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Archived Hand of the Week
Hand of the week - 2. Hand 16 on 12/09/19

How should the bidding continue? Given that North/South should win the bidding, what should be the contract?

Although 5 Diamonds by South could make, an optimal bid would be 3NT by South which should make 11 tricks. West should lead the K♣.

Hand of the week -1. Hand 1 on 5/09/19

A simple but somehow difficult hand to bid. North and East pass, but what do you bid with a balanced hand, 18 points and  a 7 losing trick count?

Try 1 Club, aiming to bid 2NT next showing 17/18 points.  North bids 1NT showing 6-9 points.  South bids 2NT - asking and North should bid 3NT (which makes).