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  Annual Subscription

In order to achieve a fixed price and minimize administration costs, the price of the service has been set to relate to the number and size of regularly uploaded scored sessions that the club plays. This is the closest indication of the number of members that may use the site, the complexity, the size and page usage on the web site. Simply total the average number of tables you expect to upload each week. The service is provided on an annual subscription basis:

January 2018: The standard price of bridgewebs has now been held for 14 years and the price for larger clubs reduced year on year. All features are now included as part of the price. Due to the increase in broadband, the usage has increased dramatically. There are now almost 10 million hits a month and it is necessary to regularly increase computer capacity. To reflect this more fairly the pricing bands have been adjusted slightly.

More features, same low price.
January 2020


Club Web Site
Average Tables per Week Cost per Year
up to 16 Tables £40
17-24 Tables £50
25-30 Tables £60
31-40 Tables £70
41-50 Tables £80
51-65 Tables £90
66-85 Tables £100
86-100 Tables £110
Larger ** £120+ P.O.A.
Bridgewebs version for County/Areas
Individually Priced £60-£120
Domain Name ( £11 per year (***)
Domain Name (.org/.com) £18 per year (***)
New Suffix (.club) £18 per year (***)

(***) Domain name prices did remain the same for some years. However,  Nominet and other Registries have announced significant increases over the last couple of years  to ensure a secure environment, which needs to be passed on. 

From 1st April 2018, prices are subject to VAT where applicable.

Non uploaded events are ignored. Ad-hoc extra scored sessions may be ignored.

** Subject to playing as a single club at a single location.

With regard to everything else on the Web Site, calendar, competitions, news, pictures, you may freely amend these at any time and as often as you like.

  Web Service

This service is provided for bridge clubs and as such it is probable that the usage of the service is similar amongst similar sized clubs. It is not possible to predict how much any one web site will get used, but factors in the make-up of the club give an indication of the expected usage. Usage will arise from:

  • Club Secretary - The club secretary and scorers will need to load results, news and other information. This will be particularly active in the early days of a web site, but will tail off once the site is up and running.
  • Members - The majority of visits to the site will be by members wishing to know "what the results were last night", their position in competitions and what events are planned.
  • Search - In order for visitors to find your club web site, it is necessary for the Search Sites, such as Google and Yahoo to visit the bridge club web site and extract pages from the bridge club site and load these into their database of useful pages. This they do on a regular basis, usually daily.
  • Results - The results are stored on the web site and the no of tables/events played per week does impact on disk usage. Also, the more frequent and the larger the events, the more members there are, potentially, who will look at the results.
  • Visitors - Visitors may wish to find where to play bridge.

A commerial "Web Hosting" company actually host the site, provide the necessary disk space, computer power, regular backup and restore if necessary, and more importantly, the connection to the world wide web to support the downloading of the quite large number of pages that might be surfed by the members each week, that will surely increase as more and more people start using broadband.


You do not need a domain to use Bridgewebs, you can use followed by the short name given to your club, such as

In fact you do not need a domain name for the club at all, but some clubs like to have one. Bridgewebs can register a domain for you, such as or Domains are provided again on an annual subscription basis.

If you want an email address with your domain, then Bridgewebs can provide an forwarding email, where the email is forwarded to a private email. If you would like an email mailbox, then you are better registering and setting this up yourself. This process has been greatly simplified over the years and there are many sites to do this such as ,

If you have an existing domain, or once you have a domain, then you can use something called "Web Forwarding" to point to the Bridgewebs equivalent site.

If you do request a domain to be registered with Bridgewebs or transferred to Bridgewebs and subsequently wish to terminate the service, Bridgewebs will transfer the domain to your new host without question. 

  Existing Web Sites
If you have an existing web site and a domain, it is quite possible that you will be paying a monthly or annual fee for this. In which case, unless you continue to use some other part of the package, you can save this cost. A number of clubs have moved to BridgeWebs and, as well as the advantage of BridgeWebs, saved money overall.

Payment by cheque, electronic transfer or PayPal.

There are no other web site costs for the club or club members, no FTP downloading software, no Word Processing, no Html Editor, just a PC with a Browser and scoring software. You will also be automatically upgraded to the latest BridgeWebs software at regular intervals. You might also need a digital camera to take pictures of your bridge club to upload and show to the rest of the world!!