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Bude Bridge Club Committee

The Club Committee for 2021, until an EGM:

 Chairman:  Chris Nichols

Treasurer:     Stephen Smith

Committee Members Maureen Fallows, Neil Trenaman, Steve Trenner


The Directors' rota for this year:


1st, 2nd and 5th Chris
3rd Bob
4th Stephen S


Wednesdays: Deb (scorers Tom and Terry)



1st     Neil


EBU Royalty 2021

The Club has several regular members in the 'Royalty and Honours' of the current EBU National Grading Scheme as of 1st July 2021..

The Club's inactivity during the pandemic has led to several members dropping off the leader board.

King: Alan Biggs

Jack:  Chris Nichols, Steven Clifton, Rob Irish, Nick Newell

10s:   Ann Bennett, Bob Bennett, Paul Creighton, Lindsey Sandilands, Neil Trenaman, Dave Clarke




All sessions (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays): Members £2.50 (£3.50 Sims nights). 

Visitors £3.50 (£6.50 on Sims nights)


Contact Us

To contact us, please contact Chris Nichols at the above email and phone number.

Mr. Bridge Quiz
Mr. Bridge Quiz

Try the 'Mr. Bridge' quiz!

Updated every Tuesday.

North Cornwall Bridge Clubs
North Cornwall Bridge Clubs

As well as Bude, there are 3 other EBU affiliated bridge clubs in North Cornwall - Bodmin, Newquay and Wadebridge.

They share a website at

News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Blue and White Books
Blue and White Books

The EBU have produced 2 new books. The Blue Book takes the place of the current Orange and Tangerine Books.

There is also an updated White Book. This is for Tournament directors but there will be members who will find this enlightening!

Last updated : 15th Dec 2013 10:26 GMT
The Master Point Scheme

Local Master          100

Club Master           200

Area Master           500

District Master       1000

County Master       2500

Master                   5000

Advanced Master  7500

*Master                 10000

**Master                15000

***Master               20000

****Master              25000

*****Master            30000

Tournament Master 40000

Last updated : 5th Mar 2014 13:45 GMT

In order to keep an accurate record of current membership, the committee has introduced a token annual subscription of £1.

Payment is due to the Treasurer on January 1st.


Payment is due to the Treasurer on January 1st.

Any member not having paid their subscription by March 1st will be deemed to have resigned from the club, and their details will not be included in the next club handbook.


Last updated : 9th Apr 2014 14:54 BST




Last updated : 19th Jun 2015 16:20 BST




Last updated : 19th Jun 2015 16:20 BST

When to Call the Director




If an opening lead is made from the wrong hand, CALL THE DIRECTOR.

They will give you the 5 options.

No action should be taken until all the options have been given and considered.

The options are considered by the DECLARER ONLY, without consulting their partner.


LEAD OUT OF TURN (LAWS 53, 54, 55, 56.)


If there has been a Lead out of Turn, CALL THE DIRECTOR.

They will decide whether the Lead has been accepted or not.

They will then give you the options.

No action should be taken until all the options have been given and considered.




CALL THE DIRECTOR. They will give you the options.

No action should be taken until all the options have been given and considered.




If a revoke is thought to have been established, CALL THE DIRECTOR.

The Director will decide whether the revoke has been established.

If it has NOT been established, the Director will tell you what the Law says about Penalty Cards and subsequent play.


If the revoke has become established,  then play continues.


At the end of the hand, if the Director has deemed that the Revoke had been established, THE DIRECTOR IS CALLED BACK to make rectification.




If a call is made out of rotation, CALL THE DIRECTOR.

This may be quite complicated, so please be patient while the Director explains.




Unauthorised Information can be given accidentally in many ways.

When a player considers that an opponent has made such information available and that damage could well result, they may announce that they ‘Reserve the Right to summon the Director later’.

If the opponents dispute the facts, CALL THE DIRECTOR IMMEDIATELY.

When a player has substantial reason to believe that bidding or play has been affected by the Unauthorised information, CALL THE DIRECTOR at the end of the hand.





If a player doesn’t want the board in the centre of the table, CALL THE DIRECTOR.

