Carbis Bay Bridge Club
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Next month's duplicate will be on 24th May in THE MEMORIAL HALL, Carbis Bay. Contact Graham if you wish to play 


Bridge Teaching at Carbis Bay

The club is very fortunate to have Jim Barker as our Bridge Tutor. Jim is a Professional member of the EBTA (English Bridge Teachers Association) and is also a Cornwall County Bridge Director and Secretary of St Ives Bridge Club.

Penwith Pairs at Leedstown

Carbis Bay and Penzance Improvers  are  jointly running Saturday afternoon duplicate sessions once a month on the second Saturday of each month.  These are open to all levels of duplicate players and include afternoon tea.

They are held at Leedstown Village Hall, situated near the middle of Leedstown on the B3302. Parking is available beside the hall.

The Hall is open from 1.30 pm  for a 2pm start. Table money is £5 per person including afternoon tea (cash only).  You need to register as a pair.   If you would like to play. then please contact Jane Ritchie either by email  or by phone 01736 711818

Welcome to Carbis Bay Bridge Club

♠   ♣  Welcome To Carbis Bay Bridge ♠   ♣ 

Who We Are

Carbis Bay Bridge Club is predominantly a Rubber Bridge club which meets weekly on a Monday afternoon at The Memorial Hall, Trencrom Lane, Carbis Bay.

We usually play from 2pm – 5pm (but move to playing an hour earlier in the winter). We are a mixed ability group from complete beginners to seasoned hands and aim to be both friendly and inclusive with the more experienced players always ready to help those with less experience.

We also have a strong commitment to bridge teaching and development. We welcome complete beginners who want to learn the game but also deliver improver coaching to those members keen to advance their game.

On Monday afternoons members may just turn up and play without prior notice or needing to arrange partners, but we also hold one duplicate session a month (usually on the 4th Friday).




Contact Information

For information about the club please contact Graham in the first instance (contact details below). Alternatively contact another committee member (details on committee menu in the Information section).

Graham Kidson (Chairman)

T: 01736 762512


Jim's Weekly Quiz

Opening leads Quiz 5
S       W     N     E
1NT   P   3NT    P
P       P

West has the following Hearts & decides to lead one

H: AQ103

Which card is led?


You have 3 honours against a No Trump contract and would normally lead the top of touching honours eg: K from KQ10 or J from KJ10

If you lead the 3 declarer may win the first trick with a very low card and you will probably need your partner to lead the suit twice to be of any benefit

So you should lead one of the honours: which?

The Recommended lead is the Q although any honour could work

The Ace will only kill low cards (but see below!)

The big advantage of leading the Queen is that it will nearly always get rid of Declarer’s King whether with dummy or declarer & you should than get 3 tricks

If you lead the Q and partner can see the J in dummy or their hand then (if they have read this advice) they will know you have AQ10 and play accordingly. The Q will knock out declarer’s King (if he has it) and probably leave the J surrounded 

This lead doesn’t come up very often; I remember it only once and I led the Q (I read too many books?) and the singleton King won in dummy. It was a match and our opponents led the Ace and they won the match

A partner also led the Q with AQ10 on another occasion and because I had the Jack I twigged! That got us a good result, just friendly home bridge

So you won’t pick up this holding very often and whichever card you lead could be correct or could be wrong BUT if you lead the Queen you can say you have had expert advice!

Well done Amanda, you were correct!


Calling All Prospective Duplicate Bridge Returners

Are you a lapsed duplicate player thinking about returning to the game? Would you like a simple way to ease yourself back and refresh your skills? If so. our monthly friendly duplicate sessions at Carbis Bay are the answer. We will find you a partner who will help you with your transition back into playing competitive bridge. Just contact Graham (or another committee member) to get started.

6th May 2024
Monday Rubber Bridge
Memorial Hall 2.00
13th May 2024
Monday Rubber Bridge
Memorial Hall 2.00
20th May 2024
Monday Rubber Bridge
Memorial Hall 2.00
Friday Duplicate
Director: Graham Kidson
Scorer: Graham Kidson
Friday Duplicate
Director: Graham Kidson
Scorer: Graham Kidson
Friday Duplicate
Scorer: Graham Kidson