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Brunton Park Tuesday Club

Brunton Park meets at St. Aidans Community Centre

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

For more information please click this link:

 Brunton Park Club Information

Brunton is sad to announce the death of Ken White who was a member for many years. A very quiet well dressed man who enjoyed his bridge.


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Competitions & Rules
Competitions and Rules
Competitions and Rules


Club championships, as listed below, are only open to Brunton members.

Marathon Pairs
This competition lasts the whole of the calendar year. Every result counts but a minimum of 15 sessions must be played.

The pair with the highest average percentage becomes the club champions.

Marathon Individual
This again lasts the whole calendar year and is based on individual performance.
The best 30 positions, when duplicate pairs are played, are counted and the person with the best average position wins the trophy.

The Hurst Rose Bowl
This is awarded to the pair that achieves the highest pairs percentage over the course of the calendar year.

The Golding Salver
This is a one off annual event. The top twelve available pairs from the Marathon pairs list from the previous calendar year are eligible to play.

The Steve Ray Cups
This is a one off annual event for mixed pairs.

Manny Silver Trophy
This is a one off annual event for same sex pairs.

The Captain’s Cup
This is a one off annual event for multiple teams of four.

The Gerald Baker Quaich
This is a one off annual event. The winning pair is the pair with the highest percentage where both players have an NGS ranking below 10.

The Ian Spoors Quaich
This is played for at the same time as the Gerald Baker Quaich. It is won by the pair with the highest percentage who have NGS ratings of 10 and above.

The Deane Trophy
This is a one off annual handicapped event. The handicaps and based on the previous calendar year.

                      Brunton holds heats of all the NEBA events. For these competitions the NEBA rules apply.