It is needed so that all players can check the Board Number and the vulnerability.


DUMMY  (LAWS 42 and 43)


Dummy is very limited as what they may do.


In brief, Dummy plays the cards as the Declarer’s agent and must generally keep quiet except to prevent any irregularity by Declarer.


If they exceed their limitations and you feel damaged, please CALL THE DIRECTOR.


CLAIMS (LAWS 68, 69 and 70)


If a Claim of tricks won (or lost) is made, play ceases.


Players may NOT ask for the hand to be played out.


The Claim MUST be accompanied by a full description of how the hand would be played in order to win the claimed tricks.


If the Claim is then disputed, either because the Claim is incorrect, or, if no description is given and there is an alternative play that would not give the same tricks, CALL THE DIRECTOR.




Announcing is compulsory (5B2). Announce only partner’s calls, never your own.

Announce the range of a 1 No Trump opening bid. Say, for example, ’12 to 14’. If relevant, also say, ‘May contain a singleton’.

Announce if your partner responds with Stayman or a Transfer after a 1 No Trump opening bid. Say, ‘Stayman’ or ‘Hearts’ or ‘Spades’ (NOTE: Alert, don’t announce, 2 Spades if it is a transfer to Clubs).

Announce the strength of your partners opening 2 of a suit. Say ’Weak’, or ‘Strong non-forcing’ or ‘Strong forcing’. If it is a Precision 2 Clubs, announce ‘Intermediate’.

If it is a strong Acol or a Benji 2 Clubs, ALERT, don’t announce.





So long as their side has not led or played to the next trick, any player (except Dummy) may, until they have turned their own card face down, require that all cards just played to the trick be faced. Thereafter, the cards of quitted tricks may not be inspected.




A player should maintain a courteous attitude at all times.

If you are concerned about your opponent’s conduct, CALL THE DIRECTOR.


Last updated : 18th Sep 2016 11:12 BST
Jean Hemmerle
Jean Hemmerle

The club are sad to hear of the passing of one of our dear founder members, Jean Hemmerle.

Jean was a much-loved member always cheeful and full of fun.

She was an excellent card player and for many years developed a formidable partnership with Mary Hopgood.

Jean will be greatly missed.

Last updated : 1st Apr 2017 10:21 BST
Wednesday Winners
Wednesday Winners

The Wednesday Champions 2017 were Alan Merchant-White and Ian Curtis, winning the Christine Carey Trophy.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2017 13:57 GMT
Grand Slam Champion!
Grand Slam Champion!

Linda Ashworth was crowned Grand Slam Champion 2017 for successfully bidding and making 3 Grand Slams during the season, each with a different partner.

The 'John and Bill Grand Slam Decanter Label' adorns a well-deserved bottle of gin.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2017 13:58 GMT
Mix and Match Champions!
Mix and Match Champions!

Maureen Fallows and Bob Bennett were convincing winners of the Leslie Davis Mix and Match Cup.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2017 13:58 GMT
Club Champions 2017
Club Champions 2017

At our recent Annual General Meeting, Steven Clifton and Alan Biggs picked up  the John Ridding Club Championship.

Alan also won the Clifton Trophy with Rob Mabley.


Last updated : 17th Jan 2018 22:20 GMT
Team winners
Team winners

The winners of the Club Teams Championship 2017 were  Stephen Smith, Ann Bennett, Micheline Smith and Bob Bennett.

Micheline and Stephen also won the Noth Coast Wine Handicap Pairs, and Bob joined Maureen Fallows in winning the Leslie Davies Mix and Match Trophy.

Last updated : 17th Jan 2018 22:21 GMT
Sad News

It is with sadness that we learned of the passing of Jacqueline Russell, aged 94, peacefully last Sunday.

A long-time member of the club, Jacky was a feisty bridge player, known for her unauthodox bidding and masterful card play, winning the Club Teams Championship in 2003 at the age of 80!

She continued to play at the club until well into her 90s.

Last updated : 24th May 2018 14:38 BST
Club Champions 2018
Club Champions 2018

Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols with the John Ridding Club Championship trophies.

Last updated : 30th May 2018 20:28 BST
Grand Slam Champ!
Grand Slam Champ!

