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Welcome to Caldy Valley Bridge Club
17th.March 2020

The CLUB is closed until further notice

Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to our Caldy Valley Bridge Club web site.  This will help you to see the detailed results for our weekly Tuesday and Friday events. 

Just click on the event date on the right to open it.  You will see four tabs above the ranking which take you to different views of the results.  Try them out... you will do no harm.  Try clicking your name in the ranking and you will see a summary of how you performed as you moved through the movement.

NOW USING BRIDGEMATES so much more information available such as detailed contracts and lead cards - also your average % as declarer.

UPDATED 19th.December. CLICK on the Competitions Tag in Menu on Left.  You can now select the Tuesday and Friday League Results for January to March 2020 in addition to those for August to November 2019.

You can also select "Individual 2019" to see the final ranking for the Sybil Cooper Memorial Cup won by Adam Ward.  This shows averages of all sessions played although it requires at least 40 sessions played to qualify for listing.

Also, this year for the first time, select "Pairs 2019" for a similar listing for Pairs who have played at least 20 sessions during the year.

Try clicking on "Results - Personal Analysis" and then click on your name to see graphically how you have done over selected periods.

Please give your feedback to Fred and/or Ashley on how helpful/interesting you find it.