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Bude Bridge Club Committee

The Club Committee for 2023/24

Chairman: Pauline Sear

Vice Chairman: Deb Delvalle

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer:Steve Trenner

Committee Members: Linda Ashworth , Peter Oldfield

Car Parking
Car Parking


if you want to park regularly in the Crescent Car Park for £1,11 per day, maybe buy £25 of credit from JustPark from Cornwall Council. This does NOT allow parking in the Parkhouse Car Park.


The Directors' rota for this year:

Tuesdays: Chris, Steve and Neil (see Calendar)


EBU Royalty 2023
EBU Royalty 2023

The Club has several regular members in the 'Royalty and Honours' of the currentEBU National Grading Scheme as of 1st December 2023.

Queen: Steve Clifton

10: Ann Bennett, Chris Nichols


Congratulations to Robert Waterhouse, recently promoted by the EBU to the rank of DistrictMaster, and to Peter Oldfield, promoted to AreaMaster.


All sessions (Mondays and Tuesdays) 3

Visitors 4

Annual subscription: 5

Contact Us
Contact Us

To contact us, please contact the Club Secretary

Mr. Bridge Quiz
Mr. Bridge Quiz

Try the 'Mr. Bridge' quiz!

Updated every Tuesday.

North Cornwall Bridge Clubs
North Cornwall Bridge Clubs

As well as Bude, there are 3 other EBU affiliated bridge clubs in North Cornwall - Bodmin, Newquay and Wadebridge.

They share a website at

Bude Bridge Club ONLINE sessions
Bude Bridge Club ONLINE sessions

Tuesday at 2pm (play starts at 2:15)

18 boards - 2.5 hours

Please find below notes on

If you need help getting started contact Penny Abbott

Right click to print out these pages - or Click HERE to download these notes


To take part in Club sessions you MUST

See below for details


Be a FULL member of Bridge Club Live

  1. Find “Bridge Club Live” on Google – or click HERE
  2. Register and follow instructions, includes reading emails. You CANNOT use the same email address for more than one member!
  3. Click BCL Home>Subscriptions>Price List – or click HERE
  4. Select the FULL membership you would like
  5. Fill in the forms. Use a bank card with the SAME NAME and ADDRESS. You need to have your own bank card.
  6. Take a note of your membership number and password
  7. You will be given an ALIAS – e.g. JohnS98765
  8. You will be prompted to fill in your Profile including bridge standard. You can amend these details at any time.


Join Bude Bridge Club on BCL

  1. Click BCL Home>Members>Clubs – or click HERE
  2. Select Bude Bridge Club from the list on the right hand side
  3. Click to associate as a member of Bude Bridge Club UK
  4. You can only be a member of one club at a time. But you can swap as often as you like.


Have a partner

  • You can see the aliases of all the people who have joined the club on BCL on the right hand side. Most of them are obvious.
  • Many of these people have regular partners. But at least you can see who plays on BCL.
  • You cannot play in a club session if you do not have a partner
  • You must have set up an SSD with that partner BEFORE joining a session



  • It is essential that you have played on BCL even if you are an expert bridge player. This is all about which buttons to press and not which bid to make or which card to play.
  • If you haven’t played on BCL you will upset other club members when you play too slow because you are unfamiliar with BCL
  • You can play in the Social Room at any time and for however long you want to play
  • You don’t have to play against other club members. You don’t even have to play with your partner. But it will probably be more enjoyable if you do.
  • See Quick Start instructions on the BCL Home page
  • Press EXIT on the Play Bridge tab when we have finished playing bridge. Otherwise you are saved on the BCL server for a long time, which may prevent other people playing.


Agree an SSD with your partner

(If you haven’t done it before you join a club session you will not get to play!!!)

  1. You have to do this togetherAsk Penny if you need help.
  2. BOTH go to "The Office", the last room you can see on the same screen that you normally find the Social Room. (Home > Play Bridge > Enter the Bridge Club). 
  3. One of you sit North and the other South. 
  4. North will then enter the SSD.  Click HERE for more details.   
  5. South will confirm
  6. EXIT - now you are ready for Tuesday (or BCL competitions)
  7. BCL retains the SSD between you and this partner. So you only have to do this once for each partner you play with


Useful information before you join a Club session

  • Scroll down the club page and read the notes under F2F Online Club Sessions
  • Read How to enter the F2F Clubs Tournament - click HERE