Mary Hopgood was our Grand Slam winner this year, bidding and making twice as many Grand slams as any other member.

Last updated : 30th May 2018 20:30 BST
Wednesday Champions
Wednesday Champions

Hilary Doren (pictured) partnered Gill Lowe to win the Christine Carey Trophy.

Last updated : 30th May 2018 20:30 BST

Seasons Greetings!

From us all at Bude Bridge Club,

 a Very Happy New Year!

Last updated : 3rd Jan 2019 10:36 GMT
Top Ten Club

Leading  scores during the 2018/2019 season:

Chris and Steven 79.00% April 20th
Alan and Rob 71.60% May 15th
Bob and Ann 70.83% May 18th
Jane and Chris 70.31% August 28th
Mary Hicks & James 69.79% July 10th
Bob & Ann Bennett 68.23% Oct 2nd
Alan and Bill 67.50% April 24th
Neil and Sarah 67.26% May 4th
Jane and Chris 66.67% June 12th
Neil and Sarah 66.67% Dec 18th


and Top Five from Wednesdays:

Chris N and Jonathan 76.11% May 16th
Chris N and Jonathan 73.02% April 25th
Alison and Maureen 72.78% April 16th
Neil and Sarah 72.5% Dec 19th
Neil and Sarah 70.83% August 1st


Last updated : 3rd Apr 2019 17:38 BST
Mix and Match winners 2018.
Mix and Match winners 2018.

Linda Ashworth teamed up with Paul Creighton to win the Mix and Match trophy 2018.

Last updated : 3rd Apr 2019 18:57 BST
Handicap Pairs Sponsor
Handicap Pairs Sponsor

We are delighted to thank North Coast Wine for sponsoring our Handicap Pairs competition for the fourth year.

Monthly wine winners for 2018/19:

October: Margaret and Noreen

November: Sue and Glenys

December: Christine and James

January: Paul and Alan

February:  Jane and Chris

March: Annie Q and Nick

Last updated : 1st Jun 2019 13:28 BST
Thank you!
Thank you!

Many thanks to all members who helped raise a magnificent £95 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance at the Bude Heritage Day last weekend.

Last updated : 5th Aug 2019 11:05 BST
Letter to EBU Magazine, December 2018

Lovely Cornwall  

'On a recent, extended and lonely babysitting holiday in the Bude area, I phoned and asked if it was possible to play at the local bridge club. The response was immediate and very welcoming: partners were organised at short notice and I can recommend Deb Delvalle and Ann Bennett (who organises partners) and all the members for their friendliness and warmth towards a 'bridging stranger'. Their kindness changed the time spent there to a lovely memory'.

(English Bridge magazine Issue 280, page 59)

Last updated : 31st Aug 2019 12:44 BST
Brian Relton

We are very sad to learn of the death of Brian Relton on September 9th.

Brian was a member of Bude Bridge Club for many years, serving as Chairman and Director.

He was responsible for the success of the later Bude Bridge Congresses at the Strand Hotel, organising with his quiet manner and great efficiency.

As Chairman, he updated the Constitution and introduced a more organised playing environment.

Brian was a very accomplished bridge player, winning the Club Championship in 2002, 2008 and 2009, and the Teams Championship in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006.

He played for many years in the Cornwall C Team with his wife Elaine, with both Dave Voller and Linda, and Chris and Jane, winning the Western Counties League in 2017.

When he and Elaine moved to Newquay, he was honoured with Life Membership of the club.

His attention to detail was second to none and he will be greatly missed.

We all send our heartfelt condolences to Elaine and the family.

Last updated : 1st Oct 2019 13:33 BST
Jug of Bridge Wisdom

2017 (Gill Lowe) ' Be Kind to your partner'

2018 (Alison Osborne) 'A test of your skill against your opponents' luck'

2019  (Tim Benson and Gill Lowe) ' After the darkest night, the sun will rise'

Last updated : 20th Dec 2019 14:25 GMT
Seasons Greetings!
Seasons Greetings!

        A Very Happy 2020 to All!

