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Wednesday Afternoon Sessions

For club players and students. No partner needed.

2.30 pm - 4.45 pm

St Aidan's Community Centre.

Contact: Guy Herzmark 07967 194107

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Monday May 6th

Unfortunately there was a major server failure. during play on Monday. I have managed to retrieve most of the results from the individual Bridgemates.

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This week's Club Night
Oh for voidwood!

So many points came out of board 7 this week.

West as dealer will open 1  for those playing weak notrump and, I would have thought 1NT playing 15-17.

The first point is should North bid hearts and, if so how many?

I was more than a bit wet and only bid 2  over the 1  opening bid. I now think that 3  is stand out.

Now East bids 3♠  and what should South bid? 

Here TNT comes into it and they should bid 5

This does not push the opponents into a slam but really cramps their style. (Some of the younger jokers might consider 4NT by South to really put the cat among the pigeons.

However, let us assume the the bidding goes 4  and opener bids 4♠ . This happened a lot and all of the Easts lurched into Blackwood and when partner showed 2 Aces was not sure whether of not  one was the  A.

Now, what is East bid 5  - voidwood saying tell me about your aces but do not include the  A. 

Now 7 can be bid.