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The offer of a host for the Russell Cup has met with only a limited response. If you do need help getting partners and would like the Carlton to help please email me [Geoff Bailey] via or contact the club manager







We are always looking for news of interest to the Clubs website readers. We routinely update the website with notable successes 


Please send emails to 







Welcome to Carlton Bridge Club

At the Carlton, we pride ourselves on welcoming all levels of players. Visitors can join any of our Tournaments and we will try to find a partner if needed. Our custom-built bridge Centre provides excellent playing and teaching facilities. Tournaments are scored using interactive technology and results are displayed promptly. We are pleased to offer our catering team, Westmains Catering who will be providing a range of soups, sandwiches and amazing baked goods as well as the normal range of teas, coffees, soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic drinks.

We are located just to the North of Edinburgh city centre.

Details of the regular tournaments are available here.  We offer classes on five days each week - details here.  

Director Candidates

Director Candidates

The following directors are standing for reelection:

Eldrydd Robinson

Marilyn McDonagh

Neil Macpherson

John Pottinger


And the following members are standing to join the board. There proposers and seconders are also listed.

Nominated                      Proposer                                  Seconder

Duncan Cursiter          Eldrydd Robinson                    Marilyn McDonagh

Robert Gatliff             Catriona Gardiner                     Elizabeth Peckham

David Kaye                  Hazel Brown                             Denis Howell

Mike Baron                 Venetia Thomson                      Dilys Gellatly

Jane Stephenson          Irene Sime                                 Keith Youngs

Geoff Bailey               Elizabeth Peckham                    Maurice Brady

Irene Sime                     Andrew Mack                            David Kaye

Maurice Brady           Eldrydd  Robinson                    Marilyn McDonagh


Members may choose to stand for election right up until the meeting. If you wish to stand for election please email


AGM Proxies and SGM Proxies/ Votes

AGM Proxies and SGM Proxies/ Votes

The club is no longer accepting votes or proxy vote forms for the AGM/SGM. Forms submitted up to midnight on 15/07 will be counted, any votes/ proxies subbmitted on 16/07 will not be counted.

Kidney Research Sims

We are very pleased to annouce that between the raffle and the Sims event we raised £292 for Kidney Research UK. We wish to say a massive thank you to both Jane for the raffle and Elizabeth for running the event.

Accumulator Ongoing Results

As the accumulator beings to hit its midpoint we have the ongoing results.


For the full document please click here and for the abridged results please click here.


A big thanks to Neil for putting this document together for the accumulator. This post was updated on 12/07/19.

Garden Tidy-Up Day


SATURDAY 10TH august at 10 a.m.

FREE Coffee , Tea and Sandwiches provided


Special General Meeting Digital Web Vote

If you wish to cast your vote or proxy for the Special General Meeting you may do so via the following link:


Please remember you can only vote once and that in the case of multiple submissions only your digital vote will be counted.

Special General Meeting Consultation Sessions

Special General Meeting 17th July 2019

The following consultation sessions will be available in the club for about 30 minutes prior to tournaments if members would like more information about the Articles of Association. We can also be contacted by email.

GW: George Wood :

ER: Eldrydd Robinson :


Date Afternoon Evening
Monday 24th June GW ER
Tuesday 25th June   ER
Thursday 27th June GW ER
Friday 28th June   GW
Tuesday 2nd July   ER
Thursday 4th July   ER
Monday 8th July GW  
Wednesday 10th July   GW
Thursday 11th July GW  
Friday 12th July   GW
Monday 15th July GW  
Tuesday 16th July   GW




Two meetings will be held at the Carlton Bridge Club on Wednesday 17th July 2019.

Special General Meeting – starting at 6.30

  • Special Resolution to replace the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (dated 2nd September 1937 including any subsequent amendments) with the Articles of Association (dated 24th June, 2019)

Annual General Meeting- to follow at 7.00.

  • This will include the Chairman's report for the session 2018-19
  • The election of Board members

Information for the Special General Meeting and the AGM will be made available to members in paper form. This will be available for collection in the club on Monday 24th June and will be posted out to those unable to attend the club in person on Thursday 27th June.

