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  Return to Face to Face Bridge

We understand that more and more clubs are considering restarting their club bridge and would like to resume using their web sites which are currently "Lapsed". If you want to restart your "Lapsed" web site, you will need to contact Bridgewebs in  preferably using the "Administration Support Request" in the WebAdmin login to request activation.

With potentially many clubs doing this within a short space of time, please can you give us sufficient notice, preferably a week, to allow us to keep up with these requests, as support is currently (Autumn 2021) quite high as clubs go back to normal and need help to get restarted.

  Coronavirus/Covid-19 - Lapse Status

Due to the unprecedented situation caused by Coronavirus/Covid-19, we know that many clubs may have to cancel their Bridge sessions for a several months during 2020 and 2021

A "Lapse" status is available for Bridgewebs use only. This will enable sites to lapse for a period of time and then be reactivated when required. The site Administrator will need to contact Bridgewebs when they want the site to be lapsed

During the lapsed period, you will not be able to upload results or update the site. There will be no charge for the Bridgewebs site during the "Lapse" period, up to a maximum of 18 months in whole months. Domains cannot be lapsed, they need to be renewed annually, so may need to be some prorata consideration for these.

We wish everyone good health and hope the world returns to normal as soon as possible.

  Bridgewebs Enhancements for "Online Bridge"

Bridgewebs will continue to run 24/7 for those clubs that are continuing to update their web sites, being proactive and helping members to play "Bridge Online" or providing information. In this extremely unusual situation, we cannot know what the future might hold and some may be outside our control.

We are looking into ways to help clubs manage their sites better during this time. In particular we aremaking enhancements which may help for example in linking to "Online Bridge".

We will update this page regularly with any information that might be helpful.

For all aspects of BBO Results, now see BBO Results

  Updates to Bridgewebs Guide on subjects relevant to "Online Bridge" pages

 We are updating the guide with useful pages specifically for "Online Bridge". We will update this page regularly with any pointers to information that might be helpful.

  Hints for hiding suspended Calendar entries

To avoid deleting the calendar, some new options have been provided to allow you to "Hide" calendar entries during this extended close-down.

Please see updated information in the Guide at

  You think you should be receiving email, but do not get any.

If you think you should be receiving email from a Bridgewebs Club, you can check your email on the Re-Subscribe page.

Please see updated information in the Guide at for how to do this.