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Board Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting October 2022



Board Meeting Minutes


Members attending:  Ron Gramlich, Ked Varble, Ken Aerni, Dave Lash, Lorie Huss, Tim Rupert and John Socotch.

Members not attending:  Lynn Krisko, Candace Pope, Kathie Tofaute.

Treasurer’s report:  Ken Aerni reported the checkbook balance at $5, 398.07

Secretary’s minutes:  As emailed by Dave Lash


Ron reviewed the Pancake Breakfast and reported that we were able to donate $7,000.00 to Staying Connected. Lorie said she sent a thank you note to the Sun City Car Club for their participation with cars for showing in the parking lot.

Ron reported that Bob Gruesser has 9 members signed up for the April Pawleys Plantation Golf Outing.

Lorie reported that we have 90 members signed up for the Oktoberfest at Lake Somerset Park on Thursday, October 13th.  Dave said he would confirm that number with A Time to Eat Food Truck.  Set up at 3:00pm with food starting at 4:30pm.  That way members who were not playing in the Corn Hole Tournament will be able to start eating and the line waiting will also be less.

Ron asked that we give Lynn Krisko a special thanks for her handling of the Ohio State Football Luncheons at Tailgators.  They have always been well organized and she has made a special effort to make sure everyone feels welcomed.  Thanks also to her helper Bob!

Lorie reported that the Illinois Group has asked if the Buckeye Group members would join them in a Trivia Night on November 5th at 7:00pm in Pinckney Hall.  Cost is $10.00 per member.  The Board approved.

The Buckeye Christmas Party will be Sunday, December 18, 2022.  4:00-8:00pm in the Lakehouse Ballroom.  Dr. Paul and Susan will be the entertainment.  Dress will be casual and there will be prizes for games and an “Ugly Sweater” contest!

Southern Spice will be catering the food as follows:

Before dinner-antipasto platters

Chicken Piccata (Vegan or Gluten free available)


Mixed salad

Sauteed vegetables

Peach cobbler

Coffee, sweet tea, regular iced tea and lemonade.


Setup, serving and tear down by Southern Spice


Lifestyles is asking for requests for use of the display cases in Pinckney Hall. We will try for August or September.

Below is the tentative list of events for 2023.  All dates and rooms will need to be confirmed by The Lifestyles Department.

January-New Member Pizza Party

February-Buckeye Chili Cookoff

March-Members General Meeting

April-Buckeye Family Feud

May-Tailgators Kentucky Derby Party

June-Buckeye Men’s Golf Outing and Bingo at Tailgators

July-Pool Party and Luau

August-Bocce Tournament and NCAA football Kickoff

September-Buckeye Pancake Breakfast/Silent Action


November-Buckeye Members Bowling at 300 Lanes

December-Christmas/Holiday Party

Ron reminded the Board Members that we would like to have one more Board Member for a total of 11. Think of members to recommend.

November Board Meeting To be Arranged by Ron.

Board Meeting September 2022


Buckeye Group Sun City

Board Meeting Minutes



Members attending:  Ron Gramlich, Dave Lash, Lorie Huss, Tim Rupert, John Socotch, Kathie Tofaute and Keith Burkitt.

Members not attending:  Ked Varble, Ken Aerni, Lynn Krisko, Candace Pope.



Ron reported that the shirts and hats on order will be here in time for the Pancake Breakfast.  Jim Armine will sell any additional shirts and hats at the Breakfast.

Ron stated the Jim has not decided on joining the Buckeye Board.

Ron asked the board members to pass out our website business cards to any members or anyone interested in joining.  We want to emphasize that the membership should go to our website for all information regarding the Buckeye Group.

It was decided that we would sell the Ohio State miniature wooden golf carts at the Pancake Breakfast.  Other styles can be customized on request. We will also have them available at the Club Fair.

We will have our first of the season Ohio State Football Luncheon and game at Tailgators on September 10, 2022 at noon.

X-Golf had 5 members attending.

Ron reported that he has assigned all the volunteers for the Pancake Breakfast.  Several of the committee members went through the storage unit and collected what would be needed.  Board members reviewed past problem areas and what will be done to avoid a repeat.



Ron reported that Bob Gruesser has arranged for a Buckeye Spring Golf Outing at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club.  4 days and 3 nights, April 16-17-18-19, 2023.  Sign up and final cost to follow.

Lorie reminded the Board that we have to schedule rooms for 2023 and to have some ideas and dates to present at the next board meeting.

