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This week's Club Night
Keep C. A. L. M.

First we should consider the bidding on this hand. First the 1NT reply. Well what else? South has 7 points and so must bid and a response at the 2 level would show more points than this. 3 is a bit of a stretch but it works out well on the hand. Next is a useful agreement. When North rebids 3 the South hand grows in strength and a good agreement is that a minor suit bid at the 4 level should be forcing. When Dave was South he did not have this agreement and wanted to bid 6 but bid the safe 5.

Okay, now the play. It is a trump contract so keep C. A. L. M. after a spade lead.

Count you quick tricks by power. 2 in diamonds and 4 in clubs. Total  - 6

Add tricks from other sources. We have a slow trick by power in spades after the lead. We have 3 tricks by length is clubs. Finally we have 4 or 5 tricks by ruffing. Plenty

Loser check. We have a loser in spades and a possible loser in diamonds. Too many and we must play trumps for no losers.

Manage the hand. We should win the lead at trick 2. We then look at the trump suit. This is an "8 ever, 9 never hand" and it is just within the odds to play Ace and then King. (We note that if the diamond is wrong 3NT is in danger too). Once we have played the 2 top trumps we can simply play on clubs (honours from the short hand first). 

Play for 12 tricks.