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Bude Bridge Club Committee


The Club Committee for 2024/25

 Chairman: Steve Clifton

Vice Chairman: Chris Nichols

Secretary:  Val Ridding

Treasurer:    Tom Salt

Committee Members:,  Mary Hicks, Rosemary Kemble, Tertia Salt, Ian Curtis, 


The Directors' rota for this year:

Tuesdays:  Chris and  Steve 

Mondays: Chris, Alan, Robert and Neil

EBU Royalty 2024
EBU Royalty 2024

The Club has several regular members in the 'Royalty and Honours' of the current EBU National Grading Scheme as of 1st July 2024.

King:  Nick Newell

Jack:  Steve Clifton

10:  Chris Nichols, Rob Irish, Robert Waterhouse,  Bob Bennett, David Clarke.




Congratulations to Robert Waterhouse promoted to the rank of County Master by the EBU.



All sessions (Mondays and Tuesdays)   £3

EBU and Ecats Events (Members Only)   £5

Visitors £4

Annual subscription: £5

Contact Us
Contact Us

To contact us, please contact the Club Secretary 

Val Ridding on       07760284097

Mr. Bridge Quiz
Mr. Bridge Quiz

Try the 'Mr. Bridge' quiz!

Updated every Tuesday.

North Cornwall Bridge Clubs
North Cornwall Bridge Clubs

As well as Bude, there is also an EBU affiliated club at Wadebridge.

Their  website is

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