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Brunton Park Tuesday Club

Brunton Park meets at St. Aidans Community Centre

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

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 Brunton Park Club Information

Brunton is sad to announce the death of Ken White who was a member for many years. A very quiet well dressed man who enjoyed his bridge.


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This week's Club Night
The travelling score

Most months in The Bridge World Adam Klinchline writes an article with this title to explain how matchpoints work and we thought that we would write up a hand using the same idea with hand 23 from Monday.

Hand 23, Dealer South All Vul
Contract By Score NS MP
4♠  N 650 7
4♠ N 680 12
6NT S -100 0
4♠  N 650 7
4♠  N 650 7
3♠  N 200 2
4♠  N 650 7
4♠  N 710 14

The popular contract was, of course, 4♠ and there are 11 top tricks and so we don't need to say any more about the average scores.

So let us look at the top and the bottom scores

It is a pity that the pair who bid 6NT got it played by the wrong hand. Can you see how North can make it?

As we cannot see how 12 tricks were made we can only assume that a high club was led. Unlucky.

The 13 tricks were interesting. A trump was led  ignoring the old advice, Do not lead a trump because you don't know what to lead, lead a trump only for a purpose.

It got worse for East/West when east threw an encouraging club at trick two. Now North can draw trumps and use 2 entries to South to ruff out the clubs and the third entry is used to cash the clubs. and the heart losers go away. 

Its a squeeze. (One of my partner's used to say, "The only time I recognise a squeeze is when I am in one."

However, in this hand, East must not lead a heart else that is 12 tricks. So assume top club lead.

North wins and cashes all of the spades this is the ending 


 Q 5 4

 10 4



 Q 8 7

♣ 10


 K J

 J 9

♣ K


  A 2

 A K

♣ J



A diamond to the King and the Ace is cashed. If North has counted the hand correctly they are home. If East has got 1 heart and 2 club the Ace drops the King If he has 1 club and the heart king a club throws him in and he has to give a second heart trick.