Bridge recommences in 2020 on Tuesday, January 7th (Handicap Pairs) and Wednesday 8th.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2020 19:19 GMT


Coronavirus  (Covid-19)

 We must take it seriously; we are the “at risk” group. 

 Worst case scenario might mean suspension of play.

 For now we should be following the guidelines on prevention & containment, and keeping cards  and bidding boxes clean. 

 It’s a fluid situation and we will try to keep up to date.

 In the meantime:

PLEASE self-isolate if you have been to an affected area. 

 Do not play if you are not feeling completely well. 

 Wash hands frequently with soap and water.  We request all players to wash their hands before touching any thing in the Bridge cupboards and before entering the bridge room.

 Use alcohol gel or hand rub.  Best practice would be to use alcohol gel between EVERY hand.

 Practise respiratory hygiene, cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and discard tissues immediately into a closed bin, then clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

 Avoid making contact between players' hands and mouths prior to touching their cards.

  Use air dryer or disposable paper towels to dry hands. 

Maintain social distancing.  Clearly this is the hardest in a bridge club, but many clubs have enough space to spread tables out so that people are not on top of each other.


Last updated : 17th Mar 2020 11:15 GMT

A session for improvers, although everyone is welcome, who want more practice in a relaxed atmosphere - 15-21 boards, tea and biscuits, but no Masterpoints.

At the Parkhouse Centre, arrive by 1.50 for a 2 p.m. start - finish usually by 5pm.

Last updated : 17th Mar 2020 11:16 GMT
Latest Friday result

Congratulatins to Bob and Linda, winners of the reinstated Friday club night.  Hopefully more club members will play next month on the Friday club night (April 3rd)!!


Last updated : 17th Mar 2020 12:53 GMT
Inaugural Beryl Mardon Trophy winner
Inaugural Beryl Mardon Trophy winner

Maureen Fallows is the first-ever winner of the new Beryl Mardon Cup for service to the club,  voted on by the members.

Last updated : 5th Apr 2020 13:45 BST
Collian Bowl Winners 2019
Collian Bowl Winners 2019

Annie Quartermain and Rob Irish were awarded the Collian Bowl 2019 at the AGM.

AGM photos by Bob Bennett

Last updated : 5th Apr 2020 13:45 BST
Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour


Club Championship – Mary Francis Cup


1991    Simon and Angela Ainger

1992    Veronica Thres and Nora Routledge

1993    John Justice and Bill Walton

1994    Simon and Angela Ainger

1995    Simon and Angela Ainger

1996    Tad and Eva Sochanik

1997    Frank and Doris Clifton

1998    Ray Bird and Alan Curtis

1999    Brian Rogers and John Hudson

2000    Ray Bird and John Justice

2001    Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols

2002    Brian and Elaine Relton

2003    Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols

2004    June Justice and Linda Ashworth

2005    Alan Merchant-White and Dave Lincoln

2006    Linda Ashworth and Dave Voller

2007    Linda Ashworth and Dave Voller

2008    Brian and Elaine Relton

2009    Brian and Elaine Relton

2010    Roger Alway and Chris Nichols

2011    Steven and Charles Clifton

2012    Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols

The John Ridding Club Championship

2013   Steven and Charles Clifton

2014   Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols

2015   Steven and Charles Clifton

      2016   Alan Biggs and Carole Reid

      2017   Alan Biggs and Steven Clifton.

      2018   Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols.

      2019   Alan Biggs and Paul Creighton

      2020  Steven Clifton and David Clarke

Teams Championship

1991 Wilf and Nora Routledge, Dick and Joan Godden

1992 Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols, Marian Grimshaw  and Pat Clark

1993 Veronica Thres and Nora Routledge, Dick and Joan Godden

1994 Veronica Thres and Nora Routledge, Dick and Joan Godden

1995 Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols, Marian Grimshaw and Pat Clark

