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Bude Bridge Club Committee

The Club Committee for 2021, until an EGM:

 Chairman:  Chris Nichols

Treasurer:     Stephen Smith

Committee Members Maureen Fallows, Neil Trenaman, Steve Trenner


The Directors' rota for this year:


1st, 2nd and 5th Chris
3rd Bob
4th Stephen S


Wednesdays: Deb (scorers Tom and Terry)



1st     Neil


EBU Royalty 2021

The Club has several regular members in the 'Royalty and Honours' of the current EBU National Grading Scheme as of 1st May 2021..

The Club's inactivity during the pandemic has led to several members dropping off the leader board.

King: Alan Biggs

Jack:  Chris Nichols, Steven Clifton, Rob Irish, Nick Newell

10s:   Ann Bennett, Bob Bennett, Paul Creighton, Lindsey Sandilands, Neil Trenaman, Dave Clarke




All sessions (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays): Members £2.50 (£3.50 Sims nights). 

Visitors £3.50 (£6.50 on Sims nights)


Contact Us

To contact us, please contact Chris Nichols at the above email and phone number.

Mr. Bridge Quiz
Mr. Bridge Quiz

Try the 'Mr. Bridge' quiz!

Updated every Tuesday.

North Cornwall Bridge Clubs
North Cornwall Bridge Clubs

As well as Bude, there are 3 other EBU affiliated bridge clubs in North Cornwall - Bodmin, Newquay and Wadebridge.

They share a website at

Welcome to Bude Bridge Club
Latest News Report
Latest News Report


During these difficult times, many members of Bude Bridge Club have moved to playing online. This gives them the opportunity to play socially with other members of the club, and competitively against players of all abilities from all over the world.

So far, members have played well over 40,000 hands of bridge on several different websites, the most common being Bridge Club Live (BCL, for social bridge) and Bridge Base Online (BBO, competitive).

The club has been unable to hold their usual prize-giving this season, so the winners of the various events have not received their deserved recognition.

The Roll of Honour for 2020 is:

Club Champions:  David Clarke and Steven Clifton

Teams Champions:  Chris Nichols, Jane Koldewey, Neil and Sarah Trenaman

Collian Bowl:  Tertia and Tom Salt

Handicap Pairs:  Maureen Fallows and Ian Curtis

Clifton Trophy:  Steven Clifton and David Clarke

June Justice Individual Champion:  Neil Trenaman

Jug of Bridge Wisdom:  Gill Lowe and Tim Benson

Beryl Mardon Memorial Trophy:  Deb Delvalle

Jon and Bill Grand Slam Bottle:  Alan Merchant-White, Steve Trenner and Chris Nichols

Further information can be found on the club’s website

We look forward to meeting once again over the table in the not too distant future

Falmouth Salver
Falmouth Salver

We are delighted that two of our members have won the Falmouth Salver 2021, the first major County tournament of the year.

Playing online from Stratton, Chris Nichols partnered Steven Clifton in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands against 23 other pairs throughout the County and beyond.

Their winning percentage of 70% was the highest in the competition's history.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Bridge

Our weekly sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will continue once COVID-19 has died down.

Friday duplicate bridge at the  Parkhouse will be booked on a month by month basis. 

The next date will be a long way off!

In Memorium

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of three of our former members last year.

Peggy Cann was a founder member of the club and had a wicked sense of humour!

She was a delight to play with and against and was always complementing the opposition on good play.

‘Oh, well done!’ could always be relied on if someone made a difficult contract.

Such a lovely lady, sorely missed.

George Booth, a staunch member of the club for many years, has also sadly passed away.

We will remember him as a true gentleman of the bridge table, always calm and polite with a gentle manner and lively sense of humour.

Kathleen Bence was a regular at the club until recent years. She had a very competitive style and always complimented others on good play. She passed away peacefully in December..

Our thoughts are with their family and friends.

Club Champions 2020
Club Champions 2020

David Clarke and Steven Clifton are this year's Club Champions, pictured here receiving their virtual John Ridding trophies.

They also teamed up to win the Clifton Trophy.

Team Champions 2020
Team Champions 2020

 Sarah and Neil Trenaman teamed up with Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey to win the club Teams Championship for the third successive year in 2020.

Neil was also winner of the June Justice Individual Championship.

May Play Problem of the Month

The 7 of Spades is led against 3 NT.

How do you make your contract - and can you explain your reasoning?

South realises that, if East has the King of Diamonds, or if the Spades divide 4 - 3, the contract will always be made.

What if West held the King of Diamonds AND 5 Spades to the King? He would surely have bid 1 Spade over 1 Diamond, non-vulnerable.

With any other 5 -2 split, going up with the Ace is correct. If East had doubleton J - 10, the 9 would become a stopper. If East held the King, the spades would be blocked if declarere takes the Ace on the first round.

So North takes the first trick with the Ace,and plays the Jack of Diamonds to West's King. A Spade comes back, but now there is no entry to West to take his established Spade tricks.

One Spade, 2 Hearts, 4 Diamonds and 2 clubs - 9 tricks and contract made.

Latest Tuesday Online result

Hi Congratulations to Ann and Bob, winners of our latest Online event on Tuesday, April 27th.

If you would like to join us, you need to register as a Full Member on Bridge Club Live.

You need to be confident on playing on the BCL platform and be ready to play at a reasonable speed.


EBU and other Online Competitions 2021

All EBU Sims Pairs competitions are being played online for the present.

If you wish to enter any EBU competition, look at the EBU website and enter from home.

The North Devon Congress is being played 'virtually' on February 27th (Pairs) and 28th (Teams) this year. 

For entry details, see the North Devon or Barnstaple Bridge Club websites.



HUGE Congratulations to Alan Biggs on his promotion by the EBU  in April 2020 to the rank of


Alan is the first member of the Club ever to reach this high rank.

Well done to other members of the club promoted by the EBU during 'lockdown'.

Master: Bob Bennett

Advanced Master:  Christine Theobald

County Master:  Mary Hopgood

Forthcoming Events

No bridge at the Parkhouse until further notice.

Cornwall County Bridge Association
Cornwall County Bridge Association

Bude Bridge Club is affiliated to the Cornwall County Bridge Association.

Click here to visit their web-site.

4th May 2021
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
11th May 2021
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
18th May 2021
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Online
Director: Neil Trenaman
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Online
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Bridge Club Live