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Bridgemate - Wireless Bridge Scoring

This page includes some information about the "Bridgemate Pro" Wireless Scoring system, what it can do for a club. For ideas of cost see "Purchase Price" . Click on the logo to go to the site for detailed and up to date information.

  Have you heard of the Bridgemate
Have you heard of the Bridgemate

A Bridgemate is a small (6x8 inches) box placed on each Bridge table and is a wireless scoring terminal that North (or South), after playing each hand, enters the contract and tricks made. After checking by East (or West), the result is then sent to a computer. At the beginning of an event, players identify themselves by Number, thus saving computer entry of names. As the event progresses the scores are transmitted to a computer which updates all scores (across sections if required).


Advantages over using travellers:

  • Show the final results with contract, lead card and tricks made one minute after the last board is played
  • You can have a television monitor attached to the scoring computer which can show the results up to date throughout the session. Thus towards the end of the event, all players can see their provisional ranking
  • On each board the Bridgemate displays the % scored instantly – 100% is a top, 50% means flat, etc.
  • Printed Results and web pages include contract, lead card and tricks made
  • The terminal is told the movement being used and prompts the players with their pair numbers, orientation and boards due to be played - thus reducing the risk of mis-pairings etc
  • You enter Tricks made - not the score - again cutting down on errors, no more keying in of travellers or names
  • The terminal asks EW to check the details of the result - thus eliminating many errors
  • No more “when will the results come out?”
  • Fewer queries regarding errors
  Where the Bridgemate system is used
  • Very widely in the Netherlands - the home of its inventor.
  • Richmond Bridge Club (in West London) was the first UK user and is very pleased with it.
  • Bridgemates are now used in over 2,000 clubs in 35 countries.
  • Bridgemates have been used by the World Bridge Federation and the European Bridge League since 2005 for all their tournaments.