  1. Don’t be late
  2. Go to the Club Page – Click HERE or
    1. Go onto Bridge Club Live
    2. Press Club Page in the bottom left of the Face2Face Online Sessions section on the Home page
    3. Press > to Enter your Club Page
  3. Scroll down and press PLAY BRIDGE button
  4. Press Enter your F2F Club Rooms - you will enter the Lobby
  5. If you are early - wait in lobby till server announces that Room BUDEBC 2-C-2 is open. Keep looking at the CHAT.
  6. Press Refresh then press BUDEBC 2-C-2 to enter the room
  7. You and your partner must sit at new table. Do NOT sit as opponents!  
  8. Agreed partner starts a NEW table by pressing [Enter the Tournament] 
  9. Then partner, after pressing Refresh, takes the seat opposite
  10. The player that sat North will see their (previously agreed - there is no time to make changes) SSD - Press Submit
  11. The player that sat South will only see the SSD once North has pressed Submit. Press - Confirm
  12. Your partnership is now registerd to play. Wait untill the server allocates opponents.
  13. There have to be complete tables. If there are an odd number of pairs, the last pair to register will have to miss out. They can spectate.
  14. At the end of a round the system will move you automatically.  Do NOT move yourself.
  15. Do NOT spectate if playing in the tournament

Note: Everyone plays the boards in the same order 1 - 18. So the board number you are playing shows you how many boards you have played and hence how many you have left to play

  • I can’t see the club room BUDEBC 2-C-2!


  • I can't enter the club room BUDEBC 2-C-2!

Press REFRESH (the club room does not OPEN until 2pm)

  • I can’t see the table that my partner is sat at!

Press REFRESH (you can click on Local Club at the top to see where they are)

  • I can’t press Ready!

Before play starts at 2:15, only 3 of the 4 players at the table can press "ready"

  • It is 2:15 and my partner & I have NOT been given opponents!

Full tables only - no sit out/half tables

The last partnership to register will not be able to play. You can spectate

Sorry – better luck next week.

  • I don't know how many boards are left!

Everyone plays the same boards at the same time! Boards are played 1 -18. So if you are on Board 10 there are 8 more boards to play.

  • I have been sent to the Lobby!

Your next table is not available yet. The system will bring you back in when it is.

  • Why am I having to wait so long?

Before you are moved for the next round, the system needs

  • you to have finished
  • your next opponents to have finished


  • the table the system planned to put you at next to have finished

So if someone has had problems with connection, or is playing too slow, they may be behind a bit

Go to Tables to see which board your next opponents are playing and what board the people at your next table are playing. Boards take roughtly 8 mins. Do you have time for a cuppa?

  • I have lost internet connection!

Log back in – follow the instructions to enter BUDEBC 2-C-2.

Sit opposite your partner (the system may do this automatically)

  • My comments to people at the same table about the hand we have just played went to all the Lurkers in the Lobby!

Because everyone plays the same boards at the same time it means that if you make a comment about a board and it accidentally goes to everyone in the Lobby you can be sure that they have already played that board - so you are giving nothing away.


For now please Alert and Announce (via CHAT) the same as you would at the club

If you want to ask your opponents what a bid means you need to do it via CHAT


Results will be posted to our club website sometime after 6pm.

You will notice that you can also see the Hands, including the makeable contracts in the box in the bottom right hand corner.

Makeable Contracts Analysis

Results from BCL club sessions can be analysed to look at what contracts were makeable and how you could (did?) make them

Go to the set of results you would like to analyse

  1. On the Bude Bridge Club website (NOT BCL) click on Results (menu item on left)
  2. Click on the date of the results you want -  - this will display results the way we’ve always had them
  3. From Scorecards or Travellers choose the board you would like to review
  4. Click Play in the section under the hand for whichever pair you would like to review

The first time you do this you will get a popup called Play it Again!!

  1. Ignore the text!
  2. Click on the BS Online button at the bottom of the screen

You will now see the chosen board for the pairs you selected

  1. Counts in the bottom left hand corner show the number of HCPs in each hand
  2. Optimal Contract is show in the top left hand corner
  3. The table in the bottom right hand corner shows the makeable contracts. What contract each player (NSEW) could make in ♣   ♠ NTs. The one in yellow was the suit/ NT contract that was played on the day.
  4. Select any of the squares in the makeable contracts table. The one you have chosen will be shown in the top right hand corner.
  5. The hand that is to play will have the cards that can be played (without revoking) shown in Green or Yellow. Green is optimum play. Yellow is inadvisable.
  6. The subscript on the cards show the number of tricks that can be won playing this card. Note. It is possible for the number to change based on previous tricks!
  7. The blue asterix indicates the card that was played on the day. This is only visible if you have chosen the contract that was played on the day
  8. If you have chosen the contract that was played on the day you can use the > arrow to play that card
  9. Or you can play any card you like by clicking on it
  10. You can use the < arrow to go back
  11. Cards shown in blue are ones that have been played as part of the current trick
  12. Cards shown in grey are ones that have been played in previous tricks
  13. The count of tricks taken is shown in the top right hand corner

Have fun!