The October board meeting date 10/4/2022, 3:30 Lakehouse Lobby


Minutes as submitted via email by Dave Lash, Board Secretary



Board Meeting August 2022


Buckeye Group Board Minutes

August 9, 2022

Lakehouse Lobby


Board Members present:  Ron Gramlich, Ked Varble, Ken Aerni, Dave Lash, Lynn Krisko, Candace Pope, Kathie Tofaute, Keith Burkitt and John Socotch.  Absent:  Lorie Huss and Tim Rupert


Treasurer’s Report:  Checking account balance $3,290.00

Secretary’s minutes:  As sent via email July 17, 2022



Buckeye Bingo at Tailgators 7/28/22 was attended by 30 members.

Buckeye Bowling at Station 300 7/14/22 was attended by 20 members.

Pancake Breakfast 9/17/22.  Ron reviewed what was still needed for the breakfast and asked that we send out an additional request for members to help.  Lorie sent an email spelling out where she was as far as the Silent Auction.  Dave reported that he was able to get the Bluffton Fire Dept. to again offer a Firehouse Dinner as part of the Silent Auction.  They will keep 50% of the bid to offset their cost. The Car Club will have a display of classic cars.  Still need golf packages and additional gift baskets for the auction. Lorie asked that all Board Members try to get the word out in their neighborhoods and other clubs/groups they belong to. Ron and other Board Members will go to the storage unit to inventory what we have/need for the Breakfast.  Dave mentioned that Nancy had plenty of butter pats left as was donated last year from Jack Frost.

Ken and Carol hosted a great summer picnic at their home for the Board Members and spouses.  It was a great time and additional get togethers will be planned.


Ron reported that he has ordered several Buckeye Group shirts and caps to be sold at the Pancake Breakfast.  Our supplier, Jim Armine, will handle the sales during the Breakfast.

Ron passed out business cards with our website information.  We want to emphasize using the web site for finding information.  He asked all Board Members to pass them out to any members they come in contact with. 

Miniature Ohio State wooden golf carts will be on sale at the breakfast for $18.00 each.

Lynn Krisko reported the first Buckeye Football Luncheon at Tailgators will be 9/10/22 at noon for the OSU vs. Arkansas State game.  We are planning prizes for the Thanksgiving Week-end OSU vs. Michigan game.

Ron announced that Board Member Keith Burkitt and his wife Sharon are moving.  The Board wishes them the best success on their new journey.  We also thank Keith for his help during his time on the Board.

Ron placed Jim Armine’s name in nomination to replace Keith.  Ron will contact Jim to see if he would be interested.

We so far have 8 members signed up to play, X Golf on 8/18/22.  We would like to have 18.


Next Board Meeting, Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 3:30pm in the Lakehouse Lobby.



Board Meeting July 2022


Buckeye Group Board Minutes

7/5/2022 3:30pm

Lakehouse Lobby


Members attending:  Ron Gramlich, Ked Varble, Ken Aerni, Dave Lash, Lynn Krisko, Lori Huss, Tim Rupert and Keith Burkitt

Members not attending:  Kathie Tofaute, John Socotch and Candace Pope


Treasurer’s Report:  Ken Aerni checking account at $3,905.52

Secretary’s Minutes:  Dave Lash as submitted via email 6/14/2022



We will display the mini-golf carts at Buckeye events.  Selling for $15.00 each.  Payable to Ron or if the Buckeye Group buys them and resells.


Christmas Party is Sunday 1218/2022 at the Lakehouse.  Ron has arranged for Dr. Paul and Susan to play music.  Southern Spice will cater the party.  This will be our 2nd free room for the year 2022.  Admission price to be determined later.


Board Picnic will be at Ken and Carol Aerni’s house at 771 Knollwood Ct. 7/15/22 from 5:00-8:00.  Ken and Ron will supply meat with those attending bringing side dishes and drinks.



Men’s Night Out Bowling at Station 300 6:00-8:00.  18 have signed up, need 20.  $25.00 per person. Lorie will send out another email to membership.

X-Golf is 8/20/22.  Cost $55.00 per person which includes food, golf and 2 drinks.  6 members have signed up.  Lorie will send another email after the bowling is done.

Ladies Night Out will start requiring a minimum number.  Next event is Bingo at Tailgators 7/28/22. Lynn requested and received  $32.00 seed money for Tailgator’s events. She requested $75.00 for the OSU vs Michigan game to be used for prizes.  The kazoos used for Script Ohio will be reused after being sterilized.

Euchre night is scheduled for 8/18/22.

Field Of Dreams MLB game.  The Illinois Group has invited the Buckeye Group to join them at Tailgators to watch the game.  They have a back room reserved which holds 50-65 people. The game is 8/11/22 at 5:30.  Cost is $5.00 per person which gets you a seat, popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jacks.  You can also order food @ $20.00 per person additional.

