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30th July 2018

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 30th July 2018

Present:  Eunice Ferguson, Ann Caygill, Peter Avery, Susan Green







Minutes / matters arising from last meeting and AGM

As organise at last meeting, CB spoke about the use of STOP cards, SR/GR purchased new table and members are now using own cups or centre cups. SG purchased a printer

 EF still needs to purchase washing up liquid and 3 tea towels.

As SG is prepared to be trained up to use the computer / bridge mates we need to provide training


Issues arising from privacy policy

The privacy policy was read, discussed and accepted.


Altering the website passwords – the committee feel that the existing passwords should be changed as part of our data protection arrangements

The outcome of the discussion about the storage of data - 1. the website data will be updated for those members who wish their details to be stored there

2. the data of those not wishing their data to be stored on the website will be placed in a file on the secretary’s computer.

Ray Green to be asked if he would be co-opted onto the committee which would allow him to update the website when required.

EF will ask RG to place the privacy policy on the website

AC and PA to change the passwords


Data processing agreement with EBU

It was agreed that the agreement should be signed by EF and returned to the EBU

EF to sign and post the agreement


Engraving and replacement of trophies

It was agreed that the trophies should be collected in and examined by the committee - replacing or purchasing of additional plinths will be discussed then. Engraving of names and dates will be carried out.

After the new year, EF to ask members to return trophies.


Charity status/ gift aid

The committee are aware that we would need to change the club’s constitution and provide a form to be signed by the members stating that their subscriptions would be considered as donations. It was agreed that the club should go ahead with this in principal but will need someone to do the necessary investigations.




Dates for competitions are –

Gazette Cup - 10th September 2018

Chronicle Cup - 19th November 2018

Kempton Vase - 21st January 2019

Summer Pairs – 13th May 2019

EF to inform Anne Bell of dates

Chron cup changed to 12th Nov as it clashed with Tollemache weekend.


Inter Club

It was decided to enter 3 teams

EF to contact Graham Cox to inform him that Brunton will enter 3 teams



Any other business

AC had been asked to enquire if the hands could be displayed on website.




SG had been asked to enquire if different people could be used to provide refreshments for the inter club matches.

PA and AC to investigate the possibility of this being done after each session at Brunton.



AC will not ask anyone who does not wish to provide refreshments


Meeting closed 6:55 p.m.