2019
Harrower Cup 3 of 6
Rm 1 18.45
Wed 30th Oct 2019
Wednesday Bronze 1/2
Rm 1 13.15
Wed 30th Oct 2019
Wednesday Evening
Rm 1 19.00
Thu 31st Oct 2019
Thursday Afternoon
Rm 1 13.15
Thu 31st Oct 2019
Thursday Evening
Rm 1 19.00