A paper voting form will be provided for members unable to attend the Special General Meeting. A separate webpost for digital voting for the Special Resolution will be available for those who wish to submit their votes or proxies digitally. This webpost will be available from Monday 24th June.

You can only vote once so please do not submit a paper vote if you intend to vote digitally. 

We strongly encourage members to consider putting themselves forward for nomination to serve on the Board. This can be done prior to the 17th July by contacting the Secretary Carolyn Dempsie: or nominations can be made at the AGM.

Each nomination requires a proposer and seconder.

Subscription Fees

A Notice to all Members.

At the end of the recent financial year, the Carlton Bridge  Club  de-registered for VAT and have decided to pass the savings to the members of the club by reducing the subscription fees. Therefore the  subscription fees have been reduced to:

Town Members £45.00
Country Members £35.00, for Members who reside more than 20 miles from the Club premises as measured by the AA route-finder. or live abroad for more than 6 month of the year.

Renewal letters for annual subscriptions are being sent out by either email or post to members over the next few days.


Please note: If the Carlton is your main club then you will need to pay an addiontal £10 for your SBU membership. If you use another club as your main club you will need to pay your SBU membership through them.

Summer Parking

The Bowling Club Season opens on Saturday 20th April

After that date Parking Spaces  1-14 are for the exclusive use of the Goldenacre Bowling Club

Members and Guests of the Carlton Bridge Centre are not permitted to use the spaces allocated to the bowls club

There is parking to the rear and side of the club premises, meter parking on Warriston Gardens [free after 17:30] 

and a limited amount of free parking during the day on Ferry Road






Personal Analysis on the Web Site

You can get a graph of your scores at the club with different partners and over different periods in Personal Analysis.  It is a sub-menu in Results Calendar, click here.  Select your name to see your scores.

Car Park

Members are kindly reminded to adhere to the speed limit when driving into the premises and respect the parking restrictions when using the car park.


Is available in Warriston Gardens [meter parking until 17:30 then free] and in Ferry Road [free]

Afternoon Start Times

Remember that afternoon tournaments will start at 13:15 from 2 April

Please be seated by 13:00. The director may not be able to accommodate you if you arrive later

Please remember that the Tuesday Bronze tournament starts at 6:45pm and you should be seated by 6:30pm.

Please phone the Club if there are traffic problems.

Fire Assembly Point

All Club users should be aware that if the fire alarm sounds they should leave the building and go to the the Assembly Point signed at the bottom right hand corner (as you leave) of the car park.  

Contact Us

Telephone: 0131 552 3122

Elizabeth Peckham

Carolyn Dempsie

Maurice Brady

Info on Lessons etc

Web queries

Andrew Bailey

Master Points Inquiries

Catering Inquires

Any other queries

2019 Classes

Please find the link for the online 2019 classes application form HERE. Alternatively you can pick up a paper application in the club on the noticeboard.

Membership Application Form

Click here to download form.

Tuesday Bronze
Russell Cup 16
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Mon Evening MP pairs 3
Friday Evening MPP
Thursday Evening2 MPP
Tue 16th Jul 2019
Bronze Tournament
Rm 2 18.45
Tue 16th Jul 2019
Russel Cup (16 of 22)
Rm 1 19.00
Wed 17th Jul 2019
Wednesday Afternoon Tournament (Intermediate)
Rm 1 13.15
Wed 17th Jul 2019
Wednesday Tournament
Rm 1 19.00
Thu 18th Jul 2019
Thursday Afternoon Tournament
Rm 1 13.15
Thu 18th Jul 2019
No Fears Pairs w. Derek Sanders
Rm 2 18.45
Thu 18th Jul 2019
Thursday Evening Tournament
Rm 1 19.00
Fri 19th Jul 2019
Friday Evening Tournament
Rm 1 19.00
Mon 22nd Jul 2019
Monday Afternoon Tournament
Rm 1 13.15
Mon 22nd Jul 2019
Monday Evening Tournament
Rm 1 19.00
Mon 22nd Jul 2019
Summer term post beginners class w. Derek Sanders
Rm 2 19.00
Tue 23rd Jul 2019
Bronze Tournament
Rm 2 18.45