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12th May 2021 10:12 BST
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Welcome to Burley Bridge Club

Hello to One and All, 

It goes without saying how much I hope everyone, like me, is looking forward to resuming our Bridge Sessions at the Burley Hall starting on Monday evening 21st June.  Hopefully, with all Covid restrictions lifted, but ‘hugging’ not obligatory!

It is expected that all members will have been fully vaccinated by this time.

Unfortunately, Thursday afternoon Bridge sessions at Burley Hall are not possible but we may be able to start Monday afternoon sessions, perhaps in the Autumn, as well as keeping the Monday evening sessions.  Jane Mitchell has agreed to be the Bridgemate operator and will be trained-up on its use beforehand by Fred.  It would be lovely if there were more players willing to give it a try and put their names forward so as to help out when required otherwise we might just have to resort to Scorebridge again.
Please note that members who did not pay their annual subscription of £10.00 last March 2020 before the first Lockdown are required to pay when attending on their first visit on or after 21st June 2021.

The Table money has been increased to £3.00 per session and Jenny Rocke has requested the exact money (if possible) is placed into the receptacle so as to avoid her handling cash.

All members need to be aware that as the kitchen might not be available to us they should bring their own ‘drink’ in a suitable flask.

We intend introducing a simple Host System to relieve Fred from this duty which he has willingly done for the last 10 years without one little grumble!  Obviously there will be some members to whom this system will not apply but it is sincerely hoped that everyone else will pitch in graciously when needed.  The purpose of having a Host is to re-assure anybody coming on their own to feel comfortable attending our Club knowing that there will always be somebody ready to partner them.  Having studied systems used at various other clubs I have come to the conclusion that there is no ‘One Best’ method so our system, which I would like to try, will involve all members who can volunteer to be agreeable to having their names on a list (not against a date) which we will simply work our way through.  If it ends up with an odd number of players then that member can go home and their Table money will be refunded – or stay and act as Director for the session!

I will send out another Notice before 21st June if there are any changes that you need to be made aware of.  The committee are meeting again on 9th June so please let me know if you have anything you would like to be discussed before then.

My best wishes to everyone, Gill Harrand  

10th May 2021



The committee held one meeting last year, during a lull in the Lockdowns.  None of us thought we would be so inactive for so long but we hope the end is in sight.  I know quite a few of you have been playing ‘On-Line’, thanks to the sterling efforts of Jane Mitchell – what a Star -  I’m sure you’re all very grateful to her!

We are all sorry that our Secretary Ann Blake has now left us but we were able to give her a lovely leaving present of a specially commissioned water-colour painting of Burley Hall by local Waverton artist Peter Nell, which she thanked us for and said she would treasure – also a ‘Sorry you’re Leaving’ card which some of you were able to sign personally and others had their names added to it.  I have taken back the Secretarial duties as before.  The other members of the committee are all happy to remain on board.

Our Treasurer, Richard, has written a Report on our finances.  On the 28th February 2021 our funds amounted to £290.97.  If anyone should wish to have a copy of the accounts please contact Richard on  The outstanding debt to Fred is £300 and will be repaid as soon as funds allow.

Although we’ve been unable to hold any further committee meetings Fred, Richard, Jenny, Eric and myself have communicated quite often via email and phone.  When we are able to re-start our Bridge sessions, it has been agreed that an adjustment will be made of the £10 Annual Subscription paid by some members last March but not by all i.e.  those members who paid £10 in 2020 will not be asked to contribute again this year.  The table money will be increased to £3 per session for the time being until we get on our feet again as we will have some expenditure such as Insurance, Bridgemate and Bridgeweb fees which have to be met. The cost of the hire of the Hall also has to be covered.  However, we are filled with optimism that all will be well after a few months!

We would welcome any member who might like to take on the task of helping Fred with Bridgemate at our sessions.   Fred will, of course, train up any volunteers nearer the time.

We have discussed the possibility of having afternoon sessions on Mondays or Thursdays.  The outcome from the questionnaire sent to all of you, thanks to Jane Mitchell, was very interesting as about one third said Monday, another third said Thursday and the other third said Monday evening which wasn’t given as an option!  What we eventually do is not entirely up to us as we are in the hands of the Burley Hall Management for any new hiring arrangements.  However, Monday evening sessions will certainly continue, as before.

In the meantime, we would like to welcome you all back on Monday evening 21st June 2021, to celebrate Summer Solstice if nothing else - all being well!

Kind regards to all, Gill Harrand  
March 2021

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