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Next Session: 25/10/2021


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Liz, Marion, Peter Guy, Brian, Frank, Mary & Stephen

BRUNTON B v Bishop Auckland lose 8-12

David, Brian, Sue, Ann, Eunice, John, Susan & Gill

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Welcome to Brunton Bridge Club

♠   ♣ BRUNTON BRIDGE ♠   ♣ 


Face to Face or on RealBridge - please be seated by 6.55 pm. Remember the same boards will be played in each venue and the results will be combined.

Need a partner?

Go to the "members only" area. 

or contact Mary Page,  email  



Payment & Information for RealBridge

1. Payment for the session direct to Brunton Bridge Club Bank Account Details.pdf - please try to pay 4 sessions at a time £10 (for members)

2. The link is now available in Calendar (right hand side).

3. When the results are published the link will be available in Results.

4. In addition the links for all RealBridge sessions are available in the  REALBRIDGE tab (left hand side) then RealBridge Session Links in the MENU.

5. Remember when you have finished the session you can click on the original link and see the results, bidding & play for all hands at each table.




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Newcastle Bridge Club

                                                                            NEWCASTLE BRIDGE CLUB

We are a small club struggling to survive and our first step is to hold an online tournament starting Wednesday,1st September at 7pm. There is no membership or preregistration just the usual fee of 3 dollars for 18 boards. We would be grateful for as much support from other clubs as possible as we are trying to increase our numbers.

Many thanks,

Catherine Farrell

Last updated : 6th Sep 2021 20:11 BST
Mon 1st November 2021
Face to face and online Pairs,IS and GB quaichs
Director: Peter Avery and Dave Armstrong
Mon 8th November 2021
Face to face and online Pairs, Chronicle Cup Heat
Director: Ann Caygill and Dave Armstrong
Mon 15th November 2021
Face to face and online Pairs
Director: David Gold and Dave Armstrong
Real Bridge
Scorer: Dave Armstrong
Scorer: Peter Avery
Face to face and online Pairs
Scorer: Dave Armstrong