Annual Pancake Breakfast & Silent Auction - September 17 at the Pavilion.  Ron is in charge of the pancake portion.  Lorie is in charge of the Silent Auction portion,  Flyer and stickers are ready for to go.  Email to be sent out soon for volunteers.  

Ron reviewed the clothing options.  We will sell shirts and caps at the Pancake Breakfast.  Also take orders from members.


Brainstorming upcoming events.  Oktober Fest/Corn Hole Tournament.  We will check dates available for the pavilion in October. 

Buckeye Brunch in November at Local Pie in Bluffton.


Next Board Meeting will be August 9, 2022 at 3:30 in the Lakehouse Lobby.


Minutes submitted by Dave Lash and Keith Burkitt



Board Meeting June 2022


Buckeye Group

Board Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2022

Lakehouse Lobby


Attending:  Ron Gramlich, Ked Varble, Ken Aerni, Dave Lash, Lynn Krisko, Candace Pope, Keith Burkitt and John Socotch.

Not present:  Lorie Huss, Tim Rupert and KathieTofaute.


Board minutes from the May 2022 meeting were submitted via email with no changes.

Ken Aerni, Treasurer reported a checking account balance of $5,542.47



Ron introduced the new board members attending.

Lynn Krisko reported that she was hoping for a larger attendance for the upcoming Buffalo Wild Wings gathering.

John, Ron and Keith are going to put together 300 Bowling and X-golf for the Buckeye Men's Night out.

Dave Lash reported that we were able to purchase 30 Buckeye Bucks Gift Certificates for future prizes.  We couldn’t make any changes on the re-order to keep our 35% discount.



Bob Gruesser requested a donation to help a local high school tennis player to reach a goal in order to cover travel expenses for a state tournament.  After a discussion it was decided that this would only open the door to more requests for others.  The board voted to not participate.

Ron checked out the storage unit and determined that we needed to put together a review and clean-out as soon as possible.  It has gotten pretty full and some things can be thrown out.

Ron showed the miniature Buckeye golf carts that a member has made and is wanting to sell at the pancake breakfast.  After discussion it was ok for the sale at a cost of $15.00 each.

Ron has contacted a Sun City resident who can obtain shirts and hats for the Buckeye Group at a much better price than our previous supplier.  Ron is waiting on the final details before presenting to the board for approval.

Ken Aerni has proposed a Buckeye Board Members Cook-Out including spouses.  He will be the host and it will be a BYOB.  More info to follow.

A suggestion was made that for future events with cost of less than $25 that Board Members would not be charged for admission.  It was decided that Ron would make the decision to charge or not based on each event.

Dave Lash introduced the idea that we have one free room left for the year and we could use it for the Lakehouse Ballroom for the Christmas Dance.  Candace will check it out with Lifestyles and report back at the next Board Meeting. Keith made the motion and it was seconded by Ked. Proposal passed to use the free room if available.


Next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 5, 2022 at 3:30 in the Lakehouse Lobby.



Board Meeting May 2022


Buckeye Group

Board Meeting

May 10, 2022 3:30pm

Lakehouse Lobby


Board Members attending:  Ron Gramlich, Ken Aerni, Dave Lash, Lynn Krisko, Lorie Huss and Candace Pope


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance as of 4/29/22 of $4,964.66

Secretary’s Minutes:  As submitted via email 4/4/22 by Dave Lash



Ladies Golf Tournament:  Lynn reported that the tournament was on 4/12/22 and went very well.  Joan Turner did a great job.

Spring Easter Egg Hunt:  Lorie reported that there were only a few members and family attending.  Weather was a factor.

Ladies Mah Jongg Tournament:  Lynn reported that there will be 4 tables of 4.  She will send another request to the membership to see if more may join.  Scheduled for Lake House Card Room 5/19/22.

Luau Picnic and Pool Party:  Lorie reported that we have 56 reservations.  Scheduled for the Lakehouse Ballroom and Pool on 5/20/22.

Ron reported on the progress of buying Buckeye Group shirts and hats.  He will order 12 for members to see before ordering.  John Socotch said he may have a contact that will also bid on the clothing.  Ron will wait to hear back from John.

Buckeye Group Website:  Lorie will add the new Board Members, with pictures, to the opening page of our website and also update the opening page.



New Board Member nominees:  Lynn and Ron introduced the following nominees for the Board.  Kathie Tofaute, Keith Burkitt and John Socotch.  Each nominee introduced themselves with a bio.  Lynn Krisko made a motion to accept the nominees and Lorie Huss seconded.  Current Board members accepted the nominations.

