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13th Jun 2019 15:32 BST
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Welcome to The Thursday Bridge Club



We meet at the WestCliff Hotel (formerly the Hallmark Hotel), Durley Chine Road, Bournemouth BH2 5JS every Tuesday and Thursday. Play starts at 7.00pm. Members and visitors must be seated by 6.50pm.

The club currently has 141 members. Membership is currently closed. The hotel limits us to 20 tables and on some Thursdays we've been full.

Visitors are always welcome but must come with a partner. On Tuesday evenings we can  guarantee that you will be able to play. Visitors are also welcome on Thursday evenings and we will do our best to ensure you will be able to play but we can't guarantee that.

Priority is always given to members wishing to play.

   Important Information Regarding Hotel Parking and Hotel Exit to the Car Park

Members and visitors who use any of the WestCliff Hotel's car parks must register their vehicle registration number on the electronic device in the bar or at Reception to avoid incurring a fine. The external door to the hotel's car park in the bridge room corridor is locked at 10.00pm. Members and visitors must use the main entrance to exit the hotel at the end of the evening.





Charity Evenings

Three times a year the club donates our table money and anything extra which members and visitors wish to give to charity. This is usually a local charity but the club also responds to emergency appeals when a major disaster occurs.

On 19 July 2018 the club raised £214 for Michael House in Bournemouth which provides for the needs of single homeless men and women.

On 6th December 2018 the club raised £195 for Routes to Roots which supports homeless people in Poole

On 11th December 2018 the club raised £167.50 for the Salvation Army's BH1 project in Bournemouth which supports homeless people and those with very little income.

On 6th June 2019 the club raised £417.50 for the South West Ambulance Charity which provides, among other things, extra equipment for the Ambulance Service

The club has donated over £4612 to various charities since 2013.

Thank you to everyone who supports our charity evenings.


Do You Need a Partner?
Do You Need a Partner?

If you need a partner on Tuesday or Thursday evening please ring David Joannides on 01202 383128 or email him at 

Members/visitors must have a partner as we don't provide a host. The system for arranging partners using our email circulation list works well and there are very few occasions when a partner can't be found.

Members Contact Details

Would members please let Fay Browne know of any changes in their contact details including address, phone number and email.

18th June 2019
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Jeanette Bird
Scorer: Jeanette Bird
20th June 2019
Thursday Pairs
Director: Jeanette Bird
Scorer: Eugene Nicdao
25th June 2019
Tuesday Pairs
Director: David Joannides
Scorer: Alastair Tainsh
Thursday Pairs
Director: David Berwitz
Scorer: Jeanette Bird
Red Section
Scorer: David Joannides
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Bob Wickens
Scorer: David Joannides