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RealBridge Social bridge: available every Wednesday evening from 18:30


East District National Pairs Heat: Saturday April 10th, for timing please check SBU_E website







Welcome to Carlton Bridge Club

At the Carlton, we pride ourselves on welcoming all levels of players. Visitors can join any of our tournaments and we will try to find a partner if needed. Our custom-built bridge centre provides excellent playing and teaching facilities. Tournaments are scored using interactive technology and results are displayed promptly. We are pleased to offer our catering team, Westmains Catering, who provide a range of soups, sandwiches and amazing baked goods as well as the normal range of teas, coffees, soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic drinks.

We are located just to the North of Edinburgh city centre.

Details of the regular tournaments are available here.  We offer classes at a range of skill levels- details here.  

We are currently running an online program of tournaments for Carlton members, friends and visitors until we can safely return to our physical club.

On RealBridge in Association with Andrew Robson

Thursdays at 2.00 pm from 1st April

We have been offered an opportunity to take part in a free event arranged by Andrew Robson in conjunction with RealBridge. Andrew Robson is an international player who regularly represents England, a highly regarded author and the Bridge correspondent for The Times (of London).

We will be playing four boards selected by Andrew to cover a specific topic, followed by viewing a video of Andrew giving his insight into one of the boards, and access to his detailed analysis of all four boards.

Put these dates in your diary, grab a cup of coffee on the day and join us for half an hour to have some fun and learn from an expert.

Each session will start at 2.00pm on Thursday Afternoon.  The programme will be:

1st April       Weak Two’s

8th April       Splinter Bids

15th April     Forth Suit Forcing

22nd April    Counting and Card Placement

To join a RealBridge session, you click on a link which takes you to a login page.  You put in your name and then join.  You can also check your camera and microphone.  The Session Link will be available on the website on the day.  Click on the RealBridge logo and select the event. 

Carlton Online Tournaments


Carlton Online Programme

Day and Time


Cost Tournament Category Host/TD
Monday 10.00 am 20 3 BB$ SBU MP Pairs SBU_E_CAR/blueturaco
Monday 6:45 pm 20 3 BB$ SBU MP Pairs SBU_E_CAR/mesurina 
Tuesday 2.00 pm 18 2 BB$ Relaxed Pairs SBU_E_CAR/blueturaco
Wednesday 2.00 pm 20 3 BB$  SBU MP Pairs  SBU_E_CAR/brownh2

Wednesday join anytime from 6.30 pm

up to 20 Free Social Bridge RealBridge
Thursday 10.00 am 20 3 BB$ SBU MP Pairs SBU_E_CAR/mesurina
Sunday 6.45 pm 20 3 BB$ SBU MP Pairs SBU_E_CAR/brownh2


All BBO tournaments have a Partnership Desk, if you register you have a good chance of getting a game either with somebody else looking for a partner or as a substitute. 

To take part in any of these tournaments you need to join BBO and register your user name at

If you need help:

Click HERE for a Beginners Guide to Bridge On-Line

Click HERE for a Guide to finding, joining and playing in the tournament.

Most Carlton members are now playing in these tournaments,  why not have a go online? 

Carlton Catering

While the Club has been closed, Jane Mawdsley, our fabulous Carlton caterer, has been cooking and delivering to members homes, a wide range of delicious meals (soups, patés, main courses, puddings) plus special occasion dining items...


If this is of interest to you, please contact Jane directly either by email ( or by phone (07752 809681).

Personal Analysis on the Web Site

You can get a graph of your scores at the club with different partners and over different periods in Personal Analysis.  It is a sub-menu in Results Calendar, click here.  Select your name to see your scores.

Contact Us

Telephone: 0131 552 3122

Duncan Cursiter

Carolyn Dempsie

Maurice Brady

Carlton Online

Info on Lessons etc

Andrew Bailey

Master Points Inquiries

Catering Inquires

Any other queries

Membership Application

Please contact:

Carolyn Dempsie

#90603 Pairs Carlton Thursday Morning
Wednesday Afternoon
Tuesday Relaxed Pairs
Monday Morning
Monday Evening
Sunday Evening
Sun 11th Apr 2021
Sunday Evening
online 18:45
Mon 12th Apr 2021
Monday Morning
online 10:00
Mon 12th Apr 2021
Monday Evening
online 18:45
Tue 13th Apr 2021
Tuesday Relaxed Pairs
online 14:00
Wed 14th Apr 2021
Wednesday Afternoon
online 14:00
Thu 15th Apr 2021
Thursday Morning
online 10:00
Thu 15th Apr 2021
Andrew Robson Bridge Lesson - Fourth Suit Forcing
RealBridge 2.00 pm
 Click for more information
Sun 18th Apr 2021
Sunday Evening
online 18:45
Mon 19th Apr 2021
Monday Morning
online 10:00
Mon 19th Apr 2021
Monday Evening
online 18:45
Tue 20th Apr 2021
Tuesday Relaxed Pairs
online 14:00
Wed 21st Apr 2021
Wednesday Afternoon
online 14:00