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Don't you just wish sometimes that you could play a hand again?

Well, you can...thanks to the wonders of Bridgewebs.

The 'Play It Again' feature is not that well known, but easy to use.

Just go to Results, click on any pairing and you will see below the hand 'Play It Again' (arrowed)

Norman's Notes
Norman's Notes


Sometimes more is Less


Norman Less discusses some hands from club pairs evenings.  Click the link to download the PDF


1) Board 16 played on April 13th.  Can you stand 4Norman's Notes 1

2) Board 16 played on April 19th.  6 - what are your chances?  Norman's Notes 2

3) Board 7 played on April 26th. A tough bidding test!  Norman's Notes 3

4) Board 4 played on May 3rd.  An unbiddable slam.  Norman's Notes 4

5) Board 21 played on May 10th.  A Tight Game: Some Luck Needed.  Norman's Notes 5

6) An interesting board from Stowmarket this week.  Norman's Notes 6

7) Board 5 played on May 24th.  A Difficult Decision.  Norman's Notes 7

8) Board 9 played on May 31st.  Easy Slam/ Hard Slam.  Norman's Notes 8

9) Board 22 played on June 7th.  Weak? Or strong?  Norman's Notes 9

10) Board 18 played on June 14th.  A Pre-empt Hand?  Norman's Notes 10

11) Board 16 played on June 21st.  Slam or dunk?  Norman's Notes 11

12) From the Summer League - board 23 played on June 25th.  Undeserved Success?  Norman's Notes 12

13) A board from Abbeygate played on July 2nd.  Always consider 3NT !  Norman's Notes 13

14) Board 1 played on July 12th.  Just one more?   Norman's Notes 14

15) Board 5 played on July 19th.  No trumps or a minor?   Norman's Notes 15

16) A selection of boards from the Summer League played on August 1st.  Plus test yourself against a hand.   Norman's Notes 16

17) Board 4 played on August 23rd.  Good slam bid or fortunate?   Norman's Notes 17

18) Board 2 played on October 11th.  How many tricks can you make?   Norman's Notes 18

19) Board 3 played on October 18th.  A little exploratory bidding needed?   Norman's Notes 19

20) Board 12 played on October 25th.  Who can't resist a finesse?   Norman's Notes 20

21) Boards 1, 12 and 19 played on November 8th.  Big hand night!   Norman's Notes 21

22) Board 20 played on November 15thA Triumph for Cappelletti.   Norman's Notes 22

23) Board 15 played on November 22nd4 Hearts or 5 Diamonds?   Norman's Notes 23

24) Board 16 played on December 6thThe twelfth trick.   Norman's Notes 24

25) Board 10 played on December 13th.  7-4 Minor or 6-2 Major Suit Game?   Norman's Notes 25

26) Board 6 played on January 3rd.  An Obvious Lead?  Norman's Notes 26

27) Board 24 played on January 17th.  A missed opportunity?  Norman's Notes 27

28) Board 16 played on January 31st.  Could you find the no trumps?  Norman's Notes 28

29) Board 15 played on February 7th.  Gambler's Success.  Norman's Notes 29

30) Board 12 played on February 14th. Valentine caution.  Norman's Notes 30

31) Board 13 played on February 28th. Tell-tale Singleton.  Norman's Notes 31

32) Board 6 played on March 7th. You CAN make it!  Norman's Notes 32

33) Board 16 played on March 28th. How many diamonds?  Norman's Notes 33

34) Board 14 played on April 11th. Go with the odds.  Norman's Notes 34

35) Board 4 played on April 18th. Planning the play.  Norman's Notes 35

36) Board 6 played on May 9th. To Slam or not to Slam.  Norman's Notes 36

37) Board 24 played on May 16th. Low-Level  Problems.  Norman's Notes 37

38) Board 9 played on May 23rd. An undeatable contract.  Norman's Notes 38

39) Board 5 played on May 30th. A highly competitive hand.  Norman's Notes 39

40) Board 20 played on June 13th. Big trouble - or escape?.  Norman's Notes 40

41) Board 4 from the Bill Hughes Sim Pairs played on June 27th. Opportunity spurned!  Norman's Notes 41

42) Board 4 played on July 4th. An Unusual No-Trump (UNT).  Norman's Notes 42

43) Board 7 played on July 11th. Guard against suit blockage.  Norman's Notes 43

44) Board 7 played on July 25th. Listen to (and act on) the bidding.  Norman's Notes 44

45) Board 18 played on September 5th. Some bad breaks Norman's Notes 45

46) Board 18 from the Summer League Norman's Notes 46

47) Board 7 played on October 3rd Norman's Notes 47

48) Board 21 played on December 12th.  Norman's Notes 48

49) Board 3 played on February 6th. Not the 14th but is one heart right? Norman's Notes 49