1996 Ron and Paula Mansfield, Tad and Eva Sochanik

1997 Ray Bird and John Hudson, Dick Godden and Paul Laming

1998 Ray Bird and John Hudson, Dick Godden and Paul Laming

1999 Ray Bird and Mary Barr-Hall, John Hudson and June Justice

2000 Lillian Roger and Godfrey Newcombe, Brian and Elaine Relton

2001 John Justice and George Dunkin, Dave Voller and Linda Ashworth

2002 Maureen Keane and Ursula Wilde, Brian and Elaine Relton

2003 Maureen Keane and Ursula Wilde, Jacqueline Russell and Brian Morgan

2004 June Justice and Mary Barr-Hall, Ray Bird and Brian Relton

2005 Linda Ashworth and Dave Voller, John Ridding and George Dunkin

2006 Brian and Elaine Relton, June Justice and Mary Barr-Hall

2007 June Justice and Colin Hollister, Mary Barr-Hall and Elaine Relton

2008 June Justice and Colin Hollister, Elaine Relton and Alan Biggs

2009 June Justice and Colin Hollister, Elaine Relton and Alan Biggs

2010 Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols, Alan Merchant-White and Dave Lincoln

2011 Jenny Tregarthen and Charles Clifton, Ian Edwards and Alan Biggs

2012 Mary Hopgood and Sylvia Rogers, Brian Morgan and Brian Rogers

2013 Jacqueline Russell and James Sim, Brian Morgan and Brian Rogers

2014 Steven Clifton and Dave Clarke, Ian Edwards and Alan Biggs 

2015 Steven Clifton and Dave Clarke,Alan Biggs and Carole Reid

2016 Steven Clifton and Dave Clarke,Alan Biggs and Carole Reid

2017 Bob Bennett and Ann Bennett, Stephen Smith and Micheline Smith

2018 Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey, Neil Trenaman and Sarah Trenaman 

2019 Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey, Neil Trenaman and Sarah Trenaman 

2020 Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey, Neil Trenaman and Sarah Trenaman

Last updated : 10th Apr 2020 14:12 BST


 2010  Mary Hopgood & Jean Hemmerle

2011 Mary and David Hicks.

2012 George Booth and Paul Laming.

2013 Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey.

2014 Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey.

2015 Steven and Charles Clifton.

2016 Steven Clifton and Linda Ashworth.

2017 Alan Biggs and Robert Mabley.

2018 Alan Biggs and Robert Mabley.

2019 Steven Clifton and David Clarke..



Last updated : 12th May 2020 12:44 BST
Competition Winners 2019/2020


The John Ridding Club Championship

Steven Clifton and David Clarke



Teams of Four

Neil and Sarah Trenaman, Jane Koldewey and Chris Nichols 

Collian Bowl

Tertia and Tom Salt

Handicap Pairs

Maureen Fallows and Ian Curtis

Doris and Frank Clifton Trophy

Steve Clifton and David Clarke

June Justice Individual

Neil Trenaman

Jug of Bridge Wisdom

(See News Page)

Gill Lowe and Tim Benson
Beryl Mardon Memorial Trophy Deb Delvalle 

John and Bill Grand Slam Bottle

Alan Merchant-White, Steve Trenner, Chris Nichols  




Last updated : 19th Jan 2021 22:14 GMT
Handicap Pairs 2019-2020

Winners of the wine prizes for this season:

September: Maureen Fallows and Ian Curtis

October: Noreen Heslop and Margaret Swayne

November:  Terry Abbott and Neil Trenaman

December: Paul Creighton and Alan Biggs

January: Annie Quartermain and Tilly Peck

February: Jenny Tregarthen and Linda Ashworth

March: Mike Newman and Rob Irish

Last updated : 1st Feb 2021 09:16 GMT
Annual General Meeting 2021
Annual General Meeting 2021

 The  Annual General Meeting will be held 'virtually' on Tuesday, April 6th, starting at 6 p.m.

Bob will be sending an email to all members, who can login to the Zoom event from 5.45 p.m.

All members should have received an email giving details of the AGM, the Acting Chair's Report and the Acting Treasurer's Financial Statement.

We are seeking nominations for the Acting Committee, to make decisions until such time as we are able to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The present members of the Acting Committee are:

Acting Chair:  Chris Nichols

Acting Treasurer: Stephen Smith

Acting Committee members: Maureen Fallows, Steve Trenner, Neil Trenaman.

Last updated : 6th Apr 2021 20:41 BST