Upcoming events:  Pancake Breakfast will be Saturday, September 17, 2022 in the Pavilion.  Ron will chair the breakfast part and Lorie will chair the Silent Auction.  They will schedule other members to help as needed.  A discussion followed on what charity would benefit from the Breakfast this year.  Candace made a motion that Staying Connected be the charity for this year.  Ron seconded.  The motion passed.

Lorie said that the Illinois Group has invited the Buckeye Group to participate in their “Field of Dreams” party this year.  It will be August 11, 2022 in the Pavilion.  The Board asked Lorie to get more information and report back at the June Board Meeting.  A possible Bowling Party at Station 300 and Virtual Golf  at Tanger was also discussed.

Buckeye Gift Certificates:  Ron asked Dave to order another 25 certificates to be used as prizes.

Storage Unit:  Ron asked who had keys to the unit and if we could do an inventory of the contents.  This will be followed up for the next meeting.  

Current total of membership:  Lorie reported that we had 450 paid members.



Tuesday, June 7, 2022


Lakehouse Lobby



Board Meeting April 2022


Buckeye Group

Board Meeting

April, 4, 2022-Lakehouse 


Board Members attending:

Nancy Giuliano, Ked Varble, Dave Lash, Lorie Huss, Lynn Krisko, Candace Pope


Treasurer’s Report:  Ken Aerni via email 3/21/22.  $5,340.15

Secretary’s Minutes:  Nancy Giuliano submitted via email.


Buckeye Bingo at Tailgators:  Lynn Krisko reported that she had a great response and the 50/50 drawing netted $250.00.  Kathy Tofaute included her portion.  Local responders will receive the full amount.


Buckeye Senior Prom:  Nancy Giuliano reported 81 tickets sold.  Income was $1,580.00 less expenses for a total $1,162.00.


New Members/General Meeting:  Lorie reported 73 members paid $5.00 each.


Buckeye Ladies Golf Tournament:  4/12/2022 1:00-4:00pm. Lynn Krisko reported that Joan Turner has 32 members (8 teams of 4).


Spring Picnic/Easter Egg Hunt:  Lorie Huss reported the event will be in Lake Somerset Park 4/16/22 from 1:00 - 4:00pm.  She will send an email to the membership reminding them to bring their visiting families to the event.  All are invited to bring a picnic lunch and watch the Egg Hunt.


Buckeye Ladies Mah Jongg:  Lynn Krisko will send out an email to save the date.


Luau Party:  Lorie Huss will send out an email to save the date May 20, 2022.  The event will be at the Lakehouse Pool and Ballroom.  Details to follow.  Special guest will be the return of “Buckey” the bull.


The Board reviewed the new apparel logo and decided to keep the old logo but with Sun City being removed (as requested by Lifestyles) The plan is to pre-order 12 shirts of various colors and sizes then sell them after offering them to the membership.


Nancy Giuliano reviewed plans to get more members involved in the planning and helping with upcoming events.


Lorie is working on updating our website.


A motion was made by Dave Lash to change our Coastal States Bank checking account signatures to add Nancy Giuliano (President) and remove David Lash (Past President).  The motion was seconded by Lynn Krisko and was passed with a quorum vote of the 6 members present.  The following members will be able to sign checks:

Nancy Giuliano, President

Ken Aerni, Treasurer

Lynn Krisko, Membership Chair


We received a request to join the Beaufort Dragon Boat competition.  After discussion it was decided to not participate.


Some upcoming suggestions  for events:

Trivia Night at Al’s Pizza

X-Golf at Tanger Outlets

Bowling Fun Night at 300


The next Board Meeting will be May 10, 2022 at 3:30pm in the Lakehouse Lobby


Minutes submitted by Dave Lash, Board Secretary



Board Meeting February 2022


Buckeye Board Meeting Minutes

Feb 8, 2022, Lake House

MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Lash, Lynn Krisko, Lorie Huss, Nancy Giuliano,  Tim Ruppert,  Ked Varble

NOT PRESENT: Ken Aerni, Ron Gramlich, Candace Pope

TREASURER”s REPORT: Dave Lash  $4,131.11


  • Room reservations: Ron Gramlich- requests have been submitted
  • Storage Unit: Lorie Huss- We will  remain where we are
  • Bridgewebs: Lorie Huss- still checking options
  • Ladies' night out: Lynn Krisko- 26 Ladies attended 
  • Membership; Lynn Krisko- over 400 members
  • Chili Cookoff: Tim Ruppert, Ked Varble- seats are getting limited, need more chili dishes for contest, need 150 pats butter (will ask Jack Frost)
  • New members/General meeting: Dave Lash- new members from 4-5 pm General meeting 5-8 pm. Dave will look into  T-shirt company making a presentation of shirts, etc., for Buckeye Group. Pizza
  • Bingo at Tailgators: Lynn Krisko- $20 per person, includes food & bingo. It is almost full.
  • Ladies Golf Tournament: Lynn Krisko- Joan Turner will be setting the event 
  • The following members will remain on the board for 3 yr term: Nancy Giuliano President (1 yr), Dave Lash Secretary, Ken Varble VP, Lorie Huss Webmaster, Lynn Krisko Membership Chair


  • Liability Insurance for 2022: Dave Lash has renewed the policy
  • Upcoming events: Lorie Huss- working on pool party, Easter event, bocce tournament.
  • Family Feud: Lorie Huss- not sure if we will hold it this coming yr.
  • New member to the Board: Candace Pope voted in by the board

Next board meeting TBD


Board Meeting December 2021
Board Meeting November 2021
Board Meeting January 2022
Board Meeting October 2021
Board Meeting September 2021
Board Meeting August 2021
Board Meeting July 2021


Buckeye Group Board Meeting

Minutes July 12, 2021

Lake Somerset Park


Attending:  Dave Lash, Lorie Huss, Tim Rupert, Ed Harper, Lynn Krisko.


Treasurer’s Report accepted as sent via email 7/1/2021

Secretary’s Minutes accepted as sent via email 


Lorie Huss reported that we will have a Pop Up Pool Party at Hidden Cypress Pool on Sunday, July 18, 2021.  As members check in they will be given a balloon.  There will be music, games and prizes.


Lorie reported on the upcoming Buckeye Family Feud.  We have sold 35 of 40 tables.  There will be a 50/50 raffle.  The MC will be Peter Randall.  Dave will welcome everyone.  Still hoping to hear from Steve Harvey.


Kick off Party for College Football will be in the Pavilion, 8/23/2021 from 5:00-8:00pm.  We will have games.  Dinner will be a  covered dish.  More details to follow.


Buckeye Ladies Euchre Party.  Lynn Krisko reporting.  8/18/21 in the card room at the Lakehouse.  6:30-9:30.


Pancake Breakfast.  Ed will see if he can get the usual donated bacon.  Nancy will need volunteers.  


September Dance, Saturday, September 25, 2021 in Pinckney Hall will be called Starry, Starry Night.  Music will be a DJ. 




Buckeye Ladies Golf Tournament 10/19/21.  Reporting Lynn Krisko.  She has most of the details done.


Oktoberfest/Corn Hole Tournament 10/20/21 in the Pavilion, 4:00-8:00.  Food will be brats, German potato salad, hot red slaw and sauerkraut.  Dave will check with Rick Kohl for Corn Hole Boards.


Christmas Dinner Dance


Membership update.  Lorie reports we have 349 members paid.


Upcoming events:

Cheap Seats Dueling Pianos and pizza.  Dave Lash

Men’s Night Out at The DistilleryBluffton

Club Fair/October

New Member’s Pizza/January

Chili Cook-Off/ February

August window display in Pinckney/  Lorie and Nancy


Minutes by Dave Lash in Nancy’s absence.


Board Meeting June 2021
Board Meeting March 2021
November 2020


September 2020
August 2020

Buckeye Group Board Meeting via ZOOM

25 August, 2020

Present: Daver Lash, Lynn Krisko, Lorie Huss, Ken Aerni, Nancy Giuliano
Absent: Ed Harper, Sam Emmett, Ked Varble, Tim Ruppert

Treasurer's Report- Dave Lash $2247.80 balance

Old Business
● Lynn Krisko will be the second signature on all checks. Motion approved by all board
members present.
● In place of the Club fair this year there will be a brochure distributed to include The
Buckeye Group . Lynn’s name will be the point of contact. Dave Lash will submit
information for the October release.
● Renewal dues for Buckeye members will be $10 but due to the Covid-19 virus
preventing our usual functions we will revisit later in the year.

New Business
● Ed Harper will request rooms for next year to include Pancake breakfast in
Sept.,General Meeting/new member meeting, Oyster roast, dance all contingent on the
status of the Covid virus
● Scavenger Hunt- Lorie Huss: Will be for Buckeye Group members and Staying
Connected members only. This is a fundraiser for Staying Connected. Golf carts only
and will be 2 locations for the hunt. The north and the south side will have their own. Will
be held on September 15, 2020. More information to be sent out by Dave Lash in an
email to members.
● Facebook Administrator will be Lorie Huss and Lynn Krisko

Next Board Meeting TBD


October 2019
August